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    • For shit's sake, Rooster Teeth

      1 week ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      I get it. I seriously do. Congrats on having new merchandise in your web store.

      But enough is enough. I've seen umpteen trillion pop ups telling me "Buy RT Shit NOW!!!!111!!!!!omgwtfbbq!!!!111!!!one"

      So, to the whomever gave the greenlight to that idea: Please go fuck yourself with a cactus. Covered in barbed wire. Rusty barbed wire.

      Thank you kindly.

    • Madness, exhaustion, and inevitable laughter.

      2 weeks ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Semester started yesterday. Ten am class. Probably shouldn't have been out till 4 am acting like it was a Friday night. And last night? 1am was when I got home I offer no excuses. I am aware that only I myself am responsible for that decision. Like all others in life, I control how I handle things. Yet life is turning out to be quixotically good.

      This is not the madness I have come to expect with exhaustion. I am used to being an angry, insolent malcontent when exhaustion starts setting in. I am not that. Instead, there is a calm acceptance of the situation. I find myself smiling. True, this is due to other factors outside of school. Well, one, but still. Being in a new relationship that is Facebook Official(™) gives warmth to things. Laughter at the stage is typically manic, desperate, tinged with that challenge to make it worse. Tyler Durden flavored self destructive tendencies.

      Which is why I am now actually worried about what might go wrong. I am happy, and this is strange and unfamiliar. I'm trying to avoid old habits and embrace things for what they are.

      But that's enough about me. Now I want to know what's new with you all.

    • Roadtrip report

      3 weeks ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Friday, I drove down to North Carolina for a friend's wedding. Everything was fine up until Virginia. Virginia had a storm which caused 2 or 3 accidents within 20 miles. That added over an hour to my travel time.

      Saturday was the wedding, and it was fun. Saw a few friends I deployed with. It was weird seeing them after nearly 6 years and catching up. I say weird because in a lot of ways it's like barely any time had passed in terms of friendship. And yet, that's enough time for 2 of them to get married, one to become a state trooper, one to develop a solid reputation as a photographer, one to become a dive instructor (pool diving, not ocean diving) working in an area that allowed him to become friends with a medal-winning Olympian, and the groom.

      Doug, the groom, is one of those iconic "that guy" types. Looking at his life would give the impression of almost divine providence. But I've gotten to know him and while I wish I had the opportunities he had, I am also well aware that he put in the work and effort to capitalize on those opportunities. So I can look at his life and be in awe of the excellence that he surrounds himself with and not feel bitter, for I realize somehow I'm included (even if it's on the peripheral).

      (Humorous side note here: Doug and I were enlisted together. I got out and he got commissioned. So now he's an officer who got promoted to Captain last year. His last name? Sparrow. And to make it more bizarre, I was friend with a few of the cooks in the battalion, one of whom is named Wil Turner. No, that does not make me Elizabeth Swan.)

      Sunday, checked out and drove over to my sister's elsewhere in NC. Quiet rural area that possesses the rustic charm that embodies the south. Drove home, and did it in better time. Fuck driving that far again without someone else in the car,

    • Ugghhh......

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      So second date went well. And by well, I mean we getting together Sunday again. And we seem to be really hitting it off.

      As she left for her bus out of Manhattan, I started walking towards the train station to go home. on impulse, I turned around to give her one last look. I was not expecting to make eye contact. Why did no one tell me this was a thing? I was so not prepared to be that deer in the head lights.

    • So here's where I find myself, lost and directionless.

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Quick summary: Friends have tried to hook me up with a mutual friend. She's interested in me. I'm interested in her. We went on a date this past Sunday. She didn't go running and screaming, and would like to do it again.

      She's quiet and reserved. I'm quiet and reserved. I am so confused by this and I have no idea how to proceed. Anyone got advice on how to go forward and not screw this up?

    • Not mine, yet I hold dear

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Fractured Hearts Darkly


      a shiny diamond citadel
      gaurds the secrets of the heart
      forever looking out the same old windows
      watching the fading curtains of another heavy sky
      where tears fall like rivers of rain
      cascading through the valleys
      flowing towards the infinite ocean of mind

      the heart is such a secret place
      where rivers of joy and sorrow
      carve their own valleys and canyons
      with the tidal surge of loss and desperation
      of hope that is forever being born
      and love that is silently dying

      in the twilight of the heart
      the coloured lights of shrines and chapels
      slip into the murky shadows of fear
      here everything slips away
      falling into an abyss beyond darkness

      yet with each drop of rain that falls
      listen to the ancestors singing
      in the language of a billion tongues
      calling for rememberence

      when the ocean mists rise
      to meet the gnarled trees
      clinging with sculpted beauty
      upon the golden shoreline

      remember my name
      and call unto me
      for I am falling

      the tower is crumbling into dust
      and broken mirrors shatter
      blown across the eight directions
      by the relentless tempest of my delusion

      the ancestors smile in sorrow
      while gently falls the summer rain

      lightning whirls and begets awakening
      to the laughter of our ancient pasts
      with the sound of their children singing
      the song that brings the world to life

    • Continuing the fiction

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      From here.

