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    • Hello again!

      14 hours ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you are doing well.

      Yes i am alive. I know it's been a long time since my last post; so many things happened over the past month. Some possitive, some negative. But oh well, that's how life is.

      I've been gone for so long because all this time i was looking for work, without success unfortunately. The weird thing is that in every place i went to look for work, they liked my CV and they were speaking to me with the "yes, you got the job" attitude but eventually that was not the case. I searched all around town for a job but i got nothing, so now i'm taking a BIG break from all the frustration. 

      It feels as if something in the universe doesn't want me to work; but to mostly focus on my studying and creating content for Youtube. 

      Now that i have my new PC up and running well, I'm trying to create videos for my channel, which again for some unknown reason, all of a sudden it reached more than 12.500 subscribers. Which is crazy because i haven't uploaded anything since last year. Something tells me that it's going to be a really good new beginning.  smile

      So yeah... When i start uploading videos again, i'll let you know here and please let me know what you think of them. I would realy appreciate your opinion and tips and advices.  relaxed

      Another unfortunate thing that has happened is that i left the band i was in. I left for the reason that i had no time and money to put that as a priority since i am unemployed and what i want  now is to have a job. Those were not th only reasons. There are other things that happened in my life (which i won't mention here; too personal) that were a catalyst for my decision. 

      I have to say it wasn't easy, because it was something i love doing but sometimes you have sacrifice things you love in order for something better to happen and to reset and reconsinder things about your life. 

      Volunteering at the Fire station is going amazing. I really enjoy being there, and it brings joy to my heart that the firefighters make me feel like home. Like i belonged there all along. They continue to guide me and give motivation to keep doing what i do. I just love it. 

      So those are the news i brings you from one month of abcense. I didn't want to tire you so i kept it as laconic as possible. 

      I hope you are doing well. I missed being here.

      Take care of yourselves and each other. 

      ~Cheers  beers

    • About the shooting...

      1 month ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      I heard what happened at Santa Fe near Houston yesterday afternoon at the news. I can't help to feel shocked yet again. But what really shook me to the core is that it was a Greek kid who did that.

      We Greeks have the tendency to take things like this personally... And i can't express my anger and my utter disappointment with words... 

      All i can say is that my thoughts are with the families of the victims and those who are affected by that shooting. I send my Love all the way from Greece. 

    • Where there is a rise, there is a fall.

      2 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey guys! 

      How are you? 

      I hope you are all doing well.

      All this time in the past few months, i was posting all good news or positive outcomes. 

      Well, that streak ended on Monday when i got fired (by my demand) from work. The boss at the tavern i was working at, was treating me like a piece of garbage, insulting and belittling me IN FRONT of customers non stop. Making me feel miserable. She also reduced my working hours to almost non existent and wanted to make me quit willingly the job. But like i've told you before, i'm as stuborn as a mule. 

      And when people "bite" me, i bite harder and it hurts... A lot!

      I came up to her on Monday and i told her that since she reduced my working hours and because she treats my like shit, i demanded her to write and sign a firing paper and be done with it. 

      When a firing paper is signed by the employer, the ex employee has the right to claim unemployment at the governments job restore machinism (if that makes any sense to you) and therefore get monthly or every three months compensation from that machinism itself. Although with quitting papers, you lose all of those rights.

      Now... How i had the guts to even demand such a thing from my employer. I'll tell you. 

      I had this gut feeling all this time i was working there,  that she was not paying for my insurance (in Greece the employer has to pay for the insurance of the employee every month  or else there will be a huge fine against them. I don't know how it is in the USA or in other countries of the EU). So i asked her if she did pay it. 

      Guess what? She didn't. 


      You know what that means. I could file a report against her and do an immence damage on her business, which was the very last thing i wanted to do. As much as i disliked her, i didn't want that to happen. 

      So before it reached to that point, she agreed to sign the papers and finally today i received the affirmation on that matter from her accountant.

