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    • 4 years ago

    • RWBY Vol.1 Score -- The 5th Member of Team RWBY

      4 years ago


      I knew it was a good sign when I kept catching myself playing the music to a project I'd already been working on for a year.

      Let's back that up -- I love movie scores. I've lost count of how many I've collected. And I try to get as many tracks as possible across all the different releases, hoping to get every cue ever used in my favorite films. Scores are the invisible extra character in any cinematic storytelling experience, independently capable of moving your emotions as much as any other moment on screen, right?

      When I had the opportunity to begin coordinating with Jeff @Williams on the score to RWBY Volume 1, I was already excited, but I could tell instantly that something special was happening. I was genuinely falling in love with these pieces to the same degree as my most favorite soundtracks from years past. The themes kept getting stuck in my head. I'd randomly boot them up around the office, and in particular, I started driving around to them (and you know you're hooked when you start doing that). Songs would instantly jump out as perfect pairings for key moments. Without exaggeration, the very first time I heard "This Will Be The Day," originally intended for a different cue, I knew we had found our opening titles -- and can you imagine that song ever being used any other way? I never could, it was perfect. Our soundtrack was turning into something I knew I'd genuinely enjoy listening to as a separate experience, the same as any other favorite score of mine.

      Jeff -- along with Casey Lee Williams, Steve Goldshein, Alex Abraham, and James Landino -- have crafted a very special collection which captures damned near every piece of music from RWBY Volume 1 and put it together in a way that really lets you relive the flow of emotions as you experienced them in the show. Without getting spoilery about it, there are cues that, despite having scrubbed through them hundreds of times on the editing timeline, they still get my adrenaline flowing. I still rock out to the theme song. I still have to catch my breath when a certain solo piano cue starts towards the end of the volume.

      So on occasion of RWBY Volume 1 becoming the #1 soundtrack on the iTunes charts in multiple countries including the U.S., Canada, and Japan to name a few, and as I write this having entered the top 10 for all albums/all categories, I just wanted to say a sincere "hats off" to Jeff and his team. Thanks for pushing through such a challenging production schedule to create some truly exciting and touching music for all of us. I'll be listening to it for years. I think everyone else who enjoyed the show will too.

      Cheers, mate.

    • The Hunter Games, epilogue

      5 years ago


      (laugh) Well, frak me -- that's that bit done with! If you've been following Achievement Hunter and the 2012 HORSE tourney, and would consider any chatter about it to be spoilery, you may want to go watch this week's new vid before continuing reading this ramble...


      ...ok, so first off, that was *great* fun. Life "to do list" entry of actually getting paid to play videogames? Check, baby.

      I'd never tried any Halo map variants like they use in the HORSE games (ah yes -- and my inexperience playing inside the Forge mode was pretty critical it turns out, more on that in a sec). Closest previous experience would've been some of the rocket race game types, I guess. Anyhow, thanks to Jack for the invitation to play, and hats off to the map makers. Cool stuff.

      Next up, while recording audio commentary on the edit of the session, I actually wound up doing more watching/studying than actually talking, and what talking I did manage to do came out pretty derp-tastic. (Whoo. Let's hear it for good first impressions. ;P Hey, it's also a little hard to come off as witty when you've got the rest of the AH gang over your shoulder. Who me, overthinking stuff and going into vapor lock? No, never....)

      So hey, here's a little more commentary for anyone who cares.

      What was the first letter, the mongoose jump followed by the sniper shots? The action between Kerry and I seemed pretty standard on that one. I just happened not to kill myself on the platform mines first. An amusing bit of commentary I think got cut from the edit? Jack reminding me to zoom in twice on the sniper rifle. This is what happens when you make me play first thing in the morning. Or totally sober. Let alone both.

      No idea how I got through the sideways-bouncing-over-the-mines first time through. I absolutely guarantee if I went back to that map, it'd take me a dozen times to make it through again. All I remember about that one was being more careful about sideways movement than forward progress.

