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    • January 2018

      3 weeks ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      I finally got enough money exporting cars to purchase a facility in GTA Online, did freak out a little when my armored Kuruma vanished since I didn't know it had garage space XD. New Monarchy won the first Faction Rally of 2018, which disappointed me a little. They're on a streak now and even though I have my Hunter join NM for it, my other characters join DO/FWC to get my hands on that oh so rare special gear for 1000 glimmer. I'm going to use a different character for each faction rally from now on, starting with my DO Titan. Hitman has another reactivated ET this week, so happy hunting!


    • December #1

      2 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      Curse of Osiris is out now for all you Destiny 2 players. Plus New Monarchy won the last Faction Rally in D2, so I got that sword! Meanwhile, Death Stranding got some gameplay footage released(featuring Reedus and magical babies). GTA Online has a new heist dropping next week, featuring jetpacks, undersea exploration and a supercomputer.

      It: Part One comes out on DVD/Bluray January 1st. A couple people I know were surprised to learn it was only half the story, with the second part taking place about 30 years after the kids fight the clown. Part 2 is out in 2019 I believe, so I'll just leave this here for your entertainment.

      Anyone following Tokyo Ghoul Re:? The chapters on Mangastream are getting really interesting, though if you are only reading the Viz volumes I'd advise against visiting Mangastream. You won't really know WTF is going on there.

      See you in 2019(or not)!


    • November #1

      3 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      So how was Halloween for you guys this year? I did scare a few trick-or-treaters(and attended a couple of parties), so I had fun. Also spent $30 on about $70 worth of candy November 1st :)

      Destiny 2 has another Faction Rally underway, so I'm hoping to get the New Monarchy sword(they have to win though, otherwise it's unavailable). Players of GTA Online may be pleasantly surprised to learn they got a deposit of 400k into their character's bank account, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the multiplayer. If you weren't online during the couple of weeks, you probably won't receive it. I also picked up Chaos;Child, which is a direct sequel to Chaos;Head. Chaos;Child is only available on the Playstation 4 and Vita in English atm, it may get a PC version next year. It wouldn't be too surprising, considering the number of visual novels released for PC.

      Thor Ragnarok is out in theatres now, with Justice League coming later this month. Agents of Shield returns next month, after Inhumans has ended its run. Personally, I think doing a show was better than squishing it all into a 2 hour movie(Mostly because the cast had never been introduced/mentioned in Phase 1 or 2).

      Tokyo Ghoul Re: began publication in North America last month(Volume 1), with Volume 2 coming in December. It'll continue the every even month trend we saw with Tokyo Ghoul, which, incidentally, has taken quite a turn plotwise in Japan. As for what I mean by that, you'll have to find out on your own. Maybe even by supporting Viz through purchasing the volumes *wink*.

      In the meantime, I have to go and decrypt half a dozen engrams(including 2 exotic),


    • October Update #1

      4 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      Hello all you readers out there(both of you)! Since it's the month of ghosts, goblins and ghouls I decided to watch Cujo. I had read the book first, which made me feel sorry for the dog. Not so much in the movie. I did see It shortly after It lurched Its way into theatres last month. Meanwhile, the free PS+ games this month include MGSV: TPP and The Amnesia Collection, both for PS4. Day 5 Season 2 recently concluded, leaving more questions for viewers. Destiny 2 has been fun so far, but finding people for NF/raid is still challenging(even though I am in a clan). Thankfully, I'm in a FB group as well :)

      Tokyo Ghoul finished publication in August over here, but its sequel starts hitting store shelves later this month(Tokyo Ghoul Re:). Chaos;Child also gets an english version this month as well courtesy of PQube.

      Catch you guys later!


    • June #1

      8 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      First off, some stuff about IO Interactive... They're fully separated from Square Enix and have all the rights for Hitman. There's also a new ET coming this month for Hokkaido. I did go and see Alien: Covenant, found it to be very enjoyable. I also recently watched Split and was surprised to learn it was linked to Unbreakable(another Shyamalan movie about enhanced humans). Oh, yes... I did have to look his name up(It's not a name I've seen often), just so we're clear. There is a third movie in the works, with McAvoy, Willis and Jackson reprising their roles from the previous 2. E3 recently concluded, so make sure to check out the info out there. 

      I leave you with the Destiny 2 Private Beta date, July 18...


    • May Update

      8 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      Happy Victoria Day(only applies to Canadians) people!

      Today, I bring you Persona 5 tips.

      Tip #1 The final boss is a doozy, I recommend being Lv. 78-81 before engaging it, fight the red enemies on the 2nd last floor of that dungeon for plenty of Exp. They consist of 2 Kali and one Mot or Abaddon. Kali has no weakness, Not is weak against Garu/Wind and Abaddon is weak to Psy/Nuke spells. Abaddon will absorb any phys/gun attacks, so be careful.

      Tip #2 The Temperance confidant is really useful, especially once it's been completed.

      Tip #3 Get the busted PC in the used goods store(back alley near LeBlanc) and the repair kit(Akihabara) to see a familiar face.

      Tip #4 Some personas can be turned into skill cards. However, this ability can only be used once per day ingame.

      Tip #5 No Arcana chance anymore post battle. You can strengthen Personas in VRoom(same place for #4).

      I used my Scene points to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, liked how they included Ego in the story. He's basically Zeus from Greek mythology, except he wants to kill everything. I plan to see Alien: Covenant next weekend(I have 2 Movie Cash codes for it, courtesy of Best Buy's Alien movie promo) Berserk(the anime) has started it's second season, I do not recommend it if you're under the age of fifteen(at least). It is not a happy and violence free story. On a sidenote, fuck those damn trolls from the last two weeks. HMV is closed for good here, managed to snag some good deals on Blu-Rays(including RvB Season 14). 

