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    • Happy New Year's, everyone

      2 weeks ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Hope you're all having a good one thus far.

      I just wanted to give a shout out to @Joe and @dizzyblinker and thank you both for the cards. Expect a small thank you in the near future. Joe, I hope I put your address in correctly.

      Anyways, as for me, yeah, fingers crossed for a good one.

    • Just a head's up

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I'm collecting Christmas/Holiday recipes over in the RT Cooks group. If you want to share a recipe, or just see what others do, drop by here.

      Hope everyone's doing well. 

    • And fuck yesterday's negativity.

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Today I'm looking at the good things I have 

      Almost done with school (I hope). Classes are stressful, but looking passable.

      Which leads to my resume. Got people willing to give input, and I definitely need that. So I'm stressing less there.

      A rather long break after classes end. I've got a project I want to work on when classes end, and I need the time to do that.

      People seem to enjoy the homebrew batch I made. Tasty, but it's definitely a holiday seasonal taste.


      ~ I'm going to be able to play almost all the board games I've had to backlog this semester.

      ~ I picked up Overwatch for the PS4 on impulse, and I'm digging it, what little I've played. If you're willing to help out a complete newb, drop a line and let's play.

      ~ Tabletop games: I've come to the conclusion that D&D/Pathfinder isn't a game for me, but that's rooted in a philosophical aspect.

      ~ I'm thinking about running my own D&D/Pathfinder game when time allows. Already have a group in mind that I'm thinking to invite. Just need to finish the semester.

      ~ I'm about 85-to-90% done organizing my collection. The last little bit requires three bookshelves which I'll be getting soon (I hope).

      My dad finally got his hearing checked out. It's been an issue for so long I thought he'd never look into it. But he did and I'm thankfully wrong about that.

      Things are good between me and girlfriend. Not peachy perfect, but that's because of external influences. Those things do give us a lot of time together which I'm enjoying. (I'm still confused by a lot in this area, but I'm rolling with it.)

      And lastly, I'm enjoying the RT Radio sessions. Even when I can't make it to the shows, the playlists and songs of the day are awesome. With that, I'm signing off for the night.

      Illegitimi non carborundum,

      ~ Lpokmnj (Kev)

    • Fuck this

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      shit, @Benchmark had the right idea.

      Not-so-ninja edit: The post I had initially linked to got deleted after being neg-modded ("-1 WTF?") to a level I never imagined seeing. It hit -400 within a few hours, and that included the +1's that brought the counter in the opposite direction. So I gotta wonder how much hate that post got. Anyone interested in seeing the chain of events, go here and view in order of name.

      Anyways, it's been enough that I've decided to cancel my membership here. 

    • Blargh

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I'm getting too old to be going to concerts on a weeknight. Not going to complain about seeing A Perfect Circle though.

      Spending the weekend with the girlfriend. Things are going well there, overall. She recently got laid off, and her ex-boss is fucking her in regards to unemployment, so there's that headache.

      How's life for all of you? (@Benchmark, I hope you're doing better.)

    • Whelp......

      3 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder


    • "Goddamnit, Caboose!"*

      3 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Is it me or has RT functionality gone to complete shit? Chatrooms not working, notifications all wonky, advertisements galore for shit I have no interest in, etc. I think this place is actively becoming the next Geoshities.

      *Happily stolen from Karou27Umi as my new motto for when shit doesn't work.

    • For shit's sake, Rooster Teeth

      4 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I get it. I seriously do. Congrats on having new merchandise in your web store.

      But enough is enough. I've seen umpteen trillion pop ups telling me "Buy RT Shit NOW!!!!111!!!!!omgwtfbbq!!!!111!!!one"

      So, to the whomever gave the greenlight to that idea: Please go fuck yourself with a cactus. Covered in barbed wire. Rusty barbed wire.

      Thank you kindly.

    • Madness, exhaustion, and inevitable laughter.

      4 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Semester started yesterday. Ten am class. Probably shouldn't have been out till 4 am acting like it was a Friday night. And last night? 1am was when I got home I offer no excuses. I am aware that only I myself am responsible for that decision. Like all others in life, I control how I handle things. Yet life is turning out to be quixotically good.

      This is not the madness I have come to expect with exhaustion. I am used to being an angry, insolent malcontent when exhaustion starts setting in. I am not that. Instead, there is a calm acceptance of the situation. I find myself smiling. True, this is due to other factors outside of school. Well, one, but still. Being in a new relationship that is Facebook Official(™) gives warmth to things. Laughter at the stage is typically manic, desperate, tinged with that challenge to make it worse. Tyler Durden flavored self destructive tendencies.

      Which is why I am now actually worried about what might go wrong. I am happy, and this is strange and unfamiliar. I'm trying to avoid old habits and embrace things for what they are.

      But that's enough about me. Now I want to know what's new with you all.

    • Roadtrip report

      4 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Friday, I drove down to North Carolina for a friend's wedding. Everything was fine up until Virginia. Virginia had a storm which caused 2 or 3 accidents within 20 miles. That added over an hour to my travel time.

      Saturday was the wedding, and it was fun. Saw a few friends I deployed with. It was weird seeing them after nearly 6 years and catching up. I say weird because in a lot of ways it's like barely any time had passed in terms of friendship. And yet, that's enough time for 2 of them to get married, one to become a state trooper, one to develop a solid reputation as a photographer, one to become a dive instructor (pool diving, not ocean diving) working in an area that allowed him to become friends with a medal-winning Olympian, and the groom.

      Doug, the groom, is one of those iconic "that guy" types. Looking at his life would give the impression of almost divine providence. But I've gotten to know him and while I wish I had the opportunities he had, I am also well aware that he put in the work and effort to capitalize on those opportunities. So I can look at his life and be in awe of the excellence that he surrounds himself with and not feel bitter, for I realize somehow I'm included (even if it's on the peripheral).

      (Humorous side note here: Doug and I were enlisted together. I got out and he got commissioned. So now he's an officer who got promoted to Captain last year. His last name? Sparrow. And to make it more bizarre, I was friend with a few of the cooks in the battalion, one of whom is named Wil Turner. No, that does not make me Elizabeth Swan.)

      Sunday, checked out and drove over to my sister's elsewhere in NC. Quiet rural area that possesses the rustic charm that embodies the south. Drove home, and did it in better time. Fuck driving that far again without someone else in the car,

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