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    • RTX Day One

      1 year ago

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      I brought too much stuff. Even though I ended up using most of it, I could easily have done with a lot less weight. The food and drink were good, though. The Boy very much enjoide the demo of Super Mario Universe on the Big Screen, and there was a nice lady who showed him the ropes when playing it himself. At some point in the future, I'll probably have to shell out for a Nintendo Switch. The Nerdhole has been devoid of gaming since I re-purposed my gamebox as a Linux workstation.

      There is one thing that does leave me with a sour taste in my mouth though. Panels are scarce resources, which means that most people won't be able to get the chance to get into them. I was lucky enough to get into the RWBY panel, half of which was the Yang trailer and the first episode of RWBY, and the other half was a Q&A session where I pretty much ran towards the queue and still didn't get to ask my question because we ran out of time.

      There isn't really a solution to that. All we want is a minute to chat with Barbara Dunkelman or Miles Luna or Kerry or... but there's thirty five thousand of us! Which would mean 24 days of solid chatting for Barbara. I'm sure after the first five days with no sleep, the conversations would be very interesting. It's a result of their deservedly growing popularity.

      Still I managed to enjoy myself most of the time. Met up with a friend and her friends. Spotted Ellie Main in the corridor and she's tiny! Spotted Burnie, but couldn't talk or even listen to him. But the Boi got his Goomba, and that's a good thing.

    • RTX, Day Zero

      1 year ago

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      So, given that MCM Comicon in Lon-Don was completely packed on the day, I thought it would be a good idea to go and pick up my weekend passes on the Friday. Apparently, not many people agreed with me, which from my point of view was a Very Good Thing. There were more Guardians than actual partygoers, and they were fighting over the privilege of helping an actual Con-goer. They were uncannily nice and helpful. They pointed a LAZ0R at my tickets, and gave me two badges. Woo (as they say) hoo!

      Then, I met up with a friend of mine and her friends for a quick pint and a short discussion of Who's Best Girl in RWBY. As if there's any discussion! (Which reminds me, a few more points of advice to add to my "Travel advice" post). Home to pick up the Boy, he is now asleep in bed, and will no doubt wake me up long before we need to go.

      I have already seen his favourite programme item. It has Super Mario in. Wot? Roobie? Ya wotever. Lindsey who? Stop distracting me where's Mario?!

      Only one worry remains. My son has no relevant T-shirt, and without one, he will have to walk round the venue naked. I wonder if there is a solution to this problem.

      I was originally going to go in a "Cosplay Lite" getup with a Pumpkin Pete Cereal Hoodie and a guitar so I could have some space to myself in the queue, but I've decided against it at least on the Saturday. I will be carrying food and water for Boi and I. Can't offload that on him. So I'll be carrying a pack containing Ribena, packed sandwiches, a camera, and a Yang-themed laptop for on-the-spot fanficking.

      So. Getting ready to patiently stand behind Boi watching and luring the wily Rooster Teeth employee. "Come With Me If You Want To Live" still works doesn't it?

    • Travel Advice For RTX London (TL;DR: DLR to Prince Regent).

      in Forums > Travel Advice For RTX London (TL;DR: DLR to Prince Regent). | Follow this topic

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      Travelling in London Below

      Get on the London Underground. Mind the Gap. Gap are a species of vampire Grimm that inhabit the London Underground tunnels and have resisted all attempts at extermination. They drop down on unsuspecting passengers and suck them dry. Whenever you hear the words "Mind the Gap", look up.

      First: You want the DLR to the Prince Regent stop. Write this on your arm in permanent marker.

      Second: As soon as you get into London, score a Tube map. London Underground is awesome for getting around in London, but there are many different lines. You can find tube maps at every station. There's also an app for 'droid or iThing, but paper maps don't run out of battery. TfL has an online version here: http://content.tfl.gov.uk/standard-tube-map.pdf

      Third: For getting around on the Underground, go to a station. The ticket you want is a London Travelcard. That will give you the run of the entire Underground for one day. An alternative is an Oyster Card. You buy one, put money on it, and tap in and out on the yellow circles on the gates. I don't use one, but it shouldn't be more than ten pounds, or "Quid" as the locals call them. Apparently, you can get back any money on your Oyster Card when you are finished with it.

      So how do we get to RTX from various places?

      The DLR is the Docklands Light Railway, and you use London Underground tickets on them. Travelcards work. Oyster cards work. Try to get to the front and you can pretend to be the driver. The things are fully automatic. There is also a station called "Custom House For ExCel". Do not be fooled. It's closed. Prince Regent is what you want.

      If you are flying into London City Airport, you will be pretty much landing on top of RTX. You want the Prince Regent station, which is not on the same line as London City Airport. You take the DLR from the airport to Canning Town, change there for Prince Regent.

