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    • RWBY Game: A Special Holiday Treat for Sponsors!

      3 years ago


      "Oh, the weather outside is frightful! But the... firefight with the High-Caliber Sniper Scythe is so delightful?"

      Merrappy Christmanukkwanzivus!! We have a very special little stocking stuffer just for sponsors, a heartfelt thanks from Rooster Teeth to you, for being a part of the RT Community -- the chance to play a pre-alpha level from the RWBY video game! This is a test of the animation and mechanics, and works much like the demo shown at RTX. It's only available til shortly after New Year's, but we hope you have fun with it on your holiday. But don't worry, there's much more to come next year that we are very, very excited about -- this is just a tiny peek!

      A tip o' the Santa hat to Jordan Scott, who's been working like mad with us on the project! And cheers to you, all the sponsors who keep us going! Hope you have a fantastic end to your year! Looking forward to all the craziness in 2015 together...

      P.S. You'll need the Unity Web Player plugin, so if you don't have it, you'll see a link to the installer when you load the game page!

      P.P.S. LOL - and special thanks to the new, honorary RT QC team out there! Keep the notes coming!

      UPDATE 12/26 - Sure, feel free to record Let's Plays


    • 3 years ago

    • Are you taking RWBY History 101 this Fall?

      3 years ago


      Hey Beacon Students-

      We have a unique lineup for RWBY fans this Thursday! This is an "off" week for new RWBY episodes, with Chapter 5 hitting next Thursday the 28th. BUT! We do have new content for you this week from the world of Remnant! Called... "World of Remnant" ...which seems fitting. Anyhoo, this August 21st, at 3pm Central for Rooster Teeth Sponsors (and 7pm for general public), fans will get the first of several new "history lessons," each exploring a particular corner of RWBY's world. And it's all fair game for the quiz... that you give us!

      We're also doing a public livestream this Thursday at 5pm Central, here on! Join Monty, Kerry, Miles and the gang as they answer your questions based on being a third through Volume 2. You can begin leaving your questions now in the comments for this journal entry, and you'll also be able to tweet using #RWBY_QA during the livestream. As part of this stream we'll also be chatting with the RWBY animation team as they wrap up animation for all of Volume 2 this week! So anything goes: story, art, animation, tech, ask away!

      See ya in a couple days,

    • RWBY's Turning Japanese, RWBY's Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

      3 years ago


      We mentioned it at RTX, but now it's official -- the team here is thrilled to announce that Warner Brothers Japan has licensed RWBY for distribution and merchandising!

      In 2015, WBJ will offer Japanese RWBY fans Blu-rays and DVDs that include a brand new Japanese audio experience, as well as some other treats we hope to announce soon. WBJ has produced such titles as "Accel World" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," and the team that will be sheparding RWBY in Japan have also worked on such series as "Ergo Proxy," "Hellsing," "Lain," and "Tenchi Muyo" just to name a few. WBJ begins promoting RWBY this weekend at the Comic Market or "Comiket" event in Tokyo!

      Adweek already has coverage on the announcement, including some comments from Matt, over at:

      Stay tuned for news on the voice cast, merchandise plans, and... other fun things! ;)

      (RWBY cosplayers at Comiket Tokyo 2014, image courtesy @numgirl65)

    • 3 years ago

    • RTX is here!!!

      3 years ago


      Can't believe it's finally RTX! If you're at the event, come say "hey!" And if you couldn't make it, keep an eye on I'll be on the following panels/channels:

      (times are Central Daylight, i.e. y'know... Austin, TX times)
      1pm - RWBY - main hall
      5pm - RvB - main hall

      1:30 Video Game voice acting - room 18
      7 - RWBYv1 screening w/ live commentary - main

      1p- storytelling through editing - room 17
      5p - signing booth

      ...and may be crashing some other panels such as RWBY music, RTAA, and RT Animation. Check the schedule for more ( or go get the RTX app! Have a fantastic weekend.

    • Call for RWBY Fan Art!

      3 years ago


      A conversation that happens all the time on the RT animation team is the amazement at how talented the fandom is. If we ever need a little break or a shot of motivation, all we need to recharge is to catch up on the fans' contributions on the various art & social sites. Not once have I ever peeked in on all the posts going by without being genuinely blown away by someone's work.

      And now in return, we want to show off your stuff -- check out this call for submissions here! We're looking at a variety of ways we might be able to promote your art... including appearing in RWBY itself. So please do consider submitting your pieces, and we also need help getting the word out internationally -- if you have a favorite artist to whom you can get a message in their native language, letting them know to please enter their art, we'd really appreciate it.

      Thanks and looking forward to seeing your work!

      - Yes, you can enter as many of your different pieces as you like.
      - Please submit high resolutions renders when possible, preferably the original dimensions / resolution you created the piece in (if digital), or at least 2K pixels high if you can? Minimum 200dpi, 300dpi preferred if a print piece. We'll put more detailed specs on the submission page shortly.
      - At this time, we're asking only for art related to the canon RWBY universe. We will let you know when we're ready for artists to submit their original characters and weapons for an "expanded universe" call!

    • RWBY Recap!

      3 years ago



      So here's everything that happened today in the world of RWBY!

      - The RWBY Volume 2 Opening Title Animation debuted this morning over at Crunchyroll, and is now available here at RT!!

      - The brand new RWBY Volume 2 opening theme song, "Time To Say Goodbye" by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams, is now available at iTunes and all your favorite digital music services

      - We've also put online the original RWBY Volume 1 Opening Title Animation, clean, without the credits overlays!

      - McFarlane Toys' Weiss figure is now in the Rooster Teeth store!!

      So there ya have it! Hope you're having as much fun with all this as we are!

      More soon. (I mean really soon. Yep, annny day now. All wrapped up. With a bow on top.)



    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago

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