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    • Kerry

      RWBY Volume 1... IN THEATERS?!

      2 months ago

      Hello RWBY Fans!

      Remember how we partnered with a company called TUGG to bring you Lazer Team screenings around the world?

      Well, we’re working together again, but this time, bringing RWBY Volume 1 to theaters! Exciting, right? Good news, tickets are NOW ON SALE at! (NOTE: Tickets for Canadian Screenings go up on March 21st). Barbara and I tell you more about it in this video.

      We have over 400 screenings around the world, so if you find one close to you, grab your tickets and tell all your friends. And bring them. Force RWBY upon them.

      A few more things:

      1) If you attend a confirmed screening, you’ll get 25% off in the RT Store, access to special RWBY merch, and you’ll get to see never-before-seen video content from Rooster Teeth at your screening!

      2) Screenings take place April 27, 30, and May 1st.

      3) We plan to also screen Volumes 2 & 3 later this year

      4) We love you

      So to sum up, grab a ticket to see RWBY Volume 1 in theaters at, get special perks if your screening is confirmed, and we love you.

    • Kerry

      RWBY Chapter 6 and Other News

      5 months ago

      Why hello there!

      It's pretty crazy to think that we're already half way through the season. I hope you're enjoying the show so far, I know we're having a lot of fun making it! Since we hit a milestone, I thought I'd go ahead and catch you up on some stuff that's going on.

      Chapter 6 is the last episode of the year, but fret not! Next week (12/19) we'll be doing a special RWBY Cast & Crew live stream! A bunch of us are gonna hop on the podcast set, answer questions, give away gifts, and not talk about spoilers. You hear that? Nothing about spoilers! The week after that (12/26) will be our third World of Remnant, followed by Chapter 7 the week after (1/2).

      Speaking of gifts, (and not spoilers) we have some awesome new stuff in the store! We've got a new series of Chibi Plushes, as well as a sponsor only Villains Poster. Spooooooooky.


      The fan reaction this year has been even crazier than it has in the past, which I didn't even think was possible. I just wanted to let you know, from the team and I, that it means so much to us. Your comments and posts get us through the long nights and help keep us going. We really appreciate it (and you)!

      The series is definitely evolving, and I think you're going to like where it's headed. Strap yourselves in.cleardot.gif


    • Kerry

      RWBY Volume 3 Trailer!

      7 months ago

      What’s up everyone! Guess what today is?! It’s trailer day!

      I am very excited to share with you a taste of what is in store for
      the next volume of RWBY. We’ve worked long and hard on this season
      (we’re actually still working!). Like every show we make, we always
      strive to improve upon our mistakes and push ourselves even further,
      and it's been crazy exciting to see the fruits of our labor finally
      paying off.

      Enough of me talking about it, go watch it here!

      Before the season kicks off, I just want to take a moment to say that
      I am so incredibly proud of the team we have this year. It goes
      without saying that this year as been incredibly hard on all of us,
      crew and community alike. There are many people in the department that
      have been forced to step up and spread their wings years before we
      thought they would ever need to. I am very happy to say that everyone
      has risen to the occasion. The team this year has poured their heart
      and soul into this season, more than I’ve ever seen them do before.
      They’re all here, working around the clock, because they want to make
      something that they’re proud of. That Monty would be proud of. And
      hopefully, that you guys will enjoy.

      RWBY Volume 3 begins tomorrow… I hope you’re all ready for one
      hell of a ride.

    • Kerry

      Things are getting serious

      2 years ago

      I have a Pokémon spreadsheet. Things are getting real.

    • Kerry

      Red Like Roses Part II

      2 years ago

      Why hello there internet. I heard you really enjoyed Red Like Roses Part I. Das cool. But you like to stay hip. Fresh even. Well allow me to help you with that.

      Red Like Roses, wait for it... Part II.
      That's right, the new model. The new hotness. Even hotter.

      If you want to check it out you can find it at these fine online establishments:



      Google Play

      Go forth and become the cool kid again!

