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    • 3 years ago

    • RWBY Crew Shirt Winners

      3 years ago


      Thanks for sharing all the community photos yesterday! It was so cool to see all the different responses from Rooster Teethers around the world, whether it was you out'n'about in your favorite gear, or surrounded by all the RTness in your room, or the fantastic cosplay. We were so excited by the response... we decided to give out three shirts! So congratulations to RT community members @HeLiam, @DanielStokes and @MsJorable! We'll get the crew here to sign the shirts and send those out to you next week.

      cheers gang,

    • Happy Community Day from RT Animation

      3 years ago


      Allo RT Animation fans!

      First and foremost, Happy RT Community Day!! Hope everyone's doing well. Got a few things to share today!

      Sooo, we've been wanting to do something cool for the RWBY fans on one of these community days. Annnd in the move to the new office, we found a tiny stash of the original RWBY Volume 1 Crew T-shirts (like the one I'm wearing in my & Lindsay's community day selfie below). Annnnnnd, we'd like to give one -- to *you*!

      So let's try a little something. Post a copy of your RT community day photo (or, worst case, a link to it) in the comments below and we'll pick one at random by the end of the day to receive the shirt. When we pick the winner, you can tell us what size you prefer (we'll do the best we can, no guarantee) and if you want it clean -- or signed by the cast & crew members that are around this week! A little thanks from us to you.

      Everybody catch the most recent RWBY production journal on performance and animation? Check it out here!

      Next up, if you are a fan of objects that are capable of containing liquids, you may have noticed the stylin' RWBY mug brandished in that community day selfie -- that should show up in the Rooster Teeth Store today along with a couple other goodies! Also, the phone cases and buttons arrived in the store recently, check 'em out.

      Lastly, RWBY fans will want to pay attention to goings-on *next* Thursday, May 22. If all goes as planned, we may have *three* different little bits of RWBY special-ness for you. Stay tuned, eh?

      All for now! Have a cockbitin' day! Y'know, in a good way.


    • 3 years ago

    • On the occasion of leaving 636...

      3 years ago




      So the first pic is what the main RT soundstage looked like as we were starting R&D on the CG pipeline for RvB10. Monty and Shane were already in here, and Ryan, Kerry, and I had just moved down from where we were scattered throughout the building during RvB9.

      Second pic is how the studio looks as I post this, just before we start breaking it down to move this week to the Austin Studios lot. All of RWBY and RvB are in here, as well as half of Achievement Hunter and the live action staff '” 35 people at present. Time flies, having fun, something something...

    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago

    • Random RWBYness

      3 years ago



      So, the first RWBY production diary seemed to go over well...? Just wanted to take a sec and follow up on a couple of the more common questions and comments.

      The production diaries will come out monthly-ish, with the next one slated to arrive April 3rd. Yeah, I wish we could update you more frequently, but hey, we have to work on the show too! smiley4.gif

      Sounds like we'll do a writeup shortly, so you can see the other Velvet designs that were in the final 25. (***EDIT: Caiti's now posted a journal entry with the designs! ) Again, thanks to everyone who submitted, there were so many cool and different looks!

      Speaking of Velvet, wanted to give a "heads up" as soon as possible to the cosplayers and artists who might already be working with Velvet's new look -- be aware that the outfit is going to evolve a little further before going into modeling, possibly including accessories and a change in the color palette. We'll be showing you where it's headed in the next production video.

      Random -- would anyone get hyped for a "Rooster Teeth Official Creative Process: Yeah No Yeah" shirt or a little print or something like that? Just curious, really. But it makes us happy to know we're not the only people who say that! We do have a couple more surprises coming out this year, but what other gear should we be making that you haven't seen yet? Ah hey -- did you see a RWBY shirt won the first Communi-Tee challenge?

      Lastly, we've got a solid outline for the remaining production diaries, but maybe there are subjects you're interested in which have escaped us? Feel free to comment with your questions or areas of interest, and we'll see what shakes loose.

      'til next time,
      smiley12.gif g.

    • 4 years ago

    • RWBY Volume 2 Production Underway

      4 years ago


      "Beware that the light is fading /
      Beware as the dark returns /
      This world's unforgiving /
      Even brilliant lights will cease to burn..."

      Can't... contain it... any longer... must... share!!

      Hey everyone -- Rooster Teeth is very proud to announce that work has already begun on RWBY Volume 2. Monty is busy planning all sorts of insane action, Kerry and Miles are putting the finishing touches on the scripts (brace yourself for the feels, believe me), and the rest of the production team has begun to assemble.

      RWBY Volume 2 will premiere at RTX2014, in Austin, Texas, July 4-6. Details here, tickets on sale this Friday, January 31st. The volume's online debut will happen very shortly thereafter, and we will announce the date as soon as we have it. Volume 2 will run for twelve chapters of about twelve minutes each, and what's more, each week's web release will contain an entire chapter. We are anticipating the web release schedule will present a full chapter per week for a few weeks, take a week off, come back for a few more weeks, etc. But during those "off" weeks, you'll still be getting new story content from the world of RWBY. More on that later... ...yeah, I know, already teasing again -- sorry. (Warning: Not really sorry)

      Just because the premiere is this Summer doesn't mean we won't have anything new to share with you until then. We've already started recording, concepting (that's a verb, right?), modeling, storyboarding, and even animating. Over the coming months, we'll continue to tease you mercilessly -- er, I mean update you on what we're up to with a series of production video journals, giving you a peek at who's involved, and how it's all going. The journals will also announce the winner of the Velvet Battle Gear Design Contest, then follow how Velvet's new look is turned into an actual production asset, and even watch her new model get animated for the first time!

      With all that said -- thanks to all of you for watching, as well as keeping the world of RWBY going between volumes. Everyone here is constantly blown away by the art and stories and cosplay and RP-gaming and... well, let's just say it means a lot to us.

      And lastly, the team would like to take this opportunity to thank our exec producers, Matt and Burnie, for letting us all visit the world of RWBY again, and so soon. Their constant support and guidance during Volume 2's launch has been invaluable.

      Ruby and the gang are waiting for us to tell the next wave of stories, so we better get back to it. More catching up soon, ok?


      P.S. Who'd like to see RWBY Volume 2's first piece of promotional art, by Volume 2's Art Director, Kristina Nguyen?


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