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    • No Pumpkin Pete Sweater....

      1 year ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      Well this sucks...I just got an email today about my order issue on why it was delayed so much, and sadly they were out of stock of the XL Jaune Pumpkin Pete Hoodie I ordered, and I know for a fact I had ordered it when they WERE still in stock for the sweater...heck I ordered it on the day they had the 20% sale going on for animation...

      They said they would give a refund back, but I don't want a refund..I rather they just put that item aside and send it when they DO, have at least an XL still in stock...this kinda sucks really...second time this happened to me when i ordered an item when they were still in stock and the next day when they aren't in stock I don't get my order because they were suddenly out of stock...even though i ordered mine when they WERE in stock.....this is heart breaking really QmQ...

    • At Anime expo in my Ozpin cosplay!

      1 year ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      This weekend I'll be at anime expo for the very first time, so far I'm having a blast here! I'm cosplay as Ozpin from Rwby and so far a lot of people at day zero asked for a picture of me ^~^ It was fantastic! I got to explore the area, make new friends, and hung out with some of my other friends! If anyone is going to Ax let me know and we can hang out! I'll be at the Rwby gathering tomorrow at 1pm with a red rwby backpack that i got from the Rt store!

      So if you see me come say hey ok!

      Here is what I look like!




      I'll be sure to post pictures of the cosplays I took pictures of after the con so yeah! Anyway see you all later! :D

    • 1 year ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist
    • Draws I have done in the past

      2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      I thought it was about time i showed everyone the draws i did in the past and show you what i can do as an artist. The first two draws are draws i did one of them being a request which is the neko girl while the other is just a random draw i did myself. The third draw how ever is actually the best drawing i have done so far! I did that one with a reference picture meaning i did it off of a picture i seen and had. Sure its not finished completely but I didn't have the write colors to finish the head hidden behind the skull...so yeah..anywho tell me what you think ^u^ but do know when i go to the arts institute after i graduate this year i will be making even better draws later in the future :P so until then this is what I can do!




    • 2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist
    • 2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist
    • NEO IS RETURNING!!!!!!

      2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      And so if you watched the Rwby trailer for volume three you can tell the girl on 1:20 and 1:21 looks just like Neo...well let me just say THAT GIRL IS NEO!!! She's just using her semblance to disguise herself 030 plus she will most likely be the forth team mate for cinder's team in the tournament! If you don't believe me my friend BlakeBellafauna on google plus did a comparison and even fused the two pictures of neo and this new girl together...and guess what..THEY MATCH PERFECTLY!!!! So yeah 030 it is 100% got to be Neo in disguise! Anyway thought I just get this out of the way and prove that neo will be returning 0v0

      Update I finally figured out how to put pictures in posts! soo yeah here is what the comparison looks like 030


      thekusabi:  By いえすぱ << even fan art agress

    • No questions answered QvQ...

      2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      And so I try to ask some questions to the rwby cast today in the face book QnA hoping I can get at least one question answered since I might never be able to attend an in person QnA at RTX since I live in california....but sadly they weren't QvQ....

      my questions were

      To the cast of rwby, what are "Your" favorite Anime and why? OvO

      Rwby cast sempais!! NOTICE MEEE AND THIS QUESTION!!!!(QvQ)

      How do you guys feel on making a cross over between Rwby and RvB as a side show that has no main plot to either stories but just for entertainment, laughs, and action for the fans of both these shows?!

      and finally

      me just wants one question answered just one and me will be satisfied QvQ last attempt on asking a question too TvT)

      would chu guys mainly Lindsay like a virtual cookie? QvQ *Holds out a plate of virtual chocolate chip cookies while numming on one myself* QmQ

      so yeah...but sadly i must have been too late, or they didn't see it from how many questions that they needed to answer QvQ....my only hope on doing a QnA with them have been washed away QvQ..so yep..though i did enjoy the answers they gave to other questions so at least i was happy somewhat about that QvQ..anyway to those who atteneded the QnA on facebook i hope chu got your questions answered! Okie? anyway still hyped for rwby season three this saturday!

    • 2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist
    • I'm finally a sponsor!!

      2 years ago

      DamienDraco FutureRoosterTeethArtist

      I am soooo happy right now finally I am a sponsor to my favorite website that makes some of my all time favorite shows!!! I really am glad my mother can do this for me!! Now I can watch Rwby much more early!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Hello, my name is Damien(my rwby oc) or Zwei(G+ name) or even caboose(since i rp as him a lot) any ish fine ^^ i am of fan of Red vs Blue and Rwby i am a huge caboose fan ^^. I plan on working for rooster teeth in the future, after I graduate this year I will be heading off to an art college to learn how to animate just like monty and help continue his dream and show Rwby! So prepare your art studio Rooster Teeth because John P. Navarro(my irl name 030) is coming to texas in 5 years(i hope QvQ)! If you want to play games with me just let me know I'd be happy to play with my fellow Roosters plus I'm an expert at black ops zombies :P high rounds all the time baby! ^u^

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    • Drunkmers

      3 years ago

      Hi caboose.. you seem to be a good person.

      • DamienDraco FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold FutureRoosterTeethArtist

        3 years ago

        tank chu owo and i am ^w^ hope we be good friends owo

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