    • Kerry

      A Not So Simple Walk Into Mordor

      3 years ago

      Hey guys!
      First off, Chris and I would like to thank each and every member of this community for being so great and supportive with our series, A Simple Walk Into Mordor. This series wouldn't have been possible without the community (literally, we found our guide and DP, Nick through it).

      The community has become an even bigger part now, as two members Shan and Tristan have found the ring! To celebrate this, and how awesome you all have been, we decided to make one more episode! Watch us answer some frequently asked questions and interview Tristan and Shan.

      And as a bonus bonus, if you've been thinking about trying the journey out for yourself, Chris has written a journal that lays out the path that we took in detail. You can find that here.

      Once again, thank you guys for watching!

    • Kerry


      3 years ago

      Do you need an excuse to go to RTX? Well, you shouldn't. Seriously.

      But in case you do, we've got another great reason for you to go. In this week's Rooster Teeth Podcast we announced that we will be officially debuting the first episode of RWBY live at RTX! We're all very excited for you guys to check it out, almost as excited as we think (hope) you all will be to see it. So, join us, won't you!

      And if that wasn't enough RWBY, we also announced that the "W" trailer will be out…soon. And not even bad soon where we're trying to be vague, we mean actual soon.

      Soon soon.

    • Kerry

      A Simple Walk Into Mordor - Episode 02

      3 years ago

      Hey Everyone!
      Episode 2 of A Simple Walk Into Mordor just came out, so go check it out! In it you can see our feet start to fall apart, Chris yelling at more animals, and we might even talk about my crotch. You'll have to watch to find out!

    • Kerry

      3 years ago

      Hello Internet!
      So as many of you know, Chris and I recently went to the Supanova events in Australia. Well, while we were over on that side of the world we hopped on a plane and headed over to New Zealand. Why did we do that? Well, we're both really big Lord of the Rings fans, and super excited about the release of The Hobbit this week. So we decided to do something...stupid. But also cool. Chris and I decided to have our very own fellowship and destroy the One Ring (Well, a replica. It's a really nice replica though). Unfortunately, these locations are...fictional. But, their filming locations aren't. So that's what we set out to do. We attempted to walk from the film set used to film the Hobbiton footage, to the Mountain that was used as Mt. Doom, over 120 miles! And we made a video series out of it! So grab some Lembas bread and a Hobbit pipe, sit back, and watch the first part of our journey: A Simple Walk Into Mordor.

    • Kerry

      3 years ago

      Check out this Halo 4 commercial that Miles, Kyle, and I got to do for GameStop! It was really awesome to get to work on!

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    • Ken117mc

      4 days ago

      dont know if this is a thing you guys are doing, doubt it. But seems like someone made a rwbychibi youtube account and is trying to steal rwbychibi without giving any credit to Rooster Teeth in any way shape or form. And putting up links to a complete other site for anime. even cropped the video as well. hope this helps in some way shape or form. if not then thats my bad. but love rooster teeth and have followed them since the begining, and i hate people stealing content without atleast promoting the RT channel or atleast the creators or animators.

    • SentinallPrime

      6 days ago

      I still fully believe in you, Miles, Gray and everyone else who worked on RWBY. You made a Volume of RWBY almost entirely without Monty, and it turned out great. Sometimes you have to change how things are done, or have a few weeks pause between episodes. Better to have quality over quantity. I also have heard that you guys had to make decisions that not everyone agreed with. Making hard decisions is part of life, and you guys certainly have had to make a lot of those in the past year.

      In all, thank you for your hard work. You will continue to have my support.

    • LastJoefish

      2 months ago

      Hey Kerry, I just thought you should listen to this song and consider it for a RWBY intro because I thought the lyrics fit it pretty good. Just consider it. Otherwise, I completely trust you guys, and know you'll come up with something amazing. Good job on all the work you've done, and I can't wait for Volume 4.