      The smell is the first turn away. A lingering mix of sorrow, loss, and insolent rebellion which triggers that primitive self-preservation response in most people's hind brain. A controlled panic which doesn't quite mask the twitching of one's greater muscle groups or dilation of the pupils.

      Second is the feeling a newcomer experiences. One's sense of mortality is not meant to be so quickly realized. One of two things happen after that. The person is exiting Non Servium or they smile and embrace the spaghetti western eye stand off.

      It is this sort of bar in which Gérard finds himself most at ease. A pipe snifter found itself filled with uisce and awaiting him.

      "You're late."

      "Fuck you, Roberts. You failed to mention Teddy would try to run for it. Nearly got pinned by a cop for doing you a favor."

      The bartender looks at the uplift. "Shit, you're serious. My apologies. I never thought he'd have the constitution to do that ."

      "He did, and it's done. Another snifter. How soon can I expect word on my payment?"

      Roberts reaches up for the bottle as he replied. "Should be soon. Week. Ten days tops. Venetian conglom's like to finagle shit for their own gain. I'd wager they'll pair you up with some media debutante so everything's ignorably peachy."

      "Smokin Jesus Titty Cinnamon, more misdirection? You humans need your collective balls to drop. Who the fuck cares if I'm taking a trip to Luna?"

      "The enemy, dumbass." as the snifter slides over.

    • Some fiction

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Scene: an introduction to a city-yet-to-be-named. This city possesses all the visual identifying marks which, to the viewer, mark a city, such as potholes, sewer covers, and various slight decrepitudes which smaller communities manage to not achieve.

      In this particular city, we, the audience, are presented with the visage of the city outskirts. City limits are not far off, as evidenced by signs which state “Last something-or-another before highway”, that particular noun being faded and smudged over. Up ahead on the sidewalk is the fruit stand of a corner store with its front door blocked by the sort of metal barricade made for such store fronts. Graffiti’ed on the protection is typical Barsoomian slogans and propaganda. The fading sunlight turns the red-and-brown color schema common to Mars into the black-and-bronze combination found only in streetlights at night.

      Past that, beyond the stop sign is a brick overpass, with a stairway leading up to the local rail station. The rear headlights of a car light up as it pulls out into the tunnel which runs underneath the rail stop, briefly stopping, then continuing on, momentarily illuminating two figures off in the street.

      Moments pass. The wind kicks up a newspaper out of a trash can. A train pulls in. The light continues to fade into evening.

      A cop car rolls by, going opposite that the train rolls. Stops for a moment, the officer inside turning his attention over to the tunnel. The alarm of the train pulling off prevents us from hearing what the officer was about to say. Both the car and train start their travels onward, each heading the way the other came from.

      The red-and-blue lights of the squad car come to life, bringing our attention to the bar across from the bodega. Neon lights flicker awake, letting us know what was already evident from the bar’s name. Front door opens up with a sign preceding the manicured hand. The hand pause just long enough foe the audience to see the back side of today’s specials.

      The door closes to the intro to Johnny Cash’s The Man Came Around. A sad, sobbing squeal lasts long enough to sour the song, but not long enough to end properly.

      Not far in the distance, a lightning bolt cracks. The sudden illumination allows us to see an overly large man doing some shit kicking to another figure on all fours. One last kick drops the smaller of the two pedestrians to the pavement, his squealing sobs punctuated by lightning flashes in the near distance.

      The newspaper continues its mid-flight tango on the wind, just long enough for obstruct our view of the tunnel and the classed up brawler now walking our way. A slow blues chord starts as the turn of the paper’s page reveals a gorilla limping ever so slightly towards us, smoothing out the grey vest underneath his black overcoat.

      With his head focused on the bar, eyes full of the cognizance that once infuriated Heston, “Here I am, again.” baritones Gérard to himself. “Ready to play another night of jazz to inebriated idiots unable to separate the trombone from the saxophone. C’ést la vie.”

    • So...

