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    • not so merry

      16 hours ago

      JadeTiger what?

      "It's what you make it!"

      "Where's your Christmas sprite?"

      "You're only sad because you wanna be."

      "You should be happy its Christmas!"

      If i completely vanish from here one day know it was for murdering my stupid as FUCK co-worker!!!

      SERIOUSLY? HOW fucking IGNORANT can one human be??! Wait, don't answer that, i know.

      I'll give you some advice! When someone it mad or sad at Christmas time, IT'S NOT A FUCKING CHOICE YOU BRAIN DEAD DIP SHIT!! 


      For FUCK sake!! It's a sad time for A LOT of people! We don't all have the JOY of celebrating it with friends and family! 

      As we get older, people we love ... aren't there any more... there not there to help get a tree and decorate it... pick out gifts... spend time with.. talk to.. hug...

      You get the decorations out and there is dad's Christmas sock... and you wanna hang it up, but looking at it makes you wanna cry.

      Its a hard time of the year. It hurts. It hurts to be alone, and i'm not happy. 

      I'm sitting here crying i can't help it 

      This was always dad's holiday, his favorite time. He would get so excited like watching a little kid, it was so cute.

      I remember he would lay in bed xmas morning and cough LOUDLY till i woke up, because i needed to be the first one up but he couldn't wait so he would cheat the system. 

      You just find him one with his name on it and he would rip it open without even bothering to see who it was from, and mom would get mad at him for it, lol.

      I always got one big gift evey year and it was hidden in the back and he would be like, "whats that behind the tree? hmm Holly it looks big, wonder who its for?"

      miss you dad, especially this time of year.

    • Halifax Explosion 100 year today

      4 days ago

      JadeTiger what?

      Halifax Explosion:

      100 years ago today the world changed, but you probably don't know about it. Halifax is 3h from where i live and the biggest city on Nova Scotia. It was also a center for ships for World War 1.

      A french ship called the Mont-Blanc  collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin

      The Mont-Blanc was loaded with explosives for the war, cross the Atlantic. It never made it.

      At roughly 8:45 am, she collided at low speed, approximately one knot (1.2 mph or 1.9 km/h), with the unladen Imo, chartered by the Commission for Relief in Belgium to pick up a cargo of relief supplies in New York. The resulting fire on board the French ship quickly grew out of control. Approximately 20  minutes later at 9:04:35 am, the Mont-Blanc exploded.

      The blast was the largest man-made explosion before the development of nuclear weapons, releasing the equivalent energy of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT (12,000 GJ).


      It rattled the dishes in my grand Mama's cupboard here in Yarmouth(over 300km away), and we felt as far away as Cape Breton 368km. 


      Many people had walked down to the water from to watch the ship burn. More had watch from their house through the windows. 

      Over 1,600 people were killed instantly and 9,000 were injured, more than 300 of whom later died. Every building within a 2.6-kilometre (1.6 mi) radius, over 12,000 in total, was destroyed or badly damaged.

      Hundreds of people who had been watching the fire from their homes were
      blinded when the blast wave shattered the windows in front of them.Stoves and lamps overturned by the force of the blast sparked fires throughout Halifax,particularly in the North End, where entire city blocks were caught up in the inferno, trapping residents inside their houses.


      funerals went on for weeks. Some body's were never found, simply blown to bits. 

      Halifax became the reason WHY cities all over the world now have a disaster plan. How to evacuate a city. What is needed to keep people save. food, water, shelter all those things.


      The force of the blast created a tidal wave.


      There is even a dent in the bedrock at pier 6 where the Mont-Blanc vanished into light.


      The day after the explosion, Halifax was hit with a blizzard.

      Those not killed by the explosion itself, or killed by their house catching on fire around them, were trapped under the rubble of their homes unable to get out; froze to dead.


       General Doctors and nurses had to suddenly become experts in every field as injured flooded the hospitals. Almost all of them with lacerations and glass in their face and eyes from watching the ship burn from their homes.

      Severed limbs were also a common injury, doctors would work for hours on one person then another sometimes even going days without sleep. 

      The explosion was later studded for the creations of the atomic bomb. 


      We used to have these commercials on TV called Heritage Minutes.

      This is the one for theHalifax Explosion.

      This event is something that should never be forgotten. Its events shaped the way we live our lives today.

    • The case of the missing MONTY BURNS

      2 weeks ago

      JadeTiger what?


      So as some of you might know, probably not, but anyhow. I work in a hospital.

      Not a nurse or doctor or anything like that but I AM the most welcome person to almost any room in the building.

      I am the 'FOOD SERVICE WORKER'!!

      That special person who brings you food 3-6 times a day! No its not a high paying job, and we are rarely included in any hospital events other then catering the event. We are even kinda looked down upon because we 'just bring food'. Which is seen as simple and not stressful job by those who haven't even stepped foot in a kitchen in their lives, but that is a rant for anther day. 

      Today I am here to talk about Monty Burns. 

      Yes The Simpsons should be the first thing that comes to mind, as it was for me. 

      So is after supper and a a ticked prints out for Monty Burns. I assemble the try and the ticket reads 4Nhal1 that means 4th floor, north wing, hallway space #1. simple right?

      well.... as someone who has been working there sense 2011, I know there IS NO 4Nhal1 !!!

