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      As the title says this is how I discover Rooster Teeth.
      I was about 13 year old when I got a DSi, and for the people who don't know what a DSi is it a Dual Screen internet made by Nintendo for mobile gaming, and I got an app called FlipNote where people could make animation with some tools and post it in FlipNote cloud for other to see. When I looking through the video I saw someone made a blue cat talking to two red cats about what does the blue cat want for ramsome. When I saw this I laugh a thought nothing about it and about year later I was looking for achievement guides for a game called Left 4 Dead, and I saw the "Jesus Room" made by Geoff and Jack showing that in the first campaign you could past the final level by standing in a room letting all the zombie walk by. Than I thought that was very useful to know and after that I saw every guide they made for that game and than started to watch guide for game that I had than started to watch guide of game that I did even have, just to watch Geoff and Jack talk. Than time past I saw my first episode of RvB. It was the season 9 when Caboose did the worst throw ever of all time. After that I saw ever episode of season 9 on Youtube than watch every season over the summer than what the season on to see the new episode every week and to watch every short, lets play, RWBY, and Drunktank/Podcast. And that how I found Rooster teeth and it has change me ever since.

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