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    • RTX is SO SOON (also it's my birthday!)

      1 month ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      Trying to keep up with posting here at least once a month, so hi! Hello! What's up?

      I'm currently keeping myself busy with summer classes (which was a MISTAKE), packing for RTX (I leave in FOUR DAYS!), and my birthday!! Wooo!

      I'm 23! So old! Or something! 

      Current birthday plans are to hang out with my roommate and hit up all the free birthday stuff (Starbucks, LeeAnn Chin, Michael's coupon, etc) and then it's game night with my Guardian Minecraft buddies (and I'll plug that a bit - if you're a guardian you should come play on the server with us! We're all super cool and don't bite!)

      So there we go, quick little life update. Onwards to RTX!! 

    • Guardian Round 3???

      2 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      Guess I haven't posted this here yet, but hey! I got accepted as a Guardian for RTX London, and now that I've been able to finagle plane tickets, I will for sure be there!

      I'm super excited to meet a new part of the community, and help out with the very first RTX London.  ruby

      Now to find a place to stay...

    • Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth!

      4 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      Rooster Teeth is 14 today! That's crazy! Even though I've only been in this community for almost 3 years, Rooster Teeth has, in leaps and bounds, changed my life. Going to RTX, and then being a Guardian for RTX (and the upcoming RTX London!) has given me my own little family within the RT community, and I couldn't be more grateful. I have made my best friends here, friends I talk to every day, friends I travel across the country to see, and it's all thanks to Rooster Teeth.

      So Happy Birthday, to the best community out there! I love you all a lot, and can't wait to see what year 14 brings us!

    • Featured User??

      5 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      I guess I'm the featured user today! Thank you RT site people who decided that  thumbsup

      So hi everyone who sees me here! I'm Gen/Fae, I'm an RTX Guardian, I make coffee for pay, and I read a lot of books. And also I have repeatedly built Monopoly in Minecraft.

      Okay, cool. Happy Saturday everyone!

    • It is once again February 1st

      6 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      Two years ago we lost the wonderful Monty Oum. I still remember reading it, being shocked, horrified, and crying on the floor at my parents’ house. I remember getting ready to go to work and crying in the car, in the back room, and when I got home again. I cried when I watched Meg’s Know video, when I read Matt’s journal, and every time I thought about it.

      But more than the tears and the pain, I remember the incredible outpouring of love and support, not just from RT staff but from the entire community. I remember people donating to and spreading the GoFundMe, sharing their favorite memories and quotes and funny podcast moments, and reminding each other that it’s OK to grieve, it’s okay to be hurt and to cry and to take time to process. Reminding each other, and ourselves, that we’re all here for each other, we are a family, we love each other, that’s what we do. 
      It’s been two years now, and that’s still true. The love and support is still there, the RT community gets stronger and stronger. I’ve found my own little corner of it, and I love the family I’ve made for myself here. There are people in the community I couldn’t imagine my life without. 
      Two years isn’t that long, but so much has changed. Rooster Teeth keeps growing, but they keep to their roots, their family. 
      Gray posted a wonderful journal on the RT site today about the animation department and their new office. And the Monty memorial. Every step forward is thanks to and because of Monty, but it also because of the hard work of everyones’ lives he touched. 
      Monty is an incredible inspiration and I’m so sad I never got to meet him to thank him for all the beauty he brought to my life. But I know that he’d just want me to create something beautiful with my time instead of grieving. 

      However bittersweet it is, Monty's passing brought the community closer together, and brought me further into this beautiful family. I couldn't be more grateful. 
      Thank you for everything, Monty. Keep Moving Forward.

    • Guardian Round 2!

      7 months ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3

      I'm so excited and thrilled and ecstatic and all sorts of other happy words to be returning to RTX 2017 as a guardian!! I had an absolutely amazing time last year as part of the freelancer team and made some amazing friends (who are lovely and amazing and also my favorite people ever.)

      Also because New Years resolutions and whatever I'm going to try and use the RT site more as a community hub, rather than just a video service.

      So expect more journals!!

      <3 Fae

    • 1 year ago

      FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X3
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    • Erkan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Take It Easy.... bitches

      2 months ago

      Frwiends :D cya next month :P 

    • Meelis13 Estonian

      5 months ago

      Happy FU day

      • FaetalFlaws FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Guardian X3

        5 months ago

        Thank you!!

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