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      2 years ago


      "What! Another RWBY cliffhanger?! You bastards! And World of Remnant is next, too -- we have to wait another week until the next chapter??? It's like you enjoy toying with us!"

      ...Well, yes. Yes, we do. But that's not important today! No! Instead we come to distract you with offerings of...


      ...huh, ok, so that's a little wordy. We already have our first note on what we need to fix, cool.

      Want to catch up together on all things anime, while we wait for the next RWBY to hit? Then be back here on TODAY 1/22 at 5pm Central for the very first test episode!

      The plan is to start this weekend and then do 3 more weekly tests after that, which would get us to the RWBY season finale weekend (want to be our Valentine?). These test podcasts will be available for sponsors only, both the live broadcast as well as the recorded version we release later. (No, we don't know if these tests will be made public later, so if you're not a sponsor and want to check 'em out, you know what to do!) After the test streams, if all goes well, we'll tweak things based on what seemed to work or not, and start the show for real!

      On this first stream, it'll be Miles, Kerry, and me, catching up on what we've been watching lately, what we're looking forward to in this new Spring broadcast season, and then we'll talk about a certain writer/director whose work all three of us love. We'll also cover what types of anime each of us are into (or not) so you know where each of us is coming from. And then in future episodes, we'll start bringing guests in as well!

      We also may or may not steal beer from the Off-Topic set. ...What the heck would an anime 'cast set serve, anyhow, bubble tea? Can we place an order for some unfiltered sake now, maybe? ...Maybe we'll draw straws to see who has to wear the cafe maid outfit. Maybe we'll make sure Kerry draws the short straw. Whose underwear should we stock in the vending machine? Join us to find out.

      ja ne!


      P.S. Now if only we had a name for it. *tsk* If only there was a comment section below this post, where somebody cool could help us with that, as well as ask us questions or give us suggestions of what to start watching. Hm hm hmmm...

    • On RWBY and Viewer Discretion...

      2 years ago


      TLDR: If you are responsible for a very young viewer, you may want to start watching RWBY episodes yourself before deciding to show it to a child.


      Funny thing happened as RWBY Volume 1 began to air, that we were not anticipating at all, being some of the biggest jackasses on the net. We started getting all sorts of messages from big sisters and brothers, babysitters, parents, and the occasional Qrow-like cool uncle or aunt. They were letting us know how much the very young were enjoying watching RWBY, and how cool it was to share that experience with them. I've lost count how many times at cons or screenings, where an older viewer introduced us to a young child, dressed as their favorite character, loaded up with all sorts of thoughtful questions and ideas. Suddenly, Rooster Teeth had something resembling their first family show on their hands. Don't know who thought trusting us with *that* would be a good idea, but here we are. ;)

      Have we said thanks lately? Thanks again for sharing the story with our youngest audience members out there, it means a lot to us and we take the responsibility to heart. In return, we wanted to take a sec to reiterate some things. We've said from the very beginning that the story of RWBY is actually a pretty long journey, with all sorts of complex changes and themes over time. Because we can only put out so many episodes per year, and the story has been focused the way it has the first couple years, some viewers might assume that this is all there is to the show. Nnnnope. Much like other multi-year narratives such as the Harry Potters, Avatars (the airbending kind. well, the animated, not the live... look, the good one) and Star Wars...Warses... Warii? Forget it -- like other continuity-heavy sagas out there, RWBY will grow up over time. Our characters will be put to the test as the stakes get greater and the full scope of the story is revealed. The tone and imagery of the show will occasionally go darker and more mature. ...You did happen to notice the opening sequence that has been in front of the show all year, right?

      So that's all. Don't want to make a huge deal out of it, nor make other viewers out there think that this is a spoilery conversation either, to happen to mention it right this second -- we have a wayyyys to go, and we've been talking about this in the "behind the scenes" materials and at the panels since the beginning. We just wanted to put another, more prominent, friendly reminder out there before more time went by. Much like life, RWBY has so much wonderful light to it yet, but where there's light there's also shadow. We hope you're looking forward to seeing how our animated friends rise to the occasion, as much as we are.

      Happy New Year! Please join us for the return of RWBY Volume 3 tomorrow, and we'll have more RT Animation goodness to talk about soon.



      2 years ago


      RWBY Volume 3 is here! On behalf of the crew, thanks for all the kind words today. We're thrilled to finally be able to share the new episodes with you.

      A few reminders for ya!

      The release rhythm: RWBY Volume 3 will run at 10am U.S. Central Time Saturday mornings -- more Saturday morning 'toons, wooo! The Saturday release is exclusively for Rooster Teeth Sponsors! Not a sponsor yet? You can join the family here, eh? Then 24 hours later, 10am Sunday Central time, it will open to the public on RT as well as begin running on our partner sites (Crunchyroll, Hanabee, etc.). YouTube will get the episodes one week after they premiere on RT.

      The calendar: as mentioned previously, please note that Rooster Teeth is not putting out any new episodes of any show the weekend of November 7th, in order to focus on our special charity livestream event for ExtraLife. So Chapter 2 will run next weekend, October 31st, then there's the livestream, then Chapter 3 runs November 14th. And we still have 3 more "World of Remnant" episodes to mix in throughout our 12 chapter run as well! RWBY addicts need not fret about that livestream weekend, though -- you'll still get your fix when the RWBY gang takes over the stream! We'll talk about the first couple episodes, maybe play the current build of RWBY:Grimm Eclipse, and if we raise enough funds for the charity, maybe sneak you some footage of scenes to come!