    • KevinLacer

      2 months ago

      Hey Kerry I don't know if your on Facebook much but I am making a RWBY sub-story and it's a dedication to Monty and I have talked to his brothers including Neath. I want you guys to see oi and help with it

    • Dascove1 後日談というか、今回のオチ。

      2 months ago

      I have a single recommendation that I think you'll appreciate: Monogatari Series. It's got plot, it's got great dialoge, it's got fantastic visuals, it's got an amazing soundtrack, and, to top it all off, it's riddled with Kerry Shots. The anime adaptation is done by Shaft, the same studio that did Madoka Magica. I'll be looking forward to Fan Service coming back as a non-pilot, so be sure to tell everyone about Monogatari when it does!

    • PaulHikari

      2 months ago

      So, a while ago, I added some lyrics to "This Will Be The Day" for what I hope could be a special Final Battle edition. Here's the link:

    • lordxsauron Friendly Dark Lord

      3 months ago

      I'm really hoping it's just a quick thing and she will come back to assume her rightful place as Fall maiden...... For once, I hope you guys to change your mind...... I trust you guys, but dang, I wept like a baby when Pyrrha died... and I still hope she will come back...

    • TheDemonY

      3 months ago

      Hey Kerry, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you do the work that you do.

      The moments you help to create be they happy or sad are invaluable to so many and I hope you never forget that.

      So thank you for doing this, never stop being fantastic.

    • PaulHikari

      4 months ago

      Bad news. The RWBY sub-forum is under attack from hordes of evil spam bots. Look!

    • iamthebest99

      5 months ago

      so when are you making a RWBY dating sim?

      (I'm kidding, but in all honesty i would buy it if it came out)

    • Jamanese

      5 months ago

      Saw this and made me smile. RWBY now went global. Keep up the Great Work

    • Octagoncow wants to be a Nonagoncow

      5 months ago

      I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying RWBY Volume 3 so far. You're doing a great job!

    • XHoneybadger

      6 months ago

      Dude, I love what you're doing on RWBY so much. Like no other show I've ever watched has made me so consistently giddy, even knowing that things are going to get real this volume. The camerawork in episode 3 with the crow and both times with the gears was unexpected and atmospheric as hell. I hope you've had as much fun making RWBY as I've had watching it dude.

    • PeteG Wannabe Hero

      6 months ago

      Hey Kerry. Just wanted to say RWBY S3E3 was just incredible. For the sake of anyone coming to your comments who hasn't seen the episode yet, I will be vague and not spoil what is one of the best episodes of the show in my opinion. Writing has been clever, subtle at times, but more than anything it's been ON POINT! Animation has made the characters seem more fluid, more alive, and more real than ever before! VA's have been KILLING IT in their delivery and it's apparent that they understand who the characters they are voicing are on a deep level! Good job to you and the rest of the team! I really look forward to the rest of the season! Keep it up man.

      And though I did see Miles's journal a couple days ago, I did this of my own volition. I was blown away by the most recent episode and wanted you to know that!

      Alright. Peace!


    • Metaldragon5

      6 months ago

      Hey Kerry, What's up? I want to send you a video that I made in my film editing class. I used stuff from RWBY to make an AMV. My teacher loves it and everyone that I have shown loves it too. I just wanted to see what you thought of it (since you're one of the creators). So if there is anyway I can get an email address from you, so that I can send you the video. I would just put the link in this message, but I might send it to AMV Contest's so I don't want it online yet until after I do that. So if there is a way I can send it to you let me know. Good Luck with the rest of RWBY Volume 3!

    • DaiHat

      7 months ago

      Saw the new Star Wars Trailer ‪#‎callsEmilyHarrismum‬


    • jujubees

      8 months ago



    • nerdgasmz 2D Animator

      9 months ago

      All I am here for rn is a simple "Yes" or "No" question:
      Will Scarlet and Sage have last names? Because tumblr tagging is hell
      (thx if you ever read or answer this)

    • KillinMoon Professional Pillager

      10 months ago

      Please tell me this is real!?