      Let me tell you this.

      I'm not glad i left that job but i could not go on working there with that shity enviroment. Insulting my intelligence and MY family is not tolerated so i took the necessary steps according to her actions. 

      I am a person who acts right when i'm treated right. With respect and the such. I believe it's simple and common sense. Of course in every job there will be disagreements and arguments. It would be ideal and nearly utopic if there weren't tensions. But tensions must exist in order to push forward, always with respect to each other. 

      But again behavior like i went through is NOT tolerated. 

      If you work in such an enviroment, you must concinder your health first and then that job. Look up your rights as an employee and then take the neseccary steps to deal with that shitty boss you might have. Quit it if it takes a toll on you. There is always something better out there. 

      I know it's a stressful process to look for another job. Heck I AM stressed right now. But mentally i'm alright. I have peace in my mind and anyone who goes through that mess deserves to have peace their mind.

      So yeah it was a fall but not a bad one. It was more like a stumble than a fall. I know i'll find something better.

      Heck, being part of Fire Department force as a volunteer, helps me build my confidence so much. The guys are so good to me, training me and teaching me more of the essentials.They know i want this to be my job so they help me as much as they can. I can't be more greatful for being part of the team.

      That's it from me, lads and lasses. 

      Take care of yourselves and never ever tolerate shit from idiotic fools.

      Cheers to y'all!  beers

    • Hey everyone!

      3 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      I just wanted to wish you.... 


      Happy Orthodox Easter to you all!  smile  heart

    • More Changes (geez... this never ends)

      3 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey hey, everyone! 

      How are you all? 

      I finally found a new job last week. I work now as a waitress at a Greek tavern at Mystras (a village on the outskirts of Sparta and a very famous tourist destination). Thankfully, i have a really good boss who she shows me everything i need to know about this job, mostly the coffee making and the billing. I didn't know how many kinds of coffee making were there until a week ago. Goodness. ;P 

      It's still early to say this but i can't help but to feel happy for this new job, even if it's just being a waitress. I get to meet new people everyday (leaving the regulars aside), especially tourists coming from all over the world. The payment is nice as well and when there are tips, even better. 

      Those are the news from me. 

      I hope you all are doing well.

      Cheers to you all!  beers

      P.S. What do you think the design of the RT website? I surely will need time to get used to it. 

    • First steps done

      4 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey everyone. How are you? 

      I've good news.

      The good news is that i passed my exams and i'm officially a firefighter volunteer. Freaking finally i say. The exams were not so easy as i expexted to be. But regardless from that, i passed. 

      Secondly, i had an eye laser surgery to cure my short-sightness (aka myopia), and thank goodness it was successful. The recovery proccess though is not very easy. What i mean is that sometimes one of the two eyes are slower to recover than the other. It has happened to other patients and it's happened to me now. My left eye, which was the most "damaged" needs more time than the right. But each day i see small improvement. Small baby steps. So it takes time to fully recover and it could take from few weeks, to 1 month, to 3 months or even 6 months. That depends on the body recovery function. Oh well, patience is a virtue. Now i can use computers more often too again. 

      Horray my boredom is over.

      So i hope you are all doing fine. Those are the news from me. 

      Take care everyone


    • Red Alert?

      5 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Soooo... Here's the deal. Today's news both on tv and the social media are telling us (Greeks) that the Greek Army is on Red Alert with what Turkey has been doing the last few hours in my country's National Waters and Airspace. 

      Tensions between the countries were high for months but this is totally on another lvl. I got to say, i'm getting anxious and nervous with the situation. '

      I hope that i'm wrong, i pray that i'm wrong.

      I don't know why i write this... Maybe to let you know that things are possibly getting dangerous here? Just to talk to someone about this and calm my nerves? I'm not sure what to think of this. Let's pray nothing bad happens.... 

      Thanks for reading i guess...

      You guys stay safe and be kind to eachother. 

