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    • Lara2016 asked Bethany a question

      I was wondering about handicap accommodations at RTX. Will there be long lines and long periods of time they would have to stand up? Will there be enough seating ? What is the policy with medications?

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      Hi! Yes, there will be long lines and long periods of time for standing, however all of the venues are handicap accessible and we always do our best to accommodate everyone. The rooms will be seated to capacity and anyone that doesn't make it into a panel will be told so once the line is capped. Not sure I understand your question about medications?

    • GeekyGamer11 asked Bethany a question

      Great picture, how did you enjoy Fiji? :D

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      Thanks! Fiji was AWESOME! We had a great time. :)

    • DOYLE-SMASH asked Bethany a question

      Me and 3 friends are going to attempt to get v.i.p. tickets. How many v.i.p. tickets can be purchased per transaction?

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      The system will allow 10 tickets per transaction so, you are good!

    • NeuralPharse asked Bethany a question

      Hello. How will the priority line for panel seating for VIP badges work? Will we still need to be there an hour early, or will there be enough reserved seats to cover all VIP badge holders?

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      We are still working through the logistics of this, however I am fairly certain we will not have enough seats to cover EVERY VIP badge holder for every panel. We reserve a decent amount though for the most popular panels.

    • MasterWoolly asked Bethany a question

      Memory is failing me...are you who Blaine knocked down during a podcast or On the Spot or something? Then you called him an asshole?

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      That would be me! And Blaine IS an asshole.

    • Stanty16 asked Bethany a question

      I saw that you mentioned your birthday is during RTX, Which date? I know Barb's is the 2nd, and mine is the 6th. Looks like it's a triple celebration weekend!

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      Mine is JULY 1st! Yippeeeeee! :)

    • moriuh asked Bethany a question

      First, I love your hair. Second, do you when you'll be able to say when tickets go on sale for RTX? :)

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      February 16!! 10:00am CST! :)

    • RTX/SGC 2016 Tickets On Sale Tuesday, 2/16! Sponsors Get 5% Off!

      1 year ago


      Hi friends!

      RTX/SGC 2016 tickets will go on sale Tuesday, February 16th at 10:00am CST! Please tell us you are as excited as we are!!!

      We will offer 3 types of badges:

      1. VIP (access Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) - $500 (priority line for panel seatings, early access to autograph signings, access to VIP Lounge, admission into VIP party) ***LIMITED badges available for VIP***
      2. WEEKEND (access Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - $85
      3. DAY (Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday) - $45

      ***SPONSORS*** This year, Rooster Teeth Sponsors receive 5% off any type of badge to RTX/SGC. Start your FREE trial now:

      Remember, all RTX badges grant you access into RTX AND SGC events! How awesome is that?!?

      DATES: July 1, 2 and 3, 2016

      LOCATION: Austin Convention Center, Hilton Downtown Austin, and JW Marriott (Austin, TX - DUH!)

      HOTEL: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.


      We can’t wait to take over the city of Austin and see all of your lovely faces!



    • AlvinT asked Bethany a question

      Hey Bethany, was RTX2015 the first event you helped run for RT? In any case, last year was my first RTX. I had such a perfect experience, I just wanted to thank you. Keep kicking ass :) -Alvin

      Answered: Feb 3, 2016

      Hi! Yep, it was the first. :)

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    I just recently moved to Austin from Washington, D.C.! Excited to join the RT family of weirdos. I'm obsessed with dogs, champagne, and queso and I'd like to take a bath of all them...not simultaneously.

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