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    • 2017's Mobile Games Rated as Pizzas.

      1 month ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      Well, it seem the holiday break got the best of me. Rather than splitting all my mobile games from 2017 into various articles, I'll blast them all out right here, right now. I'm too excited for the hot games of this year to dwell any longer on what my thumbs did last year. (You know, because you use your thumbs on your phone screen... don't be gross!)

      As a reminder, I try to keep it positive with how I rate games. Much like pizza, all games are at least "ok" to some degree. As such, here's my pizza based rating system, as a guide.

      Battle Bay  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

      Really awesome, real time PvP boat combat game. This one I played so much, I had to delete it before I started paying for in-game currency. I loved upgrading my ship and taking on increasingly higher level opponents.


      Golf Clash  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

      On the surface, Golf Clash is a pretty chill, turn-based golf game. Once you play a bunch (which I totally did… another delete or lose my monies situation), each shot can be pretty intense. Miss and lose rank. Make it and get loot! Really fun and worth a few moments of your time.


      Pokemon: Magikarp Jump  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Basic Cheese

      I mean, is this not just a Cookie Clicker-like? I love the little-fish-that-could as much as the next trainer, but this ’game’ was just a bit of software that reminded me to click stuff to increase various stats. Hmm… I guess, to a degree, at their core, that describes most games… Anyhoo. I did have some fun. The game is pretty. You might dig it. It just didn’t make a… splash with me.


      (Not sure what it says, but it's a good screenshot)

      Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Trusty Pepperoni

      To call this an Animal Crossing game is a bit of a misnomer. Like Magikarp Jump, I felt this was more of an elaborate spreadsheet visualizer than a game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved designing my camp and camper for folks to swing by and see, but that is the extent of the depth. Cute as hell while I played it. It’s a great advertisement for the next core AC game (hopefully Switch).


      This is(was) my actually camp. Bask in the glory of my design skillz!

      Fire Emblem Heroes  |  Device: Android  |  Pizza Judgement: Specialty Lovers

      This totally scratched my Fire Emblem itch… for a time. It had the handheld, tactics feel and the presentation was great. I really got into the gachapon style of hero distribution. Over all, this is pretty damn fun, but I played it early on when it was probably more shallow than it is now (i’d bet).


      Thanks it! That's all the mobile games I feel I played enough to have some sort of opinion on. Next time I'll dig into all my console and PC games. Then, to finish off my 2017 gaming wrap up, I'll let y'all know what board games I dove into and loved. Spoilers, there's still a ton of games to cover!

      Let me know if you found some mobile gems that I should check out. I'm always looking for something new to play. 

      Here's to 2018!


    • Evv asked Skilltacular a question

      Any movies that influenced a career in Game Dev or influence anything regarding your direction in the industry?

      Answered: Jan 3, 2018

      Awesome question, though I'm not sure I have a great answer.  I can't think of any movies, other than something like Indie Game The Movie, that really speak to game development. Usually, movies about making things and/ or teamwork get me jazzed about my job. 

      Overall, I guess it was more real life interactions that drove me in this direction: big family, team sports, natural need to be all up in other people's business (aka tasks). 

    • How to get away with murder(-ing time). Mobile Games Part 1!

      2 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      I try to stay up on the latest gaming news across all platforms. I also like to cruise around the PSN, your Xbox Live, and Steam stores just to see if a little gem is waiting to be found. Fairly often, I hop in the Google Play store and see what’s new in the mobile gaming world. I spent a few minutes with some, but obsessed over others. Mobile gaming scratches that “just one more level” feeling for me. Some games did that more than others. I found a range of meh to legit-awesome experiences for my phone. Today, I’ll touch on the beauts I found this year.  

      Card Crawl

      The description of “a solitaire style dungeon crawler”  and the cool art was enough to get me to download this little experience. You play as a dungeon diver with a deck to represent your gear, potential loot, life giving potions, even the baddies you must defeat. Actually, the game is set up so that you are playing a card game across from a grog chugging minotaur at the local watering hole. If you best him, he slams the table with his beastly fists. If you lose you’ll be rewarded with a shit eating grin and low chuckle. I cursed at that damned minotaur a time or five while playing.


      The deck has a set number of cards in it. There are four slots that are filled directly from the deck. You have four slots in which you drag loot, weapons, and potions. However, one of your slots is taken up by your avatar and your life total. What about the monsters? You drag your weapons to the monsters to deal damage. Drag a monster to your shield to block damage. Drag a potion to heal. Drag loot to your open slots to score points. Outlive the deck and you win.

      That’s it! Simple fun with a decent amount of chin stroking moments as you plan out your moves. Oh. and I’m pretty sure it’s free!