      3 months ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      I'm now an assistant moderator/administrator/non-RT-staff-person in charge of the RT Cooks forum (located here). Head honcho is @ANGER_COFFEE, dude who's got professional experience doing a personal interest/passion. So I'm looking forward to the recipes he posts. I'm going to try his tuna steak recipe soon as I find a place that sells good tuna. Which should be shortly after I figure out how to determine what constitutes a good cut of tuna.  wink

      So go stop by and check out the recipes. I'll try to post a recipe of my own per week until I run out of my own. Then I'll be posting other recipes that I've tried, or think are interesting. If you want one to be posted, just send it over in a message and I'll tag you for credit.

    • Retrospective

      3 months ago

      Lpokmnj This space for rent

      Or: yet another ramble from your's truly.

      Short TL;DR version: I'm feeling good. Then again, I'm sipping whiskey and just watched a movie. Hope you're doing just as well, if not better.

      Longer version, stream of consciousness style:
      Just saw the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I enjoyed it, but I'm an outlier. The story felt like it came full circle, even though like PotC: On Stranger Tides (#4), it lacked that swashbuckling adventure feeling/aesthetic that defined the first three movies.

      For the record, Gore Verbinski did those three and then went onto other movies, such as Rango and the Lone Ranger. If you liked that epic swashbuckling feel, Verbinksi has mastered it, and it shows in the Lone Ranger movie.

      Way I see the series is that Verbinski did one movie in three rather epic parts. I see On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales (OST and DMTNT from here on out), the fourth and fifth movies released chronologically, as movie installments #2 and 3. If one keeps this in mind while watching the series, OST and DMTNT become way more enjoyable to view. Of course, to the viewer I give the credit of being willing and able to try new things and not limit themselves to movies made by lens-flare-extrodinaire Jar Jar Abrahms and explosions-set-to-beatboxing-roboporn-soundtracks Michael Bey.

      Christ, I've come to dislike those two overbudgeted over-SFX'ed shitbirds. They've become the default example I use to criticize the formulaic crap getting pumped out of Hollywood for the last decade or so. But they've not crossed the threshhold I've enplaced for straight up hated territory. That's reserved for Stephen Moffat, but that's neither here nor there. Because fuck that guy. Fuck him with a cactus being used by a gorilla hopped up on amphetamines.

      Anyways, onto happier stuff. I'm nearly done with my degree, finally. After the summer, I've got five classes that I'll need to take before I can get the diploma. It's about goddamn time, my critical inner voice keeps telling me. But hey, it's something I'm finally accomplishing.

      Which is not to say I'm done with college, mind you. There's a shitload more I want to study and learn. I've got a whole list of shit of things I'd value knowing. I'll accomplish them as time permits, after I find the job. On the topic of jobs, I'm looking at postings in the greater NYC area and I find myself bummed out. It's a shit situation from this end of the table.

      Then again, I was wondering why the fuck I limited myself to the area I've grown up in. I realized I've been mentally operating in keeping that familiarity zone. This is the shit I'm used to. It's like Grif in season 1, episode 1. I took the comfortable slacker mentality.

      And I'd like to thank Grif for breaking me out of that perspective. Current season (15), episode 6, bout 8 and a half minutes in, Grif realizes the only person going to do right by him is himself. The thing that kept him with the rest of the RvB characters is inertia. Inertia is a motherfucker. A sneaky, almost innocuous, motherfucker. And it took me about a month from that episode's air date to fully appreciate Grif's departing rant.

      I've been chewing it over, mentally, playing with the countless little doubts, trying to answer all the nagging "what-if's?", etc. I could wallow in that endlessly and never accomplish anything. Or I could look myself in the eyes, via mirror of course, and tell myself one thing that's guaranteed to remove myself doubt. That is:

      "You're a goddamned paratrooper, Lpok. You've defied gravity and embraced your own mortality. If this shit hasn't stopped you, why should anything else?"

      It worked. So now I find myself trying to figure out where to go after that. The list I've come up with thus far is:

      ~ Australia 
      ~ Austin
      ~ Belfast/Dublin

      ~ Rest of United Kingdom (I'd prefer Scotland for reasons I'm not sure how to put into words)

      ~ Chicago

      ~ Denver
      ~ Philadelphia
      ~ Portland

      ~ Vancouver, Washington

      ~ The various major cities in Canada (hockey, maple syrup, friendly people, and no humidity? Fuck Yeah! )

      I've love to pick up another language or three and then head to Europe to do that. But in the mean time, I'll have to work on the languages.

      So the question is, for those of you who actually read the TL;DR portion, what insights and/or advice do you have? I know there's stuff I should know but won't think of due to whatever reason. What advice/experiences/advice/general tips do you think I should know?

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