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    • Red vs. Blue Finale

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      Wolfgang_Fyst Sensei

      So I had an idea about a year ago for how the show could end. It's kind of cliche, but I think it would be an awesome conclusion to Rooster Teeth's longest running series.

      The Reds and Blues are finally able to really relax, now that they have no more adventures to embark on or sinister conspiracies to uncover. It all goes to hell when a mysterious soldier turns up and tries to attacks them. The guys try to fight back, but are ultimately forced to flee when they realize two things: this soldier (let's call him Reaper) is terrifyingly powerful in terms of physical strength and the equipment he wields, and he means to kill them. For reasons known only to Reaper (at least for a solid while), he wants each and every man and woman of the Reds and Blues dead. All they know about Reaper's motives is that he's seeking revenge for something they did a long time ago. He relentlessly pursues the gang everywhere they go, and even comes close to killing certain individuals in multiple encounters. Eventually someone (let's say Wash) runs off to do some digging on their mysterious assailant while the others do their best to not die. The crew is tired and has suffered multiple near-fatal injuries, but at last learn the truth upon Washington's return. Turns out the most silent of the Freelancers--agent Maine--had an older brother that no one knew about, and guess who it is. When he learned what happened to his younger brother, Reaper set out to hunt down and kill everyone responsible for Maine's death. Finally there's one big winner-take-all fight. At some point Reaper manages to cripple and stands poised to kill someone (Carolina, maybe). Sarge makes the decision to save Carolina by confronting Reaper one-on-one, blasting the bastard all the way with his shotgun. After a brief scrap Reaper disarms and impales Sarge through the abdomen with one punch, but before he can move on Sarge distracts him with a witty question (something about spiders) just as a plasma grenade flies in and adheres itself to the psycho's chest. At the same time Tucker rushes in with his sword, cuts off Reaper's arm, and throws himself and Sarge to safety just before the grenade explodes. Reaper still stands for a moment, mutters something about his brother, and finally falls dead. Everyone crowds around Sarge, but he too is deceased. A funeral is held, and as each member of the Reds and Blues takes a turn to leave the audience sees snippets of what they go on to do in the future. Soon Griff is the last one left. He removes his helmet and places it on Sarge's grave, and then departs without a word, and no idea what the future holds for Dexter Griff.

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    • Final Notes on RTX 2017

      9 months ago

      Wolfgang_Fyst Sensei

      Upon further reflection, I have decided that the one thing I will miss most from this year's RTX would be the infinite refills of Croquette's Creme Soda from Pecos Pete's. That was some good shit, literally the only thing I drank all day last Friday. Almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Nectar of the gods, it was.

    • RTX 2017

      9 months ago

      Wolfgang_Fyst Sensei

      To get straight to the point, I had a terrific time for my first visit to RTX. Took a few nice pictures, met a lot of awesome people, bought some cool shit. 10/10, would go again (provided the sun hasn't swallowed the earth by then). I'm a little bummed I didn't get to meet some of the folks I wanted to (Ryan, Jeremy, Jessica Nigri, etc.[totally walked past Chris and Andy without realizing it until later, god dammit]) and that I didn't buy all of the pretty things I wanted (like a pimp-ass light saber or a samurai storm trooper figurine), but it was still an immensely enjoyable experience that I will carry with me at least until I'm seventy years-old and addled by dementia.

    • In Regards to First Membership

      11 months ago

      Wolfgang_Fyst Sensei

      Dude, how the hell did I live before becoming a First member?

    • Hour of the Wolf

      1 year ago

      Wolfgang_Fyst Sensei

      It was three in the morning when Master Ulfgard Fjohst was born. That witching hour when the night is darkest before dawn, and the moon's radiant glory shines so brightly it makes the wolf cry. No one knows exactly when He came to be, or even why. One day the Master simply was, the strength of his will stamping his presence on the young feral world as a storm demands notice through thunder and lightning. The Master has sired many magnificent children through the ages. Vulfgang Feist - legendary hunter of beasts - was one such offspring, as was Lady Saleyn the god-killer; Trevalion the Ashen One; and Spartan W0LF, a ruthless bounty hunter and disavowed soldier of the SPARTAN Corps.

      This is where yours truly comes in. Wolfgang Fyst is my name, but I mostly shorten it to Wolfy to save time. I've been a Rooster Teeth fan for some years, can't say exactly how many. In addition to watching much of RT's and Achievement Hunter's content (often at work), I play video games, write fanfiction in conjunction with a novel that's been in the works since I was in high school, and in general just be cool. I'm also attempting to get a video game idea pushed into development, a task that would surely be easier if I knew just how the hell to go about it. At any rate, I'm happy to have finally taken the plunge into being an RT site community member, and I look forward to meeting you all.

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