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    • RT Store Login & Sponsorship Issues

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      Hello all,

      I received my email for the exclusive RWBY Vol. 1 Theatrical poster for the Tugg screening about a week ago. When I went to the store to buy it, I tried logging in to use my sponsorship. I could not log in on the desktop, mobile website, or iphone app. I figured it was a bug and would be addressed soon. But it's been a week or more so and the issue still isn't fixed. I can't log in to my RT account, thus can't access my sponsorship discount or the sponsor only merchandise.

      I tired filling out a Customer Service form but there's no send button!

      Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

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    • Why I Am a Rooster Teeth Fan.

      3 years ago



      The first Rooster Teeth video I ever watched was Halo Reach Fails of the Week. Though this was before I understood the internet, I couldn't wait for a new Fails of the Week to come out every Friday after school. I was unaware of who Rooster Teeth was though.

      Then comes my senior year of high school from 2011-2012. I met Mason, who has come to be one of my best friends. He formally introduced me to Rooster Teeth, and told me all about the Achievement Hunters and Red vs. Blue. I had heard of Red vs. Blue before but never got into watching it. I feel bad when I look back, and realize what I was missing out on by procrastinating watching Rooster Teeth's videos.

      When RWBY was announced I knew I had to watch it and love it. So I watched RWBY and become so enamored by the world that Monty had created that I needed more of what Rooster Teeth had to offer.

      I finally got to watching Red vs. Blue and loved that as much as RWBY. I still needed more though.

      I started watching Let's Play Minecraft and my fanboyism of Rooster Teeth spiraled from there.

      Mason told me that there was a convention held every year called RTX that he would love to attend. So I said, "Why don't we?"

      We paid for our RTX tickets and planned out everything months in advance. It had to be perfect. But time wasn't going by quickly enough. Then before we knew it, it was July 3, 2014. The wait had been grueling but worth it.

      We were on our way to the airport in Denver. We were on our way to meet the guys and gals who have helped brighten our days and given us many laughs. Long story short, RTX was f**king awesome. We met so many awesome people, saw and did even more awesome things. It made us sad that we would have to leave it all behind.

      On the last day of the convention, I got to meet Monty. I went to line up at every Monty signing but got turned away each time. It was the last signing for him on the last day, the Guardians asked everyone to hold up their hands with the number of people in their group and they would chose groups to go in. I was cosplaying as Jaune Arc and behind me was a girl cosplaying as Lie Ren. I asked if she wanted to group up to increase our odds to which she agreed. I held up our number and when we were chosen both our eyes just lit up.

      It was so exciting, but the wait was a bit difficult. But it was worth it, because I became friends with the Lie Ren cosplayer. We were unable to exchange info, but I'm sure I will meet her again. We got up to the signing booth and it was there I met Monty. He was so chill but friendly. We both didn't have much time to talk, we were both busy and the convention was coming to a close. But from what little conversation I had with him, and the entire experience I was having at RTX 2014, it was in those moments that I knew what I wanted from myself. If it wasn't for everyone at Rooster Teeth, I'd still be in the dark in my life, and still be trying to find myself. I would still be trying to find my path. And I wish I could do more to thank you than write a journal entry.

      Heading to the airport Mason and I couldn't stop talking about our experience at RTX 2014. We both made it our goal to make sure we would go back every year.

      I can't wait to go back to RTX 2015 with my best friend again. And I can't wait to see everyone I look up to again. And to meet all the awesome people who support Rooster Teeth, and are as hardcore, if not more so, than I am.

      Sorry if this journal was all over the place, I got a bit emotional writing it.

      I love each and every person at Rooster Teeth. See you guys at RTX 2015. smiley0.gif

    • Best Worst Super Power Ever of All Time.

      3 years ago


      What is the best worst super power you can come up with? I can think of maybe 100.

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