      I found a copy of Kafka's Complete Works at a garage sale this weekend(1983 Hardcover). Anyone who's up to date on Tokyo Ghoul will have probably heard of him(and the story he wrote called Metamorphosis). In related news, Kaneki and Touka finally hooked up this week during Tokyo Ghoul Re:

      The Eden of Grisaia is now out on Steam(PG Version only, 18+ will be available through Denpasoft). It's the last entry in Yuuji's story, since the school building is used by the successor of CIRS after the events of the 3rd game. Meanwhile, I'm selling games and stuff next weekend at the community garage sale. I'd invite people to come, but I'm pretty sure anybody reading this doesn't live anywhere near me. I managed, somehow, to capture Mewtwo with a single Ultra Ball in Pokemon Y. It's now been transferred to Pokemon Sun, where I have both his Mega Stones(code is M2DESCENT, caps don't matter). Did run into an Articuno on the way to Pokemon Village, but it flew away before I could do anything.

      Gonna go watch RvB S15 Episode 8, then read Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump. All while eating the 35 cent Cadbury eggs I found at a nearby grocery store. Laters!


    • April

      10 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil


      I'm taking the month off to play Persona 5.

      I'll spoil the shit out of it in May, so stay tuned!

      ....Or not.


    • March #2

      11 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      So I'm now 2/3(maybe?) into P4G and trying to catch the fucking River Guardian for the Hermit SLink, cause you need 1 for the Deep-Sea Rod from the old guy at the riverbed. It's not easy, and after several attempts I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Meanwhile, I've been sprucing up Poke Pelago in Pokemon Sun and it's fully upgraded now.

      On Thursday, I joined some friends for Archery Dodgeball, You can think of it as paintball, but the projectiles don't hurt as much when you're shot. It's probably b/c they use projectiles similar to ones fired by a Nerf gun. So one guy broke his bow by pulling the string too hard, one guy found his head attracted arrows and I managed to somehow, despite not intending to, nail a guy in the nuts. Some people on the opposing team preferred to just camp and not do anything besides sit down. Everybody got a free drink(bottled water or can of pop), although truth be told it appeared to be on the honor system(I only had 1 anyways). So when I was done, my shirt was half soaked from the activity(I also stunk to high heaven, cause of the sweat).

      Iron Fist beat its way onto Netflix on the 17th, I'm just about to start Ep8.

      See you soon!


    • March #1

      11 months ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      I finally got to play Resident Evil 7, and now have an intense dislike of people named Jack for some reason. I was able to complete the Surgeons ET in Hitman, didn't get SA despite meeting conditions required. I hope there will be more ETs in Hokkaido. I've been playing Pokemon Sun, having just transferred my pokemon from Y and Alpha Sapphire to it(courtesy of Pokemon Bank). Recently, I found a Fire Stone ingame as well, used it on a Eevee from Pokemon AS I had already named Skorch. I earned some more trophies in Persona 4 Golden and plan to do a Max S.Link run next playthrough.

      I saw A Cure for Wellness last month, and plan to see Logan today. I've been catching up on Arrow, having been behind since mid-season 4. I've also been catching up on The 100. There's a new trailer for GotG Vol. 2, 1 for Alien: Covenant and a new teaser for Deadpool 2.

      Meanwhile, Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during election, fails at using scotch tape to affix tie to shirt. He just stuck it on back of tie w/o rolling tape up so both sides were sticky. He's also guilty of ruining steak by having it overcooked(it resembles a curved, misshapen hockey puck) and then drowning said monstrosity in ketchup(WTF?!).

      I did manage to score really sweet deals on leftover Valentine's sugary treats, including 20 cents per kilo of caramel filled chocolate hearts.

      Video links are below:

      Guardians 2

      Deadpool 2

      Alien: Covenant

      Bye bye everybody!


    • January #2

      1 year ago

      DaruTSH Eater of Time and Basil

      It is with a heavy heart that I must inform readers that John Hurt passed away earlier this week. Most people may recognize him as Kane, the 1st victim of the Xenomorph in 1979's Alien(and was a victim of the creature in Spaceballs as well). Resident Evil: TFC came out in theatres this week, with a CG movie coming later this year(like Degeneration and Damnation).

      Some new games have come out, including RE7, Tales of Berseria and Fate Extella: The Umbral Star. The Last Guardian is also $20 off at Best Buy in Canada until Friday. Hitman gets a phys release at the end of January(this Tuesday), along with a new mission being made available to all copies(phys/digital). The new elusive target(Blackmailer) is available in Paris, look for the guy wearing makeup(not Heath Ledger). RWBY has a new episode(#11) available, so be sure to watch that. Meanwhile, both Agents of SHIELD and The Flash are back on the air. With Flash's return last week, we know that a gorilla attack occurs soon(most likely Grodd, why he left GC is unknown). Patton Oswalt returns to AoS next week, as Nadir, Radcliffe and The Watchdogs attempt to get their hands on the DarkHold. BTW, seeing Fitz shoot Radcliffe-2 last week was the most badass thing he's ever done ;)

      Prey also got a release date of early May this year, along with a new trailer. I preordered it during E3 last year b/c Amazon usually has a discount for preorders during the convention. I'm definitely interested in RE7, but will wait for the price to drop($80 +tax isn't a small sum for a game you know).

      So I'm definitely watching Alien again today, have fun guys!


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