    • Torayami

      11 months ago

      We all know that you will do a fantastic job as director on RWBY! :)

    • ccapfer

      11 months ago

      We all know that you'll do great as lead director!!! I hope that working through it all doesn't bring up too many memories, but just enough to let everyone remember the amazing personally that spawned RWBY to start with. I know you'll keep up the great work you're already doing :D

    • SolidousFox Crimson Ocelot

      11 months ago

      I'm so excited for what is to come, I'm sure RWBY is in capable and wise hands smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • pojoe

      11 months ago

      You are going to hit it out of the park with RWBY Volume three man! I know you are!

    • Gcherki

      11 months ago

      good luck Kerry on RWBY Season 3, I think you'll do a great job

    • shann0nigans Shenanigans and Antics

      11 months ago

      Congratulations, Kerry, on the news that you're taking the reigns on RWBY. I believe in you whole-heartedly, and I really want to thank you for everything. Best of luck!

    • BiRubyRose

      11 months ago

      LGBT Supporter?

    • PaulHikari

      1 year ago

      Hold it. I missed the birthday thing?

    • TylerPollard

      1 year ago

      Happy Birthday Kerry.

    • GrimmShadow Grimm

      1 year ago

      Happy Birthday!

    • KomIru2

      1 year ago

      I made this RWBY AMV and hope you enjoy it.

    • SpiffySpaff

      1 year ago

      Hi Dragonface.

    • Edger

      1 year ago

      are You and Miles continue Monty's work with RWBY after since of Monty's passing.

    • jujubees

      1 year ago



    • Kronos135DP

      1 year ago

      Hello. My name is Daniel and I would like to talk to someone at Rooster Teeth personally. I recently watched RWBY and, despite past events, had an idea. I would like to contribute a character that I have been developing for almost a decade now. I believe he would be an excellent new villain for the show. I am currently putting together the final draft of his specs. I know that this is a long shot and because of that I would more than understand if my character contribution is unnecessary. My only other request, provided you do want to include my character, would be for me to be his voice actor. being a voice actor is my biggest dream next to seeing my character in some kind of show. Even if my request should be declined, I would love to hear back from you. I would, also, like to offer my condolences for the belated Monty and offer my thanks to the both of you and everyone else at Rooster Teeth for the great work on RWBY. I would greatly appreciate at least a consideration for my character, and hope to hear from you soon.

    • ScreamerJinx

      1 year ago

      I had some sort of insane dream with you in it.
      It started out, from what i remember, in a house with one little girl and a mother figure. The little girl was like, trying to kill us or making us hallucinate or something. it was probably comparable to Sophie in Saga with the Will and Gwen. Anyway, we had gotten out of her house which was encompassed by what looked like a tree farm. Some how we all ran into a barn and were approached by a boar or a big low to the ground type animal. that thing charged us and one of the girls in the group proceeded to kill it.
      Then there was a knock at one of the doors of the barn. the tip of a chain saw burst through and just decimated that door, wood splinters and fragments every where. we all panicked and knew we couldn't stay inside. as we ran through the now gaping door, i looked over to see a monster, maybe a gator or large reptile, in plaid and suspenders, typical lumberjack outfit (thanks for being cliche subconscious) wielding that big, big ass chainsaw. I was rushing, i'd thrown something into the teeth of his chain saw and damaged the blade. i began to run as he pulled his chainsaw closer to him and yelled about how he was going to have to fix it and began, quickly trying to fix it. i just kept running, i never looked back to see if he was on our tail.
      eventually after weaving and bobbing through trees, i'd met with a gully in between two long stretches of fence. i crawled under the fence, which seemed to be a very malleable fabric mesh and just went, being as quiet as possible until i met up with the group again. we were silently crawling along this ditch thing until for some reason, someone branched off. i dont know if it was because there was a monster around or if he went to find a weapon, but i dont remember paying much mind to it before crawling on until we met the edge of the tree farm which was a sprawling dense forest with a stream running through it.
      this is where i remember meeting up with you again, i hadn't seen you since our encounter in the barn. we entered the forest, being mindful of the water, walking along these lightly colored clay shelves, i'd assume trying to get tot he nearest road, or just as far away from the house with that kid in it as possible. next thing we knew the kid and mom were at our left. you were spot on, you had gotten intot he stream, which was now 6 or 7 feet deep, and waded around the side of one of those clay shelves and i followed closely behind as the child approached us. she became frustrated because the current of the water was too great for her to swim in it and the clay shelf had gotten too small to set foot on as it went around and into the middle of the water. i took a small knife from my pocket and threw it at her, i remember i was trying to buy you time. when i'd turned back around to look at what you were doing, you'd constructed a basket large enough for us from vines and random wood pieces for us. we scrambled in it as you held onto a vine and pulley system because i guess we were at the edge of the water, and there was a lengthy drop next to this water fall. anyway, we took the plunge in your miraculously crafted basket.
      that some how led us to returning to the inside of the original house. it was like ants falling into a miniature city, and as we kept falling we landed smack dab in the middle of their living room as "normally" sized people. my father was there and he or we had gotten and given the child some sort of key shaped spray bottle tops for her perfume set that she'd received as a gift, and she was appeased.
      that's when i woke up.

