To be honest I am not that involved with the community here at rooster teeth. I would like to meet new people and interact more but I'm a bit of an introvert when first entering a new group even if I am outgoing after I become invested. 

To a large extent Rooster Teeth represents everything that teenage me wanted to be when he grew up. I'm perfectly happy as a web developer but seeing the productions here make an old fire stir in my mind to relive the days of the previous decade of my life where I wanted to produce fun videos and make people laugh. 

I think that is the reason I find the content of Rooster Teeth appealing because it allows me to vicariously relive a part of my youth (which isn't even over yet) that I had thought I didn't want anymore. 

I subscribed to First because of RWBY Chibi season 1, but I stayed subscribed because of the good content that this company produces. I stayed for Still Open, the Post Show on the Podcast, For the Win. There might be an argument to be made that I also stayed because Rooster Teeth makes me a better person who wants to create again, and while I enjoy being a web developer I would be lying if I said there wasn't a large part of me who would like to go back to producing videos for the internet now. 

I started learning to draw recently. I'm still very new to it, but I want to produce a comic at some point in the future once I get a little more skill. I also might start producing skit videos again, but that's a bit more complicated because I either have to do it alone which triple how much work I have to do for a single three minute video or I need some friends who are all very busy people. 

There might be a problem with my plans on how to use my free time though. If I take on too much, if I start doing to much I wont be able to devote enough time to one hobby to get it off the ground. Which is why when I was preparing for my Gundam D20 game I started on Saturday I paused all of my other hobbies including playing video games. Last night was the first time I had played a video game for an extended period (Read: 4 hours) in the past month. I like the feeling of being consumed by something like I was when building the game. I'm not quite done with the Gundam game, but I hope that I can lose myself in either video production or drawing like I did with that.

In the end that is why I became a first member. I like the people of Rooster Teeth, I like the content, and most of all I like that it makes me a more creative person. I want to be worthy of the entertainment that I am given from this group of people. So I want to make myself better and I want to get involved more. Even if it is hard and my social anxiety flares up a bit.