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      Congratulations on the 13th Anniversary of Rooster Teeth. I remember the first time I watched RvB season One. It was on a dvd that a friend forgot. It was awesome.

      Look at you now. 13 years later you have become what is just short of a media empire. You're bringing on new youtube talents to Let's Play like crazy, and you're production value on your animation and live action stuff has been better and better for the last couple years. Which brings me to my point.

      Rooster Teeth is taking over the online space for the discerning gamesmedia consumer. What we want from games is pretty much covered. What we need for human interaction/voyeurism is covered. My concern for the future of the human race was already expressed when Google and the rest had already stolen who I was, so I don't care these days. I just need you. ALL. OF. YOU.

      You guys are killing it. Just had to say it. And if anyone agrees, please do. ALL HAIL RT!

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      1 year ago

      Comment posted to video:

      Game News: G2A Scams Indie Developers? - The Know.

      "I'm super poor, and I pinch pennies all year to save up for the big sales like Steam and on developer websites. I am a HUGE Fallout series fan, and I have been anxiously awaiting this Thursday June 23rd when Summer Steam Sale allegedly launches in hopes they have a good deal for Fallout 4 so I can afford my own copy. I've saved up when I can and sometimes pretended the savings don't exist when I'm hungry and broke. While I wait, I depend on the kindness of others to let me play their copy while they're at work. When you love the gaming industry as much as I do, yet you're still broke, you make sacrifices to make it work instead buying stolen goods. Like Bruce pointed out, if you're going to reduce yourself to stealing, go balls to the wall, don't keep paying criminals."

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