Hey there everyone...or rather anyone willing to read this...at all.  I go by Collector Zero (CZ) for many platforms, but I go by Rob in real life.  I have been an advent fan of Rooster Teeth since 2013.  

As many can guess based off the year, my first introduction to RT was RWBY.  As time went on, I eventually tried the RT Shorts, RvB, and the Podcasts.  I fell in love with not only the people who created this website, but with the fans as well.  Of course, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, but overall we can talk to one another like an extended family.

I've always loved animation since I was a child, and that led to me trying my hand at writing, so that one day, I could bring out a character that people would love to remember, hopefully in the form of a cartoon or animation.  

However, as the years went by, my health declined and it felt like my window had shut.  Thankfully, although I cannot be cured (likewise, it will not kill me), I can live with my ailments and continue working towards my goal.

One thing that became apparent from my illness though, is that I can't just hope that one of my characters might interest someone enough to make an animation about them.  And thus, at the age of 24, I began my journey into the world of 3D animation.  This leap would never have come to pass if I had never discovered RWBY.  

Now, as many others here understand, animation is not cheap.  Likewise, 24 is not a fantastic beginning point when others have been doing this for much longer.  What's even worse, I can't afford to go back to school for another 4 years to learn this new trade (I actually hoped to get into Full Sail, but even with scholarships, 2 semesters would cost me more than I make in a year working two jobs).  

Nevertheless, I've taken up Blender as my starting point, as it is a free animation program, and I've been using Lynda.com and YouTube tutorials to get me going.  

My dream is to bring my characters to life, but at the same time, I also dream of working for Rooster Teeth.  During the worse of my illness, everything from their animations to their life-action projects have made me smile, and it made dealing with the pain much more bearable.  

Rooster Teeth as a whole made moving forward a goal that I can truly believe in.  With that thought, I want to join their family, in hopes that my addition to the team can give someone else the same hope they gave me.  

I will continue working on animation.  I know that I will not become a master overnight, and I know that it will take me years to reach a point where I feel like I can build something worthy of showing to the world.  Despite that, I will keep going.  I hope that some of you may follow, and even guide me further down my path.  In time, I hope to be worthy to join RT.  But until then, I will give it my all.