      Pizza Judgement: Trusty Pepperoni

      Device: Android

      Card Thief

      This is from the same developers as Card Crawl. Rather than being a dungeon crawler simulated with cards, Card Thief is a stealth game simulated with cards. Similar neat-o art. Also free, so I gave it a shot.


      Here, you’re stealthing around a 3x3 grid of cards. Get loot and don’t get caught is the name of the game. Your character paths around the grid to interact or collect items. Path over a torch and it goes out leaving an adjacent guard in the dark and open for attack. Continue doing this until you uncover the exit.

      That’s it. Well, there may be a little more, but I played until I felt I got the gist. Pretty cool mechanics and worth a little bit of your time. Maybe it will click more with you. Let me know!

      Pizza Judgement: Basic Cheese

      Device: Android

      Post Knight

      Man.. this game… FacePalm.emoji out of 10. Let me explain! Sometimes I just find some cute art and roll with it. You’ve been there. You get it. Don’t get me wrong, this was a neat little game, but it feels like it’s what you think of when you hear “mobile game.” Despite all of that, I played the absolute brakes off this game for a couple weeks.


      In a world, of something is wrong with the mail delivery system [?], you play a little duder charged with helping said mail system. You talk to lots of NPCs and go on quick missions. Those missions play out as side-scrolling jousting matches of sorts. If you’ve played Half-Minute Hero (which I’d bet you haven’t. You should.), the combat is like that -- your cute little warrior runs right and standard fantasy baddies run left smooshing into each other as damage numbers fly off (mmmm damage numbers). Get loot. Craft better stuff. Repeat. That’s it. Oh, and I’m pretty sure some of your actions had cool downs that you could use currency to reset. Like I said, “mobile game.” 

      For whatever reason, sometimes I get sucked into these games, sometimes I don’t. This one got me. Your mileage may vary.

      Pizza Judgement: Basic Cheese

      Device: Android

      That’s it for part 1 of my mobile game extravaganza. Next time, I’ll dive into the rest of Nintendo’s mobile games. I’ll also go over my time with a couple awesome real time PvP games that I played so much I had to delete them to make myself stop playing. Yay 3AM gaming in bed!

      Hit me with your thoughts! What are some mobile experiences that stole your time this year?  




      Click for details on my pizza-based review system.
      Pizza is life. Games are life. 

    • Pocket Worlds and Pocket Monsters

      2 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      This year, I dabbled in lots of mobile games. Often these games help kill short bursts of time. If I'm playing Destiny and waiting for folks to show up for a raid, boom, Fire Emblem. Waiting for food to show up at lunch, Magikarp Jump or Battle Bay. Walking the dog, sitting at my desk, meeting running long... Pokemon Go! This last game, above all others, soaked up loads of time....and money 

      Pokemon Go!

      Good ol’ Pokemon Go! I won’t go too deep into what the app is, but rather how I’ve enjoyed my time with it.

      When that first trailer dropped, I was too excited. When the game came out, I jumped the gun and nabbed the APK a day early. Now, nearly 17 months late, I still play… a lot. PKMN Go! Has sucked up so much of my time and money since that initial download. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot for work, coast to coast and even overseas, so my gym badge collection is up around 170 (at time of writing). Outside of Kangaskhan and Mewtwo, I have all Gen 1 and Gen 2 pokes…. and a hefty Google Play bill for all those incubators.

      While I’ve dropped a lot of time into Pokemon Go!, I’d hesitate to call it a game. It’s more like an interactive checklist. That said, clearly I’ve enjoyed my time with the app. From helping friends/ co-workers/ random folks from Austin with raids to my morning coffee strolls with the fiancee, Pokemon Go! Has been a fun addition to life.

      Pizza Judgement: Supreme Pizza

      Dragonius Go!

      This takes me into my next game, Dragonius Go! Where Pokemon Go! lacks gaming features, Dragonius has quests, treasure hunts, different buildings to visit in its augmented reality world, crafting, and even online PvP. In general, if you know what Pokemon Go! is, you know almost exactly what to expect from Draconius Go! Save for the ok-enough monster designs, this game is a clone, through and through. 

      While I kept my wallet closed for the app, I feel I explored deep enough to know that I really like it. If not having Bulbasaur and friends in the game isn’t a deal breaker, I would totally recommend Draconius Go! to anyone looking for a bit more out of their pocket-based AR worlds.

      Pizza Judgement: Specialty Pizza

      Until next time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these games. 



      Click for details on my pizza-based review system.
      Pizza is life. Games are life. 

      Basic Cheese
      Trusty Pepperoni
      Specialty Lovers

      Supreme Pizza

      Hawaiian with a side of ranch

    • Pizzas & Games: Bites & Bytes

      2 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      Time to get Cheesy

      It’s been a bit since my last post. Finalizing this rating system has been tough. Generally, I feel like there’s way too much negativity in the various gaming community multiverses. Platform wars. Microtransactions. Player’s wishes vs development realities. Review systems. EA. Any conversation about these topics usually carries some form of sour attitude. I don’t want to add to that. I love games. I love sharing games. To this end, any game I talk about, I’ll aim to compare to one of Earth’s most beloved treasures: pizza.

