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    Hmmmm what 2 write in this thing? Im Dax or Zozo, Im the semi albino from Japan hahahaha thats mostly what i get remembered by...sheesh 

    Hmmm I have a wonderful family and im very proud of how far i and we have come in this life. I "speak" ( im mute... yes im aware of the irony... but cancer is a b!7ch ) 5 languages and love meeting a variety of people!!

    Im often gameing anymore so u can catch me in steam or second life ( i was at the creation level in secondlife and had made many maps in various games) 

    Im a dork.  HAHAHAH i admit it but life more FUNNER that way!!! Embrace the dork side!

    I may seem random at times but im very much not at all. i just think extreamly fast and its hard 2 slow down that process. no its not ADHD, its the curse of a high IQ. I know some things i say may seem judgemental, but its not, im just curious about differences and lifestyles!!! i love that we r not the same and i celebrate that!!

    yes i have red eyes and yes i have white spots in my hair....and yes i love skunks... ( spirit animal stuff ) I think its funny that u all try so hard 2 b different, and while i like that every1 is different, part of me is trying 2 b normal hahahah!!!

    find me, play with me, b a friend and i will b 2!!!

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