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    • Getting Buffed to the Max0rz

      2 years ago


      This series is coming at a great time for me. Last year was rough for me, with a job that required me to travel almost constantly, leaving no time for preparing healthy meals or working out. As a result, I put back on about 30 pounds that I had previously worked very hard to lose. Now I'm in a much more stable job, 9-5, get to go back home every evening, and have the option to make better life choices. I'm also at a point now where about half of my nice, professional work clothes don't fit anymore because of the weight I put back on. So! I've been thinking that it's high time to start chipping away at that weight again, and getting to the point where I can fit into my sexy work pants again. I've recently started up a weight-lifting circuit that my brother made for me (he's actually good at working out). It's a 10-minute, high-intensity thing, where you do each of 10 exercises as much as possible for 45 seconds, then take a 15 second break while you prepare to do the next thing. The 10 exercises are:

      1) Push-ups
      2) Squats
      3) Bicycle Crunches
      4) Curls
      5) Tricep Extensions
      6) Walking Lunges
      7) Shoulder Presses
      8) Leg Raises
      9) "Jumpies"
      10) Bridges

      I'm currently doing 2 circuits with a 35-pound bar, trying to do it 4-5 times a week. Ideally, I would like to push the weight up to 60-70 pounds, and add in more time to the circuits (maybe doing 60 seconds with each exercise instead of 45?).

      I've also been trying to motivate myself to start running again. I used to be able to do 3.5 miles in about a half hour without undue stress on my body. Now I can barely do 2 miles in that same timeframe, and I feel like I'm dying by the end. I'd like to get back up to the "roughly 5k" distance in the "roughly half hour" time.

      My goal at the end of the 16 weeks is to meet the above exercise goals and to have lost enough inches on my waistline to fit into all of my clothes comfortably. (I have a pair of pants I call my "goal pants." I would love to take a picture wearing them at the end of all this!) I'm a 6'4" tall guy and weigh 245 pounds. I estimate I'd have to lose at least 20-25 pounds to hit my stated goals. So, let's do it! Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress! #buffbuddies

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    Hey RT Community! I'm Noah and I live in southwest New York State. I work as a professional historian, so my days are basically Indiana Jones on repeat.

    I've been watching RvB for a long time now. I remember when the site had a few episodes each week that you could download, on the "free side," and I went through and grabbed them each week until I had the complete series downloaded. Kids these days don't know how easy they've got it. Bring back The Strangerhood!

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