      Aside from dietary concerns, what’s not to love about pizza? At its base, pizza is a particular arrangement of stuff on bread meant to sustain you. At its best, pizza can be a joyous experience to be shared with loved ones. The same can be said about games. Games mean a myriad of things to their players. To some, they sustain. To some, they are a joy to be shared with loved ones. See, some analogies, like good pizza, are meant to be cheesey.

      The Meat of the Matter

      Anyhoo, as I run through my games of 2017 and beyond, I’ll aim to recommend games by comparing them to their pizza counterparts. This yummy rating system has five main tiers. I have a few other special ratings, but I suspect they will be rare as their spice level is too high. Below, have a taste of my pizza-based review system. Because they're all fairly well known, I used various Mario games as examples.

      Pizza: Basic Cheese

      Meaning: If you have time

      Description: This game is nothing particularly special. You’ll likely have an ok time if you’re looking for something on which to kill some time.

      Example: Mario Run -- Android, iOS

      Pizza: Trusty Pepperoni

      Meaning: Check it out

      Description: There are loads of games out there, but this one is worth some of your time. Probably nothing groundbreaking or maybe it's time in the sun has passed, but there’s fun to be had. Dig in!

      Example: One of the lessor Mario games on the DS

      Pizza: Specialty Lovers

      Meaning: Worth your time if you like a very certain sauce.

      Description: This game may be good, bad, or great for various reasons, but there’s something really special here if you’re a fan of its particular flavor. This has some sort of wildcard ingredient that might not be for everyone, but is well worth a look for those who know what they are looking for.

      Example: Mario Strikers -- Gamecube

      Pizza: Supreme Pizza

      Meaning: Should play.

      Description: If you’re a game fan, you should play this. There’s something special about this game that should appeal to most anyone.

      Example: Mario Sunshine -- Gamecube

      Pizza: Hawaiian with a side of ranch

      Meaning: Must play!

      Description: A master class experience. A trailblazer or trendsetter. Other games will be learning and stealing from this game for years. When people ask “What should I play?” this is your answer.

      Example: Mario Odyssey -- Switch

      Sure, the toppings mentioned above are all subjective, but so are individual tastes for games. Let me know how’d you rate some of your favorites.



    • 50% off all of Rooster Teeth's games!

      3 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      Hey hey!

      Feast your eyes on this deal! To celebrate the season, we're treating all our games' prices like wishbones... we're breaking them in half! That's right. All of Rooster Teeth's Steam games are 50% off! For the next week, you have a chance to gobble up our six games including their additional content.

      Here's a list of the offerings:

      Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
      Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures - Soundtrack
      Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation
      Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation - Soundtrack
      BATTLESLOTHS 2025: The Great Pizza Wars
      Disorder  - Soundtrack
      Super Rad Raygun
      Super Rad Raygun - Soundtrack
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse JNPR DLC
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team JNPR Beacon Academy Costume Pack DLC
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team JNPR Beacon Dance Pack DLC
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team RWBY Beacon Academy Costume Pack DLC
      RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Team RWBY Beacon Dance Pack DLC

      After a feast like this, you're sure to need a nap, but don't sleep on this deal!  Buckle down and waddle over to Steam to pluck out your favorites.



    • The one with the intro.

      3 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      Let’s talk about games!

      What’s up, y’all!

      Welcome to what will be my random ramblings about games. Each post, I’ll aim to cover a few of the games I dabbled with over the past 12 months. Board games, video games, yard games, hell, maybe some IRL stuff like escape rooms or good ol’ tag. Who knows?  As a game dev, I might have a different view than some, but in the end, I’m just a dude that loves all things Games. First, let me touch on who the heck am I and what do I do at Rooster Teeth?

      What would I say I do here?


      I’m Brian Reilly. I’m a producer with Rooster Teeth Games. I’ve been ‘round these parts for about two and half years. Originally, I was brought on to help our internal dev team. I’ve since expanded my hat collection to include a hand in our game publishing efforts and heading up all of RT’s board games. I feel that having this sort of gig demands that you have a decent working knowledge of what’s hot or not. That said, I play lots of games, but finish very few. If you want to know more about my background (school, other jobs/ games, favorite candy bar) just ask.

      As we go on, shoot me questions, pose counterpoints, recommend games, whatever. I’m writing on because we’re all part of the best community ever, of all time. Eventually, I’ll bust out my fancy review scale. For now, all you need to know is that it’s pizza-based, and thus, the greatest scale to be created.

