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      I don't know if it is ok to post these here, but who of you guys are excited of the japanese dub, I actually am. I can't wait to hear Ryuko and Mankanshoku mako please!! Nora with that kind of voice is gonna make my day, i think I'm gonna spam the volume one a lot of times.

      P.S: kakashi-sensei please!

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    • Raven and Qrow Faunus?

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      I have been thinking about it, is just an idea it came into my mind since i saw raven with a grimm mask. She is possibly a faunus, I mean her name and her last name. Besides when Qrow appeared in the last chapter, that stupid crow with red eyes couldn't be more obvious at possibly pointing out that he is a faunus, so his faunus heritage would be his red eyes along with his black hair, so if Raven is his sister that will probably explain why both had the same color of hair and eyes and the black birds their name comes from.

      At the same time that will make Yang half human Half faunus, explaining why her eyes color turns red when she gets mad, since she is opening herself to her animal instinct side i believe, so what do you think guys?

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