      Last announcement for the moment -- everyone please welcome voice actor superstar Yuri Lowenthal (Ben from "Ben 10," and Jor-El, Jimmy Olsen, and Red Robin in all the latest animated DC Universe adventures -- oh, ha, and "boy" from X&V!) to the cast of RWBY, taking on the part of Mercury Black! Special thanks to JJ Castillo for having helped launch the character - everyone please wish him best of luck and check out what he's up to these days in the world of VR development!

      We had a gathering last night at Rooster Teeth, people from all over the company joined us to screen Chapter 1. It was a special moment to watch this new first episode together. Monty, you were supposed to be there. Maybe you were. We hope we did ok. We miss you.


    • ​RWBY Volume 3 Opening Animation - and more!

      2 years ago


      The hypetrain to RWBY Volume 3 rolls on!! We had an incredible time hanging with all the fans at NYCC2015, where we confirmed the Volume 3 premiere date of October 24th for Rooster Teeth sponsors, public October 25th. Here's a recap of what we've announced so far:

      We've released the first clip from RWBY Volume 3!

      3zero's Blake collectible figure goes up for pre-sale Monday October 19th!

      You can now vote YES for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse video game to get a green light for availability on Steam!

      Go to Harmonix's Rock Band DLC request page and demand your favorite Jeff Williams RWBY songs!

      The next episode of Screw Attack's Death Battle comes out on October 20th, featuring an all-out brawl between FFVII's Tifa Lockhart and Yang! Featuring the actual voice actresses!

      And today, on this month's Rooster Teeth Community Day, we present... RWBY Volume 3's Intro with brand new track from Jeff and Casey Lee Williams, "When It Falls!!" Sorry-Not-Sorry if the song gets stuck in your head the way it has in ours.

      9 days til the season premiere! Speaking of the release schedule, we wanted to pass along something we talked about at NYCC -- Rooster Teeth is participating in the Extra Life charity stream on Saturday, November 7th, and it will be the best livestream yet! However, this means Rooster Teeth as a whole will focus on the stream that day and will not be releasing new episodes of any show. So please note that on that date, while you may not get a new episode, RWBY cast and crew will take over that stream for a part of the show, where we'll talk about how the season is starting, show you some upcoming scenes, and maybe play some of the video game. Y'know, for the kids!

      More teases to follow ;)



    • 2 years ago

    • Stranger Danger

      2 years ago


      Because you demanded it!! Wait, you did demand it, right? No? Wait, then who the hell--?!

      Ray teased about it, then you guys made a bunch of noise about it, so Burnie made it a Lazer Team fundraising stretch goal... and then suddenly we found ourselves installing copies of the Sims again... and then... Huh. Well, take it anyways! The sequel series ten years in the stalling, er, making -- IT'S THE RETURN OF THE STRANGERHOOD!

      All 4 eps will run this week, Tuesday-Friday, 4pmCDT for sponsors, 24 hours later for public

      And please send your support to poor bastards Kyle and Josh who had to machinimate this thing. ;)


      P.S. Tell Ray he can shut up now... ;)

    • X-Ray & Vav Marathon Livestream, 10am CDT Sat. 9/12!

      3 years ago


      It's last call for the "X-Ray & Vav" title card contest! If you want to submit a piece of art for consideration, you only have a few days left to go here and post a comment that includes a link to your image! We will announce winners this Saturday, September 12th, onnnnn...

      The first ever Saturday Morning RT Cartoonathon live stream! You got it, this Saturday morning at 10am U.S. CDT (i.e. Austin time) you can hang out online with various members of the X&V cast and crew, and maybe some more RT Animation peeps, as we do a PJ-wearing, bedheaded, sugar cereal fueled, livestream marathon of X&V season 2's first five episodes! Plus a sneak peek at episode 6 which will premiere a week later! The stream will be open to the public, so everyone come back to with your best bedhead and sugar cereal, and we'll hang out and watch fun stuff while we try to wake up.

      See ya there!


    • 3 years ago

    • ​RT Animation Announcements at RTX2015

      3 years ago


      Rooster Teeth Animation had its first ever panel tonight, just shy of its first birthday! Here are a couple of the announcements coming out of the session:

      - "Minimations: Straight Outta RT," made by Rooster Teeth community machinimation team TheLoneFew, will debut this coming Monday for sponsors, public Tuesday!

      - "Strangerhood" Season 2 will premiere during "X-Ray & Vav's" midseason break at the end of the summer!

      - Rooster Teeth is excited to announce it is moving ahead with a collaborative partnership with Frederator Studios -- the gang behind such shows as Cartoon Hangover's "Bravest Warriors" and "Bee & Puppycat!" More details will be announced soon. Meanwhile, Rooster Teeth fans will soon be able to enjoy Catbug merchandise appearing in the Rooster Teeth store! A brand new "Orf Meets Catbug" poster goes on sale in the RTX Rooster Teeth store Sunday August 9th, to be followed by appearing in the online store! And there are plans being worked on for an official CatBurnie as well!

      For those unable to join us here at RTX, to celebrate the announcement, RT Animation proudly offers this collection of desktop wallpapers by Patrick Rodriguez, showcasing the adventures of Orf and Catbug! Thanks for watching Rooster Teeth's animated shows, and stay tooned for more news.





    • 3 years ago

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