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    • Million Dollars But...

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      Million Dollars But... will be played just like the shows version. If you would like to go into detail about a question, then by all means go ahead. If you have a question you would like to ask let the current players know so they can finish up that round. Once you get the all clear go ahead and ask your question. I'll begin:

      Million dollars but every time you see your own shit stain you get kicked in the chest by a kangaroo. 

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    • Learning A New Skill.....

      1 day ago


      So at the end of March I had taken part of a part of a percussion circle. At the end of the night I started to talked to some of my fathers new friends. I was asked if I had played any instruments outside the congas and ajimbes. I answered to the man that I used to play piano but expressed interest with a guitar. Well flash forward a month to when I finally got the guitar. It's a beginners guitar but I'm having so much trying to learn. My friend came over tuned my guitar and showed me something to practice. Well nonetheless I practiced for over an hour. 

      Well something annoying happened. The 5th string snapped. But it was a thing I had to expect if I am to travel down this rode. 

      If you guys remember a post I made called 'Dem Nights.....' I mentioned that we, at home, fed and hosted a good night with friends and family of around 20. Well tonight we had 14 people all together. We served Spanish rice w/pigeon peas and summer sausage with 4 kinds of chicken wing. Regular, BBQ, Buffalo, and Lemon Pepper. 

      I wonder what the next night will be like. 

    • Happy Birthday?.....

      1 week ago


      Well today was...well... for a lack of a better term shit. I did absolutely nothing and people on Facebook (outside of a few people who are all right in my book) want to hit me up just to say happy birthday. My brother asked me how I felt about today and I told with a straight face "It feels the same when I was 21, 20, 19,....". Now every time I have a birthday it will feel like another day. I mean dinner was in essence very mediocre compared to pass dinners. Everyone was arguing with each other. Constant disrespect like flies during shit season. The blatant ignorance I've had to endure. 

      There is a lot more that I can go on about but I'll spare you guys the details. But uhhh.,, middle fingers up to everyone here at home. I know what I'll be doing next year. Fucking nothing. 

    • Dem Nights.....,

      1 week ago


      Last night was a hell of a night. I remember that we all ways had these types of nights everyday. It always starts off with a dinner. Than my siblings brings friends home. At least 2-4 each per sibling. Than for some reason the food that we made fed everyone twice over. Those are the types of nights I always had. But for a long time this has not happened. 

      My mother asked me after 20 or so guest leave the house, if that actually happened. I looked at her and told her that that used to be our life.

      I don't know where I'm trying to get at but I guess what I'm saying is this. If you can have a numerous amount of people in your home and you are still at peace when they all leave, means that you have hit a good spot in your life.  


    • ProfileForRWBY asked Izayer a question

      1. Can you make out what I am saying below? He__o! ___ are ___? E_j_y _h_ r_s_ o_ __u_ d_y!

      Answered: Apr 2, 2017

      Hello how are you. Enjoy horseradish day!

    • Happy Birthday.....

      3 weeks ago


      It's been a long 14 years my friend. We've shot zombies, we cursed at videos, had million dollar challenges, getting smarter with British genius, watched our favorite characters die in shows, and the endless sex jokes.

      It's been a long run of content making and in my opinion it's top tier content making in the world. I do have my gripes about the company and site but that does not dissuade my opinion about RT. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for a company whose done amazing things. The joy you guys bring to conversations is unparalleled. The thought, sincerity, and genuine outreach you do to raise money for all these charities that we are all involved in. 

      I gues what I'm try to say other than happy birthday is that you all at the company are beyond cool and awesome. You guys are truly the Kings of the Internet. So here is to another 14 years or more. Thank You. 

    • Addressing A Problem......

      3 weeks ago


      There is a problem here on the site that really needs to be addressed. We at the OCC are irate about the spam bots that take over the forums. They create an unnecessary presence and create dead forums. We can not go to the dashboard and check it without skipping a couple pages first. Please, I know that the Dev Team is extremely busy. But we really need to rectify this problem. And in a way, it's destroying the community (or what's left of the community). @burnie and @matt I and the community would wish that you guys create a robust and very successful anti-bot filter to prevent this obstacle. Thank you for taking the time to read this and in hopes that you guys will put this problem at the top of the To Do List. 

    • Life Update.....

      4 weeks ago


      Let me get the jealous stuff out the way first. Found out my younger brother is in Israel during his Mediterranean tour. And the first thing he does is drink a beer and eat McDonalds...... Yeah way to go Brandon, do the most American thing ever while your in another country. Great way to make America great again.

      Om the music side of Life I found this percussion group that gets together on the first weekend of the month. And boy oh boy I'm like a kid in a candy shop. Me and my father checked it out and made really good impressions with everyone there. My father having thirty+ years playing congas, showed some new friends that he has skills for days. But he's no Giovani Hidalgo or Tito Puente though. I somehow managed to be blessed with an acoustic guitar that I've been dying to learn to play.


      Since Ed Sheeran's new album came, I have been singing the whole thing non-stop. I've got most of it down but practice practice practice. 

      On the education side of things. I've been trying to apply to this community college here in town but every time I go to do so Life throws a fucking curveball in the the middle of my pale face. Like very recently, applications come out and I just got slammed with another possible major operation on my arm. If I can't do film classes and theatre classes I'm going to get into     

      On the health end of things. So my pain specialist ( for the first time ever) whipped out a ultrasound and went alognside of my ulna nerve and revealed that one of the tumors in there are pushing up against it. Duh. I could have told you that. But she also can't tell if it's just the tumor, scar tissue, or whatever that's causing these muscle spasms. So now my bone specialist wants to operate and do something about it. But that little devil in my ear (which is my oncologist) says that every time we operate the tumors will grow back. So I got a bit of thinking to do and worrying about how much of a delay this entire journey has put my life on hold. It's been since I was 17.

      On the fitness side of things. I've been getting back into the swing of things as far as weight loss is concerned. Since it's getting nicer out I will be out longer at a time. Though this cut on my Achilles tendon id throwing me through a loop. I've been trying to sensitize myself to what I eat and how much I eat. Living in a house where everyone eats like kings is very rough.

      As far as me posting things in the future. I will hold off on my Story Time..... It's not that I ran out of stories, I just have a hard time remembering them or try to think of a context of one. RT Maryland is fucking great. We are all excited for Let's Play Live. I have an idea that I'm going to share with New Jersey and Florida that I think the AH guys will like. But that is for something in the not to distance future.

      Talk to you guys in the future.


    • Comedic Quote of the Day.....

      1 month ago


      "Shut up Chip or I'll roundhouse your ass!"

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    • ProfileForRWBY

      1 week ago


      Happy Easter! Above is the Fairy of Nature from Winx Club.

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        1 week ago

        Wow just wow. Lol. 

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      2 months ago


      Happy Fuzz with the Warmth and The Fuzz Day!

      • Izayer FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 months ago

        Thank you. I hope that yours is even better!

    • ProfileForRWBY

      2 months ago

      Do you wanna play a gaaaame?

      It's better than this song parody.

      I could make it last all day.

      But I won't, so say yay!

      Okay bye.

      Link: Game. Is fun.

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