      That’s it for now. More soon! Hit me up here or on twitter @Skilltacular



    • RTX 2017, Tacos, Tournaments, and Panels!

      7 months ago

      Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

      RTX is already here? Let's party!

      I'm super excited to see old friends and make new ones this year at RTX. If you happen to see me at the show, on the street, or at the VIP party say hey! I have a special high five just for you! 


      This year the Games team will be getting breakfast tacos together. We'd like to invite anyone that wants to along. Say hey, talk games, and be excited about RTX with us! We'll be at Tyson's Tacos this Friday the 7th at 10AM. Super good tacos and easy to get to: Directions to Tyson's Tacos


      We'll be hosting a huge Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars tournament at RTX. This isn't just any tourney, but rather a Pro-AM. Meaning, we'll be pairing amateurs, from the show floor, with pros, from the Rooster Teeth Family, together in a massive event. 

      Starting Friday, July 7 at 1:00pm at the Rooster Teeth Games booth we'll be running several 16-person events. The daily schedule is as follows:

      Friday, July 7th: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm at the Rooster Teeth Games booth

      Saturday, July 8th: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm at the Rooster Teeth Games booth

      Winners from those events have a chance to be paired with our Pros and play on Center Stage. We have high fives and shirts for prizes... oh and Nvidia 1060 graphics cards!

      Practice up! 


      Along with Jeff and Casey from the Games team, I have another panel this year. Here are the deets! 

      • Friday: Jeff’s “Gaming Year in Review”: Game developers and game players have a friendly (maybe) debate about some of the biggest gaming news of the past year. 
        5:00PM @ ACC-MR6
      • Saturday: Brian’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to graduate)”: A panel of creatives talk about going to school, getting their foot in the door, and drop a little advice for the next gen of game/ art/ film makers. 
        10:00AM @ ACC-MR6
      • Sunday: Casey’s “How to Start a Game Company”: Come listen to several folks who have been there and done that when it comes to starting their own companies. 
        3:30PM @ ACC-MR6

    • spartanxxxxx asked Skilltacular a question

      hey there i was just wandering if the horde mode update and JNPR DLC for RWBY:GE had an official release date yet?

      Answered: Apr 12, 2017

      Not yet. 

    • Hammerhead2412 asked Skilltacular a question

      So you've made a game for RWBY which I think everyone believes was a success. What other rooster teeth titles would you think deserves its own game?

      Answered: Apr 12, 2017

      RTES! Other than that, I think On The Spot is begging to be made into a game (board game). RTAA is way too all over the place to be anything, but I love those characters. Honestly, I'm excited that, one day, we could make our own, non-RT property game. 

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    Been in games for a bit. I've been fortunate to work on lots of games you've probably heard of and a few you will soon!  

    Hit me up on Twitter!

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    • arma358 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Caboose-colored SPARTAN

      1 year ago

      I was -supposed- to run into you to show you some more of Benton's work at RTX this year! He's the guy that sent me down with the expandable Oobleck thermos. Ah well.

    • bfett9 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Had a blast playing once you confirm my friend request i'll DM you the details on the DS4 tool i used for this, it worked great.

      • Skilltacular FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Producer @ RT Games

        2 years ago

        Confirmed. Thanks!

  • Questions answered by Skilltacular

    Awesome question, though I'm not sure I have a great answer.  I can't think of any movies, other than something like Indie Game The Movie, that really speak to game development. Usually, movies about making things and/ or teamwork get me jazzed about my job. 

    Overall, I guess it was more real life interactions that drove me in this direction: big family, team sports, natural need to be all up in other people's business (aka tasks). 

    RTES! Other than that, I think On The Spot is begging to be made into a game (board game). RTAA is way too all over the place to be anything, but I love those characters. Honestly, I'm excited that, one day, we could make our own, non-RT property game. 

    Living pokedex. I'm so proud.

    | Asked by: Cinomari 2 years ago

    While not technically a question, you shouldn't be proud of me. I have two huge holes in mine. I'm missing Shaymin and Arceus. Sad. The rest was a lot of work. Lots and lots of 4-5 IVs with several EV trained. (Yeah, I can nerd talk pokemon all day. I'm not great, I just love the games.)

    But it's the 20th anniversary of Pokemon so they are releasing an old legendary each month. Shaymin and Arceus drop in July and August respectively. WOOT!

    Favorite video game?

    | Asked by: Cinomari 2 years ago

    I usually answer this with a top 5. I grew up playing Galaga and even owned an original 1981 cabinet of the game at one time. I love Super Mario 2 so much that one summer I spent every morning speedrunning the game until I got to 10m:30s. And the first game that made me consider game development as a career, Zelda: Link to the Past (still my favorite in the series). I've put far too much time into Pokemon. I have a living pokedex, if that means anything to ya.

    Nowadays I play Destiny a lot.

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