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    • Thoughts on TNGF - Week 2

      4 weeks ago

      TheRudim3nt It's Rudim3ntary, Really

      Well, folks, here we are: week 2 of Tuesday Night Game Fight

      This is a bit of a repost from r/RoosterTeeth, but I thought it might end up with a different set of eyes seeing it, so, worth it.

      Man, this week was such an improvement. I was really worried last week, because the show had so much potential, but now, phew. I think it's definitely finding it's feet.

      I wanna start by saying it's a shame Joel felt so stressed out about trying to fit it into his schedule because I think the Joel/Tyler dynamic can been hilarious, but credit where it's due, Jack did a real good job with it tonight.

      Rotating in the team captains was also a good move, and it felt like they were more into this week's competition.

      I can't wait to see how things continues to improve. Production is still working out some kinks, and Tyler is still feeling out his space, but if it keeps improving at this rate? It's gonna be amazing.

      Now, for a more serious critique...

      --> When Tyler is doing ad reads, try to make sure the prompt is either above or below the camera so that Tyler looks like, well, he's looking at us. Just a personal touch always helps those things look so much cleaner.

      --> While on Tyler (god, I wish... *wink* *nod* *buys you a drink* *feels weird about the situation, downs the drink himself, and then leaves quickly*), I'm still not sure what kind of host you're trying to be. It's almost like you're trying to force yourself to act a very specific way that just doesn't suit your demeanor. Like, your attitude comes across a bit uptight, even when you're making a joke. I guess, if I wanted to offer any suggestions here, it would be to either go full bore down the path of being the serious sportscaster and playing straightman to the wacky antics of everyone else, or just relax and be the same guy we love on all the other shows.

      --> Make a plan about how you're going to mic everyone, and/or make sure everyone knows the plan. It seemed like the team captains were under the impression that their mics were live during the rounds, but for the most part they were just left off, and whenever we listened to the teams, it seemed like a boom mic was used exclusively. If their mics were live, then there was definitely a balance issue. I mean, if I can't hear Michael screaming...

      --> I like the addition of the b-roll with the fans on the teams, but I think you could go a step further in getting us invested in them. Those insta posts with the teams 'bonding' were really amusing. If you could make some sort of hybrid between the two, I think you'd really have something there.

      --> I'm not sure if this last one is more of a communication issue or more of a planning issue, but there still some confusion with the cameras, where to focus or pan to, how long to stay on one camera before switching, stuff like that. It got ironed out a lot from last week, so, this is really a minor point that I'm sure production is already addressing, but I though it was worth including.

      I say all of this with the utmost respect for you guys, so, please don't take any of that criticism as insults. I just wanted to give an outside perspective on things, and I hope I was able to accomplish that.

      I really am excited to see what happens next week.. And I'm really hoping it ends up being FH vs. AH. Unless, of course, the final round will be in Minecraft.. Every soft boi needs his day, right, MlgHwnt?

    • Commom Uses of 'This' - Jack and Ryan are BOTH Right

      2 months ago

      TheRudim3nt It's Rudim3ntary, Really

      So, for anyone who watched the most recent Off Topic, there's a hardcore debate going on about how to use the word 'this' in the context of time.

      Apparently, it's an argument infecting a lot of the RT staff, so, everyone, here it is, the overly detailed breakdown of how to use the word 'this' when referring to a time-- spoiler, both Jack and Ryan are right.

      Generally, we use 'this' as a shortened version of either 'this last' or 'this coming.' Typically, we shorten them to 'last' or 'this,' respectively. 

      For instance, if asked, "When does the game come out?" Instead of saying, "This last Tuesday," you could instead say, "Last Tuesday." Similarly, you could say, "This Tuesday," instead of, "This coming Tuesday." In this context, Ryan is correct in terms of the conventional abbreviations.

