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    My name is Dean Ellis and I am from the United Kingdom.

    I work for the National Health Service, helping develop medical systems and programs. I also work with databases and bespoke systems for my NHS colleagues to use.

    I also own my own registered company, specialising in media and production design (with a few extras of course :D )

    In my free time, I love watching a whole variety of RT content. The best thing about RT, is that their is always something for you. 

    I first became interested in Rooster Teeth a few years ago. I recall being The Slow Mo Guys' 151st subscriber. After watching one of their videos, I saw that somebody asked: "Is that Gavin from Rooster Teeth?" - which immediately prompted me to see what Rooster Teeth actually was... I never turned back.

    My all time favourites include Achievement Hunter's content (although I tend to cheer on the Brit too much, knowing he'll most definitely lose), RT Podcasts, Off Topic, On the Spot and A Spot of Science...

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