      If you're flying into Heathrow, you can either get on the London Underground, take the Piccadilly Line (Dark blue) to Holborn,  change there to the Central Line (Eastbound), to Bank, and from there get on the DLR. You may have to change at Canning Town depending on which train happens to be going first. An alternative is to take the Heathrow Express, which takes you from Heathrow to Paddington Station in a mind-churning 15 minutes. But don't go to Paddington, get off at Ealing Broadway. From there, get on the Central Line (Colour-coded red) Eastbound to Bank, get on the DLR and ride to Prince Regent.

      If you find yourself at Paddington Station anyway, take the Bakerloo line (Brown) to Oxford Circus, From Oxford Circus take the Central Line Eastbound to Bank, and from there get on the DLR to Prince Regent.

      If you're joining us by Eurostar, you'll end up in King's Cross St. Pancras. From there, find the Circle Line (Yellow) Eastbound, go to Tower Hill or Bank, again get on the DLR and ride to Prince Regent.

      ETA: Sadly, the DLR doesn't seem too go straight from Bank to Prince Regent. You have to change at Shadwell, (or anywhere up to Canning Town) to a line that goes to Becton.

      Food, glorious food

      As mentioned by Mr. Gavin Free on the last Podcast, ExCel is in the middle of nowhere. But fairly close to the ExCel is the Millennial Dome. There the hungry traveller may find a wide variety of eateries. If you climb to the top of the Dome in your cosplay, I want to see pictures! There is a fun way to get there, if you have ten quid to spend. Take the DLR to Royal Victoria (two stops West of Prince Regent) and get on the Emirates Airway cable cars. That will get you a trip over the River Thames, and then you can walk to the Millennial Dome. Not cheap, I must say, but you can tell your friends that you have been in the London UFO.

      So that's it, I think. Also, this stuff is correct to the best of my knowledge, which is limited. Don't blame me if you end up in Hackney.

      (Grmbl. Formatting...)

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    • RTX London Fan Writers Meetup?

      in Forums > RTX London Fan Writers Meetup? | Follow this topic

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      Hi! *Blows on mic* Is this thing on?

      I'm sure that all of us who somehow managed to get tickets for RTX London are looking forward to basking in the warm glow of Rooster Teethy presence in London. I'm sure we will have Rubies, Blakes, Weisses, and Yangs crawling all over the place. I'm sure that lots of artists will be trying to seduce us into buying their pictures.

      But what about the words? What about the denizens of Archive Of Our Own and Fan Fiction Net? With tens of thousands of people there, there are sure to be people out there who have read, perhaps even enjoyed, our words. Shall we try to lure them out? Do we not crave attention? Hits? Kudos? Comments? Criticism? Shall we organise LARP shipping wars? Shall we discuss the relative merits of Coffee Shop Alternate Universes vs. Canon-Compatible Stories? Shall we talk about the finer points of  what a complete and utter bastard Adam Taurus is? Shall we read out cherished pieces of text to each other? Get completely lost in Why Ruby Would Never Do Such A Thing? Shall we Explicitly educate the General Audience of Teens and Up and Mature their understanding of the characters we all love?

      All we need is a place to meet, and maybe a big piece of paper where we can all make notes on what we've written and what we've read.

      What does anyone think?

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    • RTX London?

      1 year ago

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      I got them! I have the fifty-quid weekend passes to RTX London. So I'll be taking the Boy to the big loud shiny place in London. But sadly, I'm starting to fear that I'm not going to like it very much.

      I'm used to much smaller events, such as the Discworld Convention sacred to the memory of Terry Pratchett. It's capped at 900 people, and I got a membership. That sold out in only a couple of days. Terry Pratchett was famous for his epic signing sessions, where he would not get up until everyone got their book signed.

      RTX is capped at 35.000 people, and that sold out in thirty minutes! Finally, some VIP tickets were transmuted into weekend tickets, and that's how I got tickets for Boy and me. Then, I got the codes to get into a signing session. I was sitting there, browser at the ready at 6:00pm, and by 6:05pm, all were sold out. Didn't get even one.

      So now, I read that even the panels aren't set up so that anyone who wants to get in, can get in. First come, first served, and whoever next is out of luck. And this is a recurring theme with these events. What I want, and what everyone wants, is to have a little chat with one of the people who produce my favourite animesque. That is why I'm bothering. That's why I'm paying. Sadly, I'm likely to be disappointed in this. 

      Now don't take this as criticism against the people who make RWBY Also, the guardians and the organisers do what they can, and from what I've seen at London Comicon, from a genuine desire to help everyone have a good time. The problem is quite simply that there is not enough of Barbara Dunkelman to go round, and that means that most of us will never have any contact with her at all. The way this is shaping up, I'm closer to these people when watching their podcasts from ten thousand miles away than I am being in the same building. 