    • Changes

      5 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey everyone! It's been a looooong time since my last entry here. 

      I hope you are all alright.

      As the title above says, lot's of changes occured in my life lately. 

      I was uneployed for a long time, until yesterday were i started to work at a traditional Greek tavern, back in the kitchens; doing the cleaning and making the cold plates of the menu such as salads and the such. One word i have for this: exhausting.

      I got to say, i don't like it at all but the payment is good. Way better from what i ever got payed from my work years at school. It's better than doing nothing at all, right? 

      Sometimes, you have to do some jobs you don't like in order to be more economically intependent. And you go for something better. 

      My training at the Fire Station is over and now i'm waiting for the exams. Sooo many things i must remember. Laws, basic physics, intructions how to deal with different kinds of situations and and types of fires. Machines and tools.. And much more. 

      I'm not worried though. My trainers, did a couple of simulation tests and i passed both times. That tells something.

      The band is also doing very well. I can't share many details though. 

      If you wish, you can find out more at our official Instagram page.  smiley

      Well that's all from me, everyone. 

      Cheers to you all, and remember be kind to each other. 

    • Blood disorder

      9 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Hey everyone. How are you? 

      I hope you are well.

      As you have noticed, i've been gone offline for a while now, due to my schedule of training and band rehearsals and all. I did some medical tests that were required from the firefighters department. My heart is fine, my mental health is A ok. My blood pressure's alright but my blood... not so. 

      Now, before you get worried, no it's not severe. I am prerfectly healthy. 

      What i have is a inherited blood disorder (thanks dad) which is called Beta Thalassemia, which is common in the Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, but it is found also in the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia.  So.. I am anemic, hence the reason why i am sooo damn pale. It's actually a mutation of a gene that exists in my red blood cells and they don't carry as much oxyzen through out my body as they should and these cells are very easy to be destroyed. This happened to me when i started the gym. I didn't feel fatigued or anything else but the blood test results showed i had jaundice because of the intensity of the workout. Plus my hematocrit lvls are lower even from the lowest acceptable lvl. That means no donating my blood.

      Having this mutation, means i am the carrier of the severe form of Thalassemia or Mediterranean Anemia as we know it here in Greece. It's very important for future parents to do a blood test before they dicide to have a child because if the child inherits the affected gene from both parents, then the child will have serious health problems. It's treatable but not curable. Heck, the doctors say that it's better not to have a child at all if both future parents have this disorder.

      I belong to the Thalassemia minor group, so it's not affecting my health in such severity as other groups. Although i need to be more careful with my diet and i'm required to take folic acid pills, probably for the rest of my life and reduce the intensity of my workouts. I must do blood tests more often to measure my hematocrit lvls. Thank goodness i have no fear of needles. 

      So that's what i found out the last couple of days. I learned that i have to do check ups more often rather leaving that for years.  sweat_smile I'm stuborn as an mule in that part. 

      Take care guys. Cheers

    • Band news!

      10 months ago

      RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

      Alright, alright, alight!

      Hey ho, everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing great. 

      So, let's get right into it. The band is going very well, we are at the final stages of completing our new album. If you wish, you can follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. You can find our songs on Youtube as well.

      Hopefully by the end of the month, we'll have our photoshoot with the new members (including myself being new) and our first video clip for the new album. 

      Our band is very young to the Social Media world, so if you wish, please give us your support. It would mean a lot to me and to the band. 

      Cheers guys! We coming on stage with full force.  metal

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      Somehow we aren't friends yet.

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        I know right!? Request is accepted. :) 

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      Thanks for the FR!  If you don't mind my asking, was it for any reason in particular?

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        You're welcome. No serious reason, no. I just like meeting new people and i saw you as a potential nice friend here on RT. Thanks for accepting my FR.  smile

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      Happy Valentine's Day!

      This comment brought to you by Warm Fuzzies. Join the fun!

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        Awwwwww That's so sweet of you!  heart_decoration

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