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    • RTMD Show Case questionairre

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      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      RTMD show case

      You can post any of your projects here in this forum. You can leave links to your other projects for others in case people want to see more of your works.

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    • It's Almost Here!!!.....

      1 week ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      So three of my favorite events happen next year. And I'm excited to say that:

      1.) RTX 2018


      2.) The Mutha Humpin Olpmics!!!


      3.) The Humpin dumpin World Cup


      Wonder if Shakira will make a third song for the world cup? Here are her last two:

      Who will you champion during these events?

    • Get To Know Me.....

      2 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      So............... let me tell you about me.

      1. I'm a very wacky and crazy person irl compared to my online life. Online, I'm more of a lurker.

      2. I have an IQ of 137. But I prefer to be a child like spirited person.

      3. I can cook. I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen when I have free time. If you destroy my kitchen or anyone else's kitchen, I will fight you.

      4. I've had 11 surgeries. 9 of which were major surgeries on my right ar for massive reconstruction and tumor removals. So if you see me in person and want to shake my hand, don't. My right hand can not open the right way for a hand shake. Instead, go for a fist bump or a hug.

      5. I'm a Christian who has been through the ringer quite a few times. I may not seem like I am but I am. And I can hit you with a sermon like you would never believe. But I will not throw Christianity in your face for any reason unless you are very open Christian.

      6. I've been a fan of RT since 2004. I've watched pretty much everything since the beginning. I've been an active community member since last year. I revived RT Maryland and since then we've been very active. Catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and our Discord. As well as here on the site.

      7.Im the second oldest in a blended family.

      8. I can speak 2 languages and learning a third. Italian.

      9. Red is one of my favorite colors.

      10. I was able to see and hang out with  Rooster Teeth on a Make A Wish trip back in 2013. I got to machinamate RvB and did a couple voices in RWBY volume 1 (I did a piss poor job at them because my voice wasn't ready to do it yet).

      This is part one. Part two will come out soon. If you would like to know something about me, ask me in my comment section. Not the questions tab. That way I can take your questions and answer them in the next Get To Know Me post.

      See y'all next post

    • .....

      3 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I'm realizing that there is big changes heading into my life relatively soon. I've been waiting for these changes in my life for a long time now. A very long time. I've gotten very busy with my personal life recently and I've been neglecting my online community responsibilities because of it. I want to change that. Even you guys have seen me online chatting did not mean I was utilizing that time planning my local groups events or anything. I was using that time to kill what time I had at the moment. So I'm going to find ways to be online as much as I can and as much as possible. As well as using this new found time to get things done that I need done.

      So, for a season in my life. I'm going to give up on playing video games. This has been a big part of my identity since I was a kid. This was a had concept I must face and face it I shall. I've been playing less and less lately to help prepare for these changes that are heading my way. I even gave up all my Yu-Gi-Oh cards to make time. I'm even going as far as to not buy alcohol for months at a time to save time. If it's not Rooster Teeth related or anything that is not going to benefit me in any form or fashion, than I'm not wasting my time with it. I may even limit what little time I spend with family. But uhhh, yeah ya know.

      I'll ask this question and y'all could answer this in my comments tab or down below but: Is it ok to be selfish with my time to bettter myself? Even if I don't waste it with people who don't need it?

      See y'all around more!

    • The Favored Son.....

      3 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      He's home he's home he's home.

      I was in the middle of cutting the grass when HE showed up. My little brother is home. He's home for Advanced Infantry Training but then he has to leave after Thanksgiving. I have never felt so happy and proud of someone in my life. He would be someone that others should look up as a roll model. I won't drop his name for security purposes but, damn man. I wanted to give him a huge hug and pick him up in front of his girlfriend. What else can I say......... I just want to get drunk with him, share stories, and play Xbox with him. He's a model son, funny, strong, good looking, and a wee bit quirky. I tried giving him a set of equipment:

      A gas mask

      A Buschmaster spec ops knife

      Two deer butcher knives

      A black Legion Knife

      Whistle/compass/match container

      Spec ops pocket knife

      2x canteens

      But he took one deer knife. I wished I was able to live his life that he wants to hurry and finish up. I would go as far as Force Recon and then apply for Rangers. But alas, Life problems get in the way. I hope that you succeed in life more than me bro.