      • ScreamerJinx

        1 year ago

        sorry for the wall of text. i think it's good to document your dreams and sometimes share them with people that are in them. i'm weird or something.

    • Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      1 year ago

      You are awesome!

    • Fellstorm

      1 year ago So I made a Hobbit cabinet for all your Hobbit-y needs and treasures. Big enough to fit over 9000 Rings of Power. Check it out ;) I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    • DerekT claw machine god

      1 year ago

      Hay Kerry, I have a anime suggestion for you, it's called "problem children are coming from another world aren't they?" It's 10 or 11 episodes long with a OVA, it has a dub I personally enjoyed more then the sub but your call on that.

    • Superfiver

      1 year ago

      Hey Kerry, your awesome and I hope you are doing well with all things considering. It must be hard with what happened. I'm sure you get out of this stronger if you haven't started to do so already. You're strong, that's why you have been as successful as you have been in RT, your always climbing and pushing forward, and I know you will honor Monty. I can trust you to do that, even if it may seem really hard right now.

      It hurts, it hurts a lot to grieve, I been experienced. I hope you have friends around to just watch videos and to just talk to. I'm sure you have friends helping and so there isn't much I could offer or do, but if there is anything I could do for you, let me know. Good luck and may you find meaning and peace.

    • DRosales

      1 year ago

      Hi! I was wondering if the RWBY fanart contest is still going on? I'm looking to submit some fanart if it is :) Love your guys' work on the show!

    • Vae62

      1 year ago

      Hello Kerry, I simply wanted to convey my gratitude for writing the insanely awesome series that is RWBY. Oh and awesome character in Neptune, I look forward to seeing more of him, especially his semblance. Anywho, thanks once again, and I always look forward to seeing shenanigans between you and Miles, it is always epic with you two.

    • EthanTruelov

      1 year ago

      KERRY an EPIC dude I like everyone who makes RWBY, PLEASE for the love of the fans don't end it to short!!!

    • Firestar1992 Pandora

      1 year ago

      Next time I replay ORAS, I'm going to choose Torchic. I'm going to nickname him Roman. Because Roman Torchic. smiley12.gif

    • CrazyGuy450

      1 year ago

      You and Miles kill me! Keep Up The Great Work Bro! :D

    • ShaneBeasley

      1 year ago

    • swadZ Head Hunter

      1 year ago

      Sorry about what happend on the spot

    • Exclamation

      1 year ago

      Almost died listening to RT Podcast 299 while driving cross-country due to laughing to hard between your Pokemon comments and the whole "urban" joke. You were on fire, dude.

    • Garlan3

      1 year ago

      When you mentioned No game no life on the sponsor cut animations cheered a bit since it's such a good anime/story in general. If you haven't and have the time you should read the light novels online, the story/games only get better!

    • D3athAngel

      1 year ago

      Thanks for sharing, on the podcast, the one game that would turn me into a neet. Fortunately for my life, I don't have a PsVita... yet.

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