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    • RWBY OC: Brock (Team BLZE)

      5 months ago


      Soooooo,I have been working on a story/description for my main RWBY OC. 

      Still needs some tweaks here and there and my OC is similar to my other OC from the Scavengers Of The Scarlet Wastes web series.  

      Without further ado

      Brock Holden (Named after late Australian motorsport legend Peter Brock and GM Holden who no longer manufactures in Australia)

      Golden Brown in hair colour. 

      Nicknames: Brocky,

      Brockzilla,Rooman,King of the mountain.

      Member/ Guardian of the Order of the Silver Eyed Warrior!

      Age: In his 20’s

      Height: 182cm tall

      Clothing: Business suit,mechanic shirt,white shirt,jeans,sneakers.

      Alumni of Beacon Academy with some extra training through Atlas.

      Race: Kangaroo (Kangaroo faunus father,human mother)

      Kangaroo ears,instinct,strength and agility whilst still looking human like with silver eyes which are disguised by use of contacts

      Robotic and weapons expert who worked with Ironwood in the build of Yang's prosthetic arm and Project PENNY in Atlas.

      Semblance: Ability to release his aura to increase his strength similar to the way Yang releases hers. 

      Semblance also usable in conjunction with his mech suit. (Example: Wearing his mech suit during higher level battle).

      Aura: Bronze

      Weapons: Prosthetic arms with weapon capabilities which can turn into light swords with side arms on his belt.

      Most parts of his body are augmented.

      High impact bullets with specially engineered dust.

      Prototype power suit inspired by our world’s Iron Man and legendary bushranger Ned Kelly designed and made by Brock himself with weapons powered by specially engineered dust and an ability to fly at up to Mach 5 with power output which can be increased through his semblance.

      Red with black racing stripe and white 05  on both shoulders nicknamed FlyRoo. (Based off QANTAS flying kangaroo logo)

      Personality: Gets excited but will stand his ground against the Grimm and can beat you down in a fight using his weaponry or his mech suit in ground or sky battles.

      His trait is also that he has the ability to jump higher than normal.

      Very adventurous as he loves testing his creations in the field.

      Trained at Beacon,Leader of Team BLZE (Brock,Leon,Zoe,Esther) and trained with guidance of General Ironwood where he met Winter Schnee in Atlas studying warfare,weaponry and robotics few months after graduating from Beacon before moving back to Menagerie with Esther.

      Born in Menagerie, Brock’s life was a tough one as he was always making weapons out of scrap metal and parts he found around the village or from travellers.

      He is best friends with Leon since they were little.

      He is also a family friend of the Belladonna’s especially Blake and can be called upon when needed!

      He had his arms amputated after an accident while working on an invention which malfunctioned and attacked him unannounced slicing his arms from above the elbow.

      Doctors and surgeons in Atlas replaced his now non existent arms with specially made augments which allow Brock to activate swords from his wrists similar to Tucker from Red vs. Blue or Adam from Deus Ex.

      The mech suit is one of a kind and uses the same technology as a paladin in wearable scale and also allows Brock to increase strength and is capable of flight. (The flying kangaroo)

      Brock’s parents:

      Morrise and Melanie Holden both hailed from Vacuo and settled in Menagerie a year before Brock was born.

      I'm still working on this.

      Introductory from him.

      Oh! I didn't see you there. The name's Holden,Brock Holden and this beauty here is my specialised suit I nick named FlyRoo which is kinda like the paladin and the android soldiers from Atlas but in wearable scale.

      Some of you know me best as the leader of BLZE alongside my friend Leon,his girlfriend Zoe and my partner Esther but I’ll talk more on the team later.


      I am a kangaroo faunus and no that’s not a gun. *releases Tweed from holster on table* This is a gun!!...oh and it’s also a bat!!

      I was born in Menagerie to a faunus father and human mother.

      My father Morrise was a CEO for a local subcontractor business with the Schnee Dust Company in Vacauo and my mother Melanie worked for a company that did repair works on the CTT towers around Remnant where one day they met in Vacauo,feel in love,married,moved to Menagerie and then had me!! 

      It has been a tough childhood as we had to fight off Grimm and one day being the inventive kid that I was,I created a great invention which right out of the blue,malfunctioned and sliced both my arms above the elbow.

      Lucky for me,My parents knew the best doctors and robotics experts in Atlas where I met General Ironwood who I would later in my life work with (even though I am a faunus). The augments they gave me were so cool that I was able to upgrade them down the track when I started studying at Beacon.

      It hasn’t been an easy road being a faunus though even with that fool Adam trying to shove his agenda of payback in play

      Where did I meet my awesome team?

      At Beacon Academy where Professor Port loved talking about himself and my best friend was attending as well which was a bonus

      How I met Esther?

      She was the most beautiful girl I saw during our test to find an artifact,we locked eyes and when Ozpin announced us as team BLZE,we got excited (me more than usual) and as they say,the rest is history!

      Esther: Babe?

      Where’s the ammo?

      Brock: Should be in the ammo box!

      Esther: Not there.

      Brock: Huh? It should be unless it’s in the bunker ammo box.

      Esther: I’ll check!

      Brock: Found the ammo! Someone stashed it in one of the tool boxes.

      Well,That's it so far and I would love to hear what your thoughts are as feedback is always a good thing to help improve my project.

      Hey I'll be more than happy if my OC is featured in V6 or future volumes of RWBY. 

      I have a better story of him that I'm working on including a radio/voice over style script coming soon.

      And as always,I'll catch you on the wild side of sound!

      Bye for now!

    • VA and other stuff

      5 months ago


      Hey there RT!! 

      Well, I am preparing to do voice overs for River FM Lismore including voice action for other things like events,music and testing my skills with different accents and working on more of my Gym Mix DJ set series which you can listen to on

    • LIVE Q & A River FM studios

      7 months ago


      Doing a live Q & A from River FM studios Lismore NSW on

    • Voice acting

      9 months ago


      I have been doing community radio for a few years now with some DJ gigs here and there including my paying job and I am really getting into trying my hand at voice acting as many hear me change accents on air during my radio show Jump Drive Radio. I am currently working on more VO work for other station programs as well as working on my own. 

      A lot of people should really try at becoming a member of their local community radio station as it opens a lot of opportunities like voice acting.

    • Mixes and RWBY

      11 months ago


      As DJ Fez no longer exists, I am putting all the Gym Mix series on

      I will be making voice over works and putting them up on

      Oh! And I'll be hosting the entire RWBY Volumes 1 to 4 marathon on my Twitch feed this weekend!!

    • RTX in Lismore or Brisbane

      in Forums > RTX in Lismore or Brisbane | Follow this topic


      Hey crew!

      As RTX happens in Sydney

      I was thinking they should hold an RTX in Lismore NSW or in Brisbane QLD. 

      What are your thoughts?

      PS. We recently went through a flood event and still cleaning up. 

      1 reply

    • DJ Mix Dedications

      in Forums > DJ Mix Dedications | Follow this topic


      Hey crew I'm Alex aka GrisellJumpTJD and I have made my 11th mix in my Gym Mix series (The series I do part from community radio) titled Gym Mix 11: The Rise Of RWBY which is coming soon to mixcloud and

      What are your thoughts on a dj mix dedicated to Rooster Teeth and who is looking forward to Volume 5?

      5 replies

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