I thought about it for a long time but never really discussed it with anyone. But that guy seriously managed to get all 2 girls in his team. Even yang's mother which seems like a *excuse me* ..a cold hearted bitch. But I'm sure she has her reasons for leaving her family and rarely even saying something to them. Letting her daughter search for her for naught while she plays hide and seek... But like I said, we don't know everything about her yet.

And Qrow's sister can't be that much of a bad person right I mean look at Qrow he is a badass and values his family. Well yes he drinks but no one is perfect. And I'm sure like Chibi Reviews mentioned a while back he must have seen some shit. Alcohol is the temporary eye bleach for him I'm sure. Okay I'm getting far away from the real question. What do you guys actually think about Ruby and yang's father ?

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