      But I bring the tray up anyway because stranger things have happened. It's a hospital after all. I get to the wing and ask the nurse at the desk where Monty Burns is and yes get a strange look like my head is on backwards. We have a laugh at the name and I take the tray to 4East because she doesn't have anyone by that name and doesn't even have a hallspace 1.

      The nurse on 4E is nice and I am fairly familiar with. We again have a laugh at the name but she doesn't have anyone on her wing with that name either. no luck.

      I think maybe they meant 3th floor so off i go again with this tray of food for a cartoon character.

      WELL!!! The nurse there called admitting and there is no one registered in the hospital with that name and the ID number is registered to someone else, but in a different hospital! ok?

      Back down to the kitchen with the tray after my wild goose chase and my supervisor thinks that one of the new dietitians was practicing putting in tickets in the system and just using a random fake name and number and then it got stuck in the system.

      so yes. the other day i ran around a Hospital trying to find Monty Burns.


    • Plenty left!

      2 weeks ago

      JadeTiger what?

      and more!

      Sooooooo!!! trying to make some more sales before monday. Sold the Red Dragon's eye Starfish the other day, that was cool! its Such a rush when i get a sale! makes me feel like I CAN make something worth it.

      I realized that i haven't actually posted anything on my facebook page despite posting a shit ton on my ETSY shop, and I think the reason is that because facebook folders sort pictures from oldest to newest. So anthing i make gets pretty much put on the bottom of the pile and i hate it!! 

      So I think i'll have to make a bunch of folders and date them by year.








    • Better post a journal! .. oh wait, i cant upload pics

      1 month ago

      JadeTiger what?

      I haven't made a journal in a LONG time! better post some pics so everyone knows why!

      WAIT!! RT has an error! can't post pics right now...



      1 month ago

      JadeTiger what?

      hey, what happened to my notification?

      Posted a SEWING TUTORIAL this morning and got a *STRIKE* agains't my channel.

      guess they didn't like the color of my shirt.

    • Not dead, just resting

      2 months ago

      JadeTiger what?

      Just another shameless plug at my etsy shop. But FUCK!! I am so proud of how this little guy came out!! I really should make another and just keep this one for myself!! He's so CUTE!!!!


      I know i've been neglecting the RT site for a while but life happened and now i can't seem to get motivated to move again.

    • ​Shameless self promotion! my ETSY!!

      2 months ago

      JadeTiger what?


      It's getting that time of year again and so i've started the process of filling my ETSY shop for the shoppers!! A few things now but when i get back from Halcon there is going to be more! Cool shit too!

      See what else I got here!

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    Hell ya!

    What are you doing looking at my profile? Looking for some deep dark secrets lurking just behind the text and images?

    I'll NEVER TELL!!

    Mostly couse there is nothing to tell. Only child, so I do love being the center of attention, but when that happens I'm not sure how to handle it.

    I wear my heart on my sleeve but do to my 'work' I have at times learned to shut off those emotions.

    I love to make people happy and laugh. I"ll say random stuff just to get a smile out of someone.

    I turned off the filter between my brain and mouth. It looks a long time but I'm much happier now. I am rude, smart ass, and can be a bitch. I used to be a nice person, but that person died long ago. 

    Overall when alone I do nothing. I tend to be a bit depressed and will spend days laying on the couch watching old movies and shows. 

    I am 'slow' and usually 'late to the party'. I am learning that its just part of who I am as a person. It kinda sucks but better late then never.

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    • laflower1966

      2 years ago

      hey I'm going to say that church will be back because in all the serise of red vs blue or other shows they always bring back there characters on all of there show we just have to wait for a season or two and then they're back and one of the ai's that are coming back I agent texas.

    • laflower1966

      2 years ago

      umm I just looked up what season 14 might look like and I think when it starts its not going to be a long story line like the blood gulch crhonicles or like season 13 aka charon trilogy it will be a anthology.an anthology is basically like a shor poem or short stories about characters lives and the creator miles luna said he doesn't thing it will last more than one season,but he also said its just an idea. If this does happen where basically going over things that we already know and I'm going to hate it because I don't think in my opinion its going to start from where we left off from. ;(

    • laflower1966

      2 years ago

      hey my question is that if church really dissappeard do you think that this is going to be the worst next season, or do you think they're going to find away to bring church and tex back alive and don't for get omegas in doc right so the ai that looks like omega all the way on the left last episode of the season tex because texas is still and ai and he still haves her as a fragment?!!!!

    • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth community I hope you have a great time here

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Goodnight, see you tomorrow

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        2 years ago

        need to save my money, wanna go to china first and see the great wall. That will make 3 wonders of the world for me! The Colosseum, and Chichen Itza. My mom only need to see the Wall and Machu Picchu. she's a lot more traveled then me.

        gtg to bed, thanks for the chat!

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Yeh you'll have a good time down here its quite fun, looking forward to you being here

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        2 years ago

        boooo.. ohwell thanks for telling me :)

        so your from Australia? thats awesome, its on my list of places to go some day. I do end up selling alot of my crafts and plushies there, and i was in www.reart.com this year too, but Melbourne is quite a ways away from Sydney when it was held.

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Sorry there is no tex poster

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        2 years ago

        Thanks so much! I'm not much of a talker really, more of a lurker on forms and things, but it just looks like so much fun on here! And I love rvb even thought i'm not a gamer, I'm in it for the sass, lol.

        Maybe you could answer me a question I've had for a while, I am relatively new to RT and the shops and items in there, was there ever a 'Tex best quotes' poster made?

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