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    • Another Stranger Things Post

      3 days ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      I know, I know, I know. Everyone is raging about this show. You can't go three feet anywhere without hearing "Stranger Things", or "Friends Don't Lie", or hell, even "Bitchin". Point is: It's hot. Popular. Lit.

      I am going to add my own voice on this show, on top of all the millions of other reviews/comments/opinions/whatevs.

      This show--well, I should really say the idea, or more so the concept of it--is everything I have ever wanted. No, I was never obsessed with the thriller/horror/suspense genre (unless you count Jurassic Park, which, I guess in this case, you can make that argument). Nor was I particularly intune with the

      "80's culture". But this show fed my wants that I didn't even realize were there.

      It hit that "kids-go-on-an-adventure-and-become-friends-that-last-a-life-time" paired with good ole "character-development-like-ohmygod-yes". Like, I never realized how lonely I felt until I watched this and realized (gah, I'm using that word too much. Synonyms much?) that all I have ever wanted was the childhood adventures with groups of friends.

      Dear God, I can only wish that I can create something as clever as Stranger Things one day.

    • Christmas (SPOILERS)

      5 days ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      This is the most excited I've been for Christmas because all the gifts I'm getting for my family/friends, are ones that I know will make them excited. Like, usually, I just kind of guess on what to get them, but this is the first time I'm like, yes, THIS is gonna get them to smile, and honestly that's the best representation of "good cheer" ever.

      Because I know that they're never gonna see this, here are what I'm getting my family.

      Dad: Incense

      Mom: A birdhouse in the shape of a caravan

      Brother #1: Actually, I'm unsure on his gift. probably like beer glass, or something.

      Brother #2: Oh. Ma, I don't know his either. Something Star Wars themed.

      Sister: THIS. I'm getting her this nice poster of an old movie she loves, and the new book from the guy who wrote the Martian. The book is about black markets, SPACE, and SPACE.

      Cousin #1: An Off Topic poster, he likes the podcast.

      Cousin #2: A behind-the-scenes book about the Princess Bride. He loves that shit.

      Cousin #3: A SP7 Hoodie and a poster of the X-files duo.

      Brother #1's fiancé: a little eos kit with lip balm and lotion

      Cousin #1's wife: A mug that says "Mommy needs her coffee"

      Cousin #2's girlfriend/my friend: A poster of Audrey Hepburn and an eos kit.

      B: We don't like to get each other expensive gifts, but she's getting this awesome cartoon looking poster that I also have, so we're matching.

    • College Adventures

      1 week ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      I am eagerly waiting for my motivation to come back to me. Hopefully before my essay is due. Hopefully before the deadline arrives for my transfer application.

    • Iced Coffee

      1 week ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      Tastes like tears

    • Pocket Camp

      1 week ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      I have waited for this my entire childhood!

      I love this game.

      It brings back nostalgia.

    • College Adventures

      3 weeks ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      Dear kid in my history class that looks suspiciously like Woody from Suite Life on Deck,

      kindly shut up


      the entire class


      youre not as funny as you think you are

      sorry to be the one who has to tell you


      4 weeks ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      I managed to watch about 2/3 of the stream live! It was the most amazing thing ever, and I am falling in love with Rooster Teeth and the family all over again. I mean, 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS. LIKE WHAT.

      This was the first time I was able to donate money too! I can't wait to get my poster in the mail.

      I can't stop smiling. 1.2 million. Wow. For the kids!

    • College Adventures

      1 month ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      Sent an email to my advisor for my next semester's classes to be added. Fingers crossed I get in.

    • RTX 2017

      4 months ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      The fact that I have finally made it. RTX. Austin. I finally did it. It was surreal being there, walking down Congress, staying in a hotel, seeing in person all the talent I watch on a tiny screen

      As someone who has been a fan for 4 to 5 years, this trip has been a long time coming, and I cannot talk about it withough mentioning my sister, Kelsey. She let me drag her 4 hours down to Austin and watched me nerd out for 4 days straight.

      I had an amazing time, and definitely hope to become a bigger part of the community here on the site, and elsewhere. Gah, it was truly indescribable.

      Also, seeing Chris swoop in during the ELR panel in his costume (and that fracking wig) and the proceed to push Aaron to the ground nearly made me cry from laughing so much. 

    • Dreams

      2 years ago

      GiraffePanda That Odd Kid Out

      I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I had a great dream, that kept going off on spirals but the main point was that Brendon Urie was in it. However, it was inevitable that I would wake up and miss out on the dream. Hence, when my dad came in and woke up me up (rather rudely), I did indeed wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

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