      Sincerely your older brother,


    • Story Time.....

      4 weeks ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Yet another car accident. Huh..... why God, why?

      So yesterday we (and be we I mean my brother, mother, and sister) had to pull my sister out of military school to take her to the doctors to get checked out. Literally, everything was fine and dandy until we made our way to APG ( Aberdeen Proving Grounds). As we are driving to the base we hit a fucking deer. Yeah a deer. So right now our car has a kill count of 2-0. No one was severely hurt, just bruised and in pain. So we call insurance and get an immediate check up by the doctors today.

      But man,......  What else is next? A damn moose, a great blue heron, a FUCKING BEAVER? I should turn this into a game.

    • La Guitarra.....

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      Holy shit......., the guitar man. I've been teaching myself to play the guitar for some weeks now and it has been very joyful. I'm slowly feeling my fingertips getting harder and harder. I'm finding it more enjoyable than playing the piano. Ever since I've lost a lot of use in my right arm, I had to give up playing the piano and only ever listen to my music. I would do research on who ever I listened to, but it wasn't as enjoyable as playing an instrument. But now I have a guitar to play so that I can get back into having fun. I always had this thought of making music but I never wanted to get serious about it. I want to make music for fun. The legendary Nile Rogers has been catching my eye as far as somebody that I'll look up to. Between him Zach Wild, Carlos Santana, Brian Mays, and Jeff Williams. I would love to have a mix skill of Nile's and Jeff. But like everyone else, it takes time to develop skill like that.

      I'm having so much fun with chord progressions but sadly it's very difficult to do I it with only four strings. Nonetheless, I'm learning how to strum chords that don't need strings 5&6. Recently I had a convo about The Movement of the Odyssey over in the café and the guitar work for the 1st and 2nd movement are beyond amazing. I like to tell myself in all the things I want to do in Life 'One Day' because it insinuates that it will happen in time rather than 'Some Day'. Which insinuates that it may or may not happen. But one day I will play guitar like it's the end of the world. 

      This seems like a very cool and fun beginning. I would like to set goals and future things to do. In all honesty, I'm thinking about what could happen in the future that I could do one day. It would be fun to write score for RWBY and write themes and score for RvB. As I'm finding my skill set it feels as though I'm developing a cross mix between Trocadero and Explosioin the Sky even though I aspire to be like Niles and Jeff.

      But anywho, I'll see y'all 'round the site.

    • Lamkia asked Izayer a question

      Do you have any pets? If not, what is your ideal household pet?

      Answered: Aug 19, 2017

      I don't have any pets. But my ideal pets would be a German Shepard, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a pit bull. 

    • AMA.....

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      I'm more open than a book at a Random House.

      Edit: I should clarify, ask me anything. 

    • FIRST Week.....

      1 month ago

      Izayer Keeper of Stories

      This time around of FIRST Week (FW) is actually increasing (just a little) the traffic we get here in the forums. I hope it's a slow burn that'll get brighter over time but not anytime soon. Right now the site still need updates before the community side of things is able to handle the traffic or if there is a type of support system of any kind.

      But it does fill my heart with joy knowing that there are fans interested in joining the forums and taking the time to chatting with people around the world.  As this is happening this week, I hope that everyone can make friends and get to know each other. Knowing me, I'm always here to help if any of you are reading this.

      See y'all in the forums!

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    • SirSailorStar

      5 months ago


      Happy Easter! Above is the Fairy of Nature from Winx Club.

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Stories

        5 months ago

        Wow just wow. Lol. 

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      7 months ago


      Happy Fuzz with the Warmth and The Fuzz Day!

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Stories

        7 months ago

        Thank you. I hope that yours is even better!

    • SirSailorStar

      7 months ago

      Do you wanna play a gaaaame?

      It's better than this song parody.

      I could make it last all day.

      But I won't, so say yay!

      Okay bye.

      Link: Game. Is fun.

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      2 years ago


  • Questions answered by Izayer

    I don't have any pets. But my ideal pets would be a German Shepard, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a pit bull. 

    It's cool and all but I don't get hung up about it. It's a fun little milestone that I come across..... a few times a week.