      It was at about this point I was beginning to wonder if I actually had a shot at knocking Kerry out. And as is the way these things usually work, it was also when everything began to go horribly awry. Whiiiich takes us back to my unfamiliarity with playing inside Forge -- Why, fer fuck's sake, would you put the option to go into edit mode on the D-pad?! Yeah, very early on in the "3 teleports then drop onto the tiny platform" session, I actually had it. After a few under/overshoot attempts, I had it bang-on... ...and when I freaked out that I was coming down so close to the platform, and pulled hard on the left stick for a last-second course correction, I also smacked the d-pad. So there I am thinking I'd done it, when they point out the change in the targeting crosshairs. We look, and it turns out I was actually *frozen* just ever-so-slightly *above* the platform. (sigh, smack forehead) So I hit the d-pad again, come out of editing mode, and hit the platform. I mean it was ridiculously close, you can see the "unfreezing" in the edited video, it's like a couple inches. Now the problem with this is that it's possible to touch the platform, but die because you were coming in too fast. And we can't know if I really would've been ok in that goofed attempt, because coming into/out of editing mode apparently resets your velocity. Hence, the dq on that one. But damn, it looked and felt like I had it.

      And after that, it all continued to come off the rails. Not sure I was that rattled by the edit-mode-misadventure, so much as Kerry was on top of his shiznit after that. He'd warmed up, and the rest is history.

      Grenade shooting -- We were told we wouldn't get the point for shooting the other person's grenade. We were NOT told we couldn't shoot the other guy's grenade in an attempt to keep them from scoring... ;)

      Mini-big-golf -- I had no idea I'd come that close to sinking it until we saw Jack's edit. Grr arg.

      Ha -- one last bit of commentary to get ahead of. Somewhere at the end the recording I made some noise, bitching about how it was a shame Kerry & I were head-to-head in the first round (see previous journal entry), and phrased it something like "the top two vfx guys were put in the same bracket" or whatever. No drama here, thanks. We were THE *ONLY* TWO vfx guys on RvB when the tourney was put together, which was what I was talking about. But yeah, like I said before, at least it also guaranteed our team was going to round two no matter who it was...

      And with that, I give a tip o' the hat to Kerry's mad cyberathlete skillz. Glad I had you worried there for a whole, what, couple minutes...? ;) Next time, Shawcross! Next tiiiiiiiiiiime...

      And with that, it's back to crunch mode. many days til we have to be done with RvB ep4?

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      5 years ago


      So if you haven't caught it, Jack and the Achievement Hunter lads are organizing another company-wide HORSE tournament. And yes, to clear up the confusion in the comment thread, I am indeed standing tribute as one of the reps for the RvB team. Now originally, there was vague talk of arranging things by the different RT departments (AH, RvB, live action, etc.). To which, Jack eventually said "ah, screw it," and now Kerry and I are head-to-head in the very first round! Well, no matter what happens, at least RTFX/RvB is guaranteed to be represented in round 2. But still, now I'm gettin' Shawcrossed in the very first game? That was cruel, man...

      What else... No, we've not been told ahead of time whether it's Halo or Trials. No, don't know if the different rounds will be a mix.

      ...and in other news, I'm now considering changing my gamertag to "WhoTheHellIsGray?"

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    • 5 years ago


      Greetings and salutations-

      Keep meaning to hop on here and say hello. No time like the present, eh? So, uh, hello RT world!

      Name's Gray. I started here at RT last year, working as a VFX artist / digital compositor on the CG sequences of RvB season 9, around... ep10, I think? The training sequence that "introduced" Tex to the Freelancers. Anyhow, with the exception of a tiny bit of editing/fx work for the live action guys, I disappeared for a time after season 9 wrapped, off working on other stuff. But I've been back here cranking away ever since the kickoff of season 10. (and, not unrelated, finding myself in an unending and escalating nerf dart war -- Kerry just gaff-taped a foam bayonet to his semi-auto. Really, dude? Really?? Bring it! --BTW, be sure to wish him a happy birthday today.)

      Seems like the action scene shown at PAX went over well. ...? Side note to those who caught it live at PAX or via the bootlegs online, no, like the gang said, that was really not the final state of that sequence. The edit, sound, lighting, heck even the animation itself in some shots, were all works in progress.

      Anyhoo, I'll try to keep this feed updated on a semi-regular basis. I used to do a ton of anime and game voiceover work, theatre, etc. These days, the focus is pretty consumed by live action production, animation, and now RvB! But I'm happy to talk about anything.

      Man, are we already less than a month to go before season premiere?! Um, back to work.


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