I made all our favorite Heroes and our favorite Halfwits (you can chose who's who) in the MMO Neverwinter (PC-edition) since I really enjoy H&H and Neverwinter is my only "experience" with D&D (never played it and actually no other videogame of it).

All are Level 70(max) and finished the Elemental Evil Campaign, but rudimentarily equipped (more about that individually). The game is, obviously as it's a MMO, pretty strict in what weapons each class can carry and there are only 8 classes, so it's not 100% correct.

Also I was lazy and used 3 New level 70 character tokens.

So without further ado, but some words to each of them, here they are:


Mogar Jones: already had a Dragonborn Paladin lvl 70, so he's a little bit better equiped than the rest.Did a dumb and used a Race reroll Token instead of Change Appearance, which would've saved time with Orma otherwise. As said above, strict weaponry, so he has to use Mace+Shield, built him as a Tank/dps.


Orma: No Berserk class in the game,  but Great Weapon Fighter fits well, had a human GWF on lvl 60, but since I didn't want to buy another Race Reroll, I leveled Orma from scratch. The Great Axe looks a little bit like a Maulm which is nice since GWFs have a lot of swords


Bor Ealis: Used a New lvl 70 Character token since Oathbound Paladins take a while to level up and I already did that once, he's a Healer, couldn't make him smaller unfortunaly.


Albus Cumberbatch: another token used since my main char is a Scorge Warlock and they are not easy to level up (glass cannon  with no cc)

BONUS: Frank, the Kenku Archer as a companion


Mr. Bo Jingles: The problem child, because there's no bard class or something similar. I figured Trickster Rogue would fit best, since daggers are as close to a rapier as I could get. I considered Hunter Ranger for some time due to the rather ranged nature of Mr.Bo Jingles, but the nature aspect seemed too unfitting to me (the three remaining classes, Guardian Fighter, Control Wizard and Devoted Cleric all don't fit at all in my opinion). Last Token used. 

If you already play or want to, you can reach me ingame Zortak@katroz (char name@handle, for those unfamiliar, both needed for a whisper, mail can be send to @katroz and it reaches all chars).

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