      HOWEVER, context is important! The abbreviations are mere convention, and hence, depending on how a sentence is structured, they can be flipped back and forth. For instance, if Jack really did reply, saying verbatim, "It came out this Tuesday," despite the convention, he is referring to 'this last' Tuesday and not 'this coming' Tuesday, and everyone should recognize that. Why? Because he's referring to the event in the past tense, saying specifically that it 'came' out instead of 'comes' out.

      They were both right. Now, go about your lives.

    • Madly in like with Mica Burton...

      3 months ago

      TheRudim3nt It's Rudim3ntary, Really

      But dat E3 story today...    stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

      Actually, the history of the convention was really cool. I didn't know a lot about the beginnings of E3 in the 90's. 

      What was missing for me was discussion of E3 post-2006. See, as it hit its stride, E3 used to be more like San Diego Comic-Con, where it was a combined public convention and business expo. Annually, you'd see between 60,000-70,000 people in attendance. I would call it the high-point of E3's history. You saw the console wars between Sony and Microsoft leading into the release of the XBox 360 and the PS3.  Game developers put more effort into making sure that their titles were in beta so that fans could play them at the convention. 

      I'd watch on tv, since channels like Tech TV would broadcast from inside the conferences, and you'd get to see these massive crowds. The hype was awesome.

      Then, between 2006 and 2007, E3 decided to make some changes. Companies had been complaining that the business expo side wasn't getting enough push, and that they were stuck pouring a ton of money into the convention aspects of the conference. They wanted it scaled back. So, E3 listened... and for the next two years, there would be zero public access and the crowds were capped at 10,000 people or less. Pretty much everyone hated it. Outlets that reported it on it in the past suddenly found themselves uninvited. Those that did go commented on the immense loss in public interest and word of mouth. Turns out, if you don't let the public in the door, they don't care as much about the reports that come out after the fact.

      Even from the general public's perception, it looked like E3 was struggling to stay alive. Ironically, it got to a point where the companies presenting at E3 starting complaining about the lack of public attention. Big gaming companies aren't great at knowing how to engage the public? Shocking. Truly shocking.

      Basically, since then, E3 has slowly been opened to the public again. At first, they made it easier for people just tangentially connected to the gaming industry to get it. You stock the shelves for GameStop? Good News! Then, in 2015, they started giving out 5,000 tickets were given out to the vendors to disperse however they saw fit. 

      They still haven't quite figured out how to not screw it up though... Last year, they thought that they could open it up to the general public again-- by putting together a separate event in a different building nearby. Highly mixed reviews of the event were to follow.

      This year, it's been said that they've up'd the number of public entrance tickets from 5,000 to 15,000, so, we'll have to see how that goes.

      In the mean time, a number of major companies, including Nintendo, EA, Sony, and Microsoft, have seemingly lost patience with the slow learning curve over at E3, and have opted to host their own events leading up to and during the convention, while significantly reducing their presence at E3 itself. 

      If you want to see Mica's intro to E3 on The Know, see here.

    • Why, hello there!

      3 months ago

      TheRudim3nt It's Rudim3ntary, Really

      Hi! I'm new here.

      I spend my days working with chemicals. One day, they'll give me a fancy piece of paper for it.

      In the mean time, I subsist on pizza and YouTube. That sentence is so honest I just made myself sad... More pizza to fill the hole in my heart where the happiness used to be! 

      Anyway, I've known about RT for a long time. RvB was just getting big while I was in high school, and all that. I didn't really get into it, though, until I found FunHaus. What can I say? Adam speaks to my soul. Also, I'm pretty sure binging on episodes of OpenHaus does weird things to your brain. 

      I ended up getting a First membership exclusively because of the latest RT Doc with James and Lawrence. 

      Since then, though, I've become addicted to AH, On The Spot, Always Open, and The Know. Those shows fill a void that's existed since the loss of X-Play. (<--- This is how I age gate.)

      So, enough about me; how are ya? How's the family? How's that hobby-thing going? What's your sign? (Bonus points if you answer that last one with calligraphy.)

      Well, I suppose that's enough for now.


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