      And, and... This event is on the very day that RWBY Season 5 comes out! I will miss Episode One because I am attending RTX. Which is bizarre!

      So... I will be meeting friends at RTX, but I fear it'll be my last big convention. Hope my Pumpkin Pete hoodie arrives in time.

    • Forty nine RWBY fics!

      1 year ago

      Wadcroft Shameless Fiction Writer

      It's always a little shock to find just how much time you've put in a hobby. I'm a Unix user, and an anal git when storing my fics. I also write them using the most basic of text editors, no fancy formatting options for me. That gets taken care of in post-production. So what I can do is find all the .txt files, and count the words in them. By the Brother of Creation! TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND?!! Not all of these things are published works, and there's one or two abandoned ideas, but still.

      $ find . -name \*.txt |sort |xargs wc -w

          592 ./Ballad/BalladOfTheMaidens.txt
          177 ./Ballad/Times.txt
         5340 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY01-When-Coco-Met-Fox.txt
         7261 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY02-First-Rule.txt
         4126 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY03-Yangs-Assets.txt
         2896 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY04-Velvet-Glove.txt
         1937 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY05-Care-and-feeding.txt
         9518 ./CaffeineFiles/CFVY06-MissingPresumedDead.txt
          482 ./CaffeineFiles/Snippetfarm.txt
         4903 ./CielPenny.txt
         1704 ./EnergiserBunny/BecomingReal.txt
         5154 ./EnergiserBunny/DownTheRabbitHole.txt
         5009 ./EnergiserBunny/StormBunny.txt
         1869 ./FirstFix/GoodHairDay.txt
         2393 ./FirstFix/ImposterSyndrome.txt
         1551 ./FirstFix/TertiusAbDexteram.txt
         2156 ./FirstFix/WhiteLies.txt
         6862 ./GirlTalk.txt
          970 ./GrannySchnee.txt
         5630 ./HelloYang/HelloYang.txt
         1258 ./Interviews/OzGlyn.txt
         1392 ./Interviews/Yang.txt
         3522 ./LisaLavender.txt
         7379 ./LostPlots/AmberAndPyrrha.txt
        12191 ./LostPlots/LeaveItOff.txt
         1174 ./LostPlots/NutsDolts.txt
          166 ./LostPlots/Sounds/URLs.txt
         2386 ./LostPlots/TeaAndCoffee.txt
         4021 ./LovesAndLives/ReboundYang.txt
         1527 ./LovesAndLives/RenoraAfterAll.txt
         5270 ./LovesAndLives/SunflowyrNonetheless.txt
         5388 ./LovesAndLives/Sunflowyr.txt
         1386 ./NightShadows2.txt
         1438 ./NightShadows/NS01-Blake.txt
         1387 ./NightShadows/NS02-Sun.txt
         1418 ./NightShadows/NS03-NonVerbal.txt
         1102 ./NightShadows/NS04-Mosaic.txt
         1779 ./NightShadows/NS05-PuttingItOn.txt
         4298 ./NightShadows/NS06-BlackIsTheColour.txt
           20 ./NinjasOfLove/Names.txt
          565 ./NinjasOfLove/TheLostChapter.txt
         6100 ./Recovery/BlakeInAction.txt
         3770 ./Recovery/BlakeShadows.txt
         1353 ./Recovery/PoorYang01.txt
         1848 ./Recovery/PoorYang02.txt
         1809 ./Recovery/PoorYang03.txt
         1344 ./Recovery/PoorYang04.txt
         1703 ./Recovery/PoorYang05.txt
         1713 ./Recovery/WeissInAction01.txt
         3405 ./Recovery/WeissInAction02.txt
         3730 ./Recovery/WeissInAction03.txt
         5427 ./Recovery/WeissInAction04.txt
         5154 ./Recovery/WeissInAction05.txt
         5521 ./Recovery/YellowBlackRoad.txt
         3297 ./Renora.txt
         6769 ./Snowdrop.txt
         1896 ./SweetAndCold.txt
         4844 ./TeamGrim.txt
          382 ./TheOldHounds/plot.txt
         2099 ./TheOldHounds/TeamICHR01.txt
         4390 ./TheOldHounds/TeamICHR02.txt
         8643 ./TheOldHounds/TeamICHR03.txt
         1971 ./UnderThesSchnee.txt
          631 ./YangPost.txt
       207396 total

      And I'm not done yet. I am at forty nine fics on Archive Of Our Own. (AO3). I think I'll indulge myself for Fic Fifty, and make a massive crossover extravaganza from every 'verse I've ever written in: World of Warcraft, Generation Kill, Stargate Atlantis, Diane Duane's Young Wizards, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, and last but not least my very own Algernon Expeditions. Oh, and RWBY.

      There's going to be a party at Caer Bannog in the Redridge Mountains, and everyone is invited!

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