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      4 years ago


      Check one off for the bucket list. Earlier today at the Cosmopolitan I'm playing a simple game of roulette. My says "26" and we pretty big on it. It was cool. Then I turn around and I see Matt, Mr. RoosterTeeth CEO himself walking around. I immediately have a holy shit moment. For me It is really hard to get star struck on anything. Working in radio fur so long I've met many artist, but it's always the most nerdy things that I would get star struck on. I mean I was practically a little girl when I got to see Utada Hikaru in person. Then ask her a question. Anyways, I turn to tell my girl and my friends basically I'm having a omg moment. I turn back around and he sat the table. I was up and I was going to cash out anyways but before I left I introduced myself and contains congratulated him on the wonderful 10yrs it has been. Mention that hopefully this year I'll be going to RTX. Then I remembered that Gus mentioned that he was going to be going to NAB as well so I asked if he was around and sure enough Matt said that he was on the other side of the casino. So I walk over and there is Gus, Brandon, and Chris playing blackjack. Introduced myself again to them with another congratulations. I actually felt bad that they had one other person with them and I had no idea who he was. However now that I think about it, I think it was Alan who runs merch Sorry! I also said to Gus when I was introducing myself that Marshall had sent me over to say hi. I'm an idiot because that is a name I had stuck on the top of my head to go talk to tomorrow at the convention center for some equipment LoL. So when Gus corrected me, "you mean Matt" I really felt like an idiot haha. Sorry! Again! Long night.

      It is now 3am in the morning, still can't sleep and I hope this helps me go to sleep. Before that though I must say that it was an honor to just run into them and say anything at all to them. Thank you for being so cool and awesome for allowing me to just say hello. Everything you all do is highly appreciated and I only hope for so much more in the future. If any of them read this, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    • What We Know About WoW

      5 years ago


      Server: Smolderthorn

    • World of Warcraft Let's Play?!

      5 years ago


      I would love to help tank for them since they are ALL! Priests.

    • Mechwarrior - Online

      in Forums > Mechwarrior - Online | Follow this topic


      Hello all. I don't post much but lately I've been wanting to get more involved in the community so here I am! Now on to the topic at hand.

      Mechwarrior - Online ( is a new free to play Mech game taking after the games but from a multiplayer only aspect. I am really enjoying the game and I'm curious if anyone else has been playing it?

      smiley12.gif IT'S FUCKING MECH FIGHTING IT OUT!! (Sorry that was a bit much.)
      smiley12.gif Basic instant action
      smiley12.gif Graphically impressive
      smiley12.gif Free
      smiley12.gif Controls are pretty simple and easy to use
      smiley12.gif Themed Mechs based on the story
      smiley12.gif Customization for each mech is nearly endless

      smiley5.gif With it being free to play the good stuff costs actual money. Mechwarrior Credits (MC)
      smiley5.gif It is still in it's beta phase
      smiley5.gif Limited amount of maps: About three locations with one of the maps having a really snowy or not setting.
      smiley5.gif If you don't want to pay for MC to get the parts you want, grinding C-Bills (basic currency) is much harder
      smiley5.gif Groups vs PUGs: with it being new and still in beta there are times when you go in to play and then there are times when you go in and just get murdered.
      smiley5.gif The learning curve: The controls are simple enough to figure out but there is a lot more to learn than that. Each mech can be customized so much that finding the right fit can take some serious time and testing out. With that comes a lot of trial and error. Trial and error cost a lot of C-Bills which in turn equals a lot more grinding.
      smiley5.gif Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, and more bugs. Most of the time everything is fine though.

      That is my assessment of the game. If you have played it I would love to hear what you all think about it. I got some footage of myself playing the game if you'd like to see it. Twitch.Tv

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    • I can't make this up

      5 years ago


      Seriously can't make this shit up. Just finished listening to the RT Podcast and I was looking at the book from the chef. Then new tab to open Pandora and what plays? "Haddaway - What is Love" I can't make this shit up and its brilliant. I can just imagine Gav and the Chef dancing to this song all while making pancakes.

    • Be nice to the IT Staff

      5 years ago


      Another Day. Another Headache. Why is it that things in the IT world you try to make as error resistant as possible still find some way of fucking up? LOL Just saying. I know that it is mostly due to the fact that today's products are built to break and not last forever. That's just not the American way any more. LOL Sorry. I had to poke fun at that. In all seriousness though. What ever happened to the days of great products that last? Remember when everything wasn't built out of plastic? So here I sit waiting on Dell Support to answer me on a device that showed up DoA and all I can think to myself is, "I could be doing something else more productive." Then I think again, "Who am I kidding? All I want to do is go home and game." smiley4.gifsmiley7.gif

      Been doing a bit of streaming lately but I think I'm going to start doing more video recording instead. Work on my post editing skills. I know that I'm entertaining when it comes to streaming but I don't want to live my life with a schedule to game. If I'm going to stream, I want to do it when I feel like it. There are a ton of Twitch Streaming Hosts who have set schedules but meh. Also at the same time, I want to go back to streaming myself playing/mixing music for people. Decisions, decisions. What to do?

      Well how are all of you peeps doing?

    • Sponsor... LOL

      5 years ago


      Forgot to renew that shizz... "WHY DO I HAVE ADS!!! Oh yeah" LOLOLOL

    • RTX or AnimeExpo

      5 years ago


      Well I know which one I want to go to but the other half wants to go to the AnimeExpo. Hmm what to do? Anime Expo is closer I guess but still would rather go to RTX as my interests in Anime isn't as big as my interests in media based on user created content. To be honest, RoosterTeeth has really made me want to create content again. What to do.....

    • Thoughts of late

      5 years ago


      Zzzz... Late night still up gotta work tomorrow and all I can think about is MoP. I must be crazy or something. I guess I'll feel less crazy when I finally get the chance to play my Warrior with the new tree outside of beta and see what really happens. I can't wait to build my new PC. Seriously can not wait. I also want to buy some plane tickets home too. Hmmm what to do? I miss Hawaii. LOL

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    I'm going to be honest here... I'm a Sony fan-boy LOL but I freakin love RvB and all of!!! LOL I game a lot and lately is been a lot of PC games.

    A little more about me. I'm from the island of Oahu in Hawaii and I have recently moved up to the middle of fucking no where California. You maybe asking yourself, “why move to the middle of fucking no where, desert, no trees, no grass, dry as fuck California?" Well the answer is simple my friends, Mexican food. Nah I'm kidding, the biggest reason is cost of living. I'm also again working in radio which is awesome. I love music and being the voice talking to ever

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