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    • May the 4th be with you!

      1 year ago



      I accidentally ate one of em deliciously tempting cookies again. Shit.

    • LtTank asked crofteria a question

      I feel less bad spamming your questions (although sorry about that) since because of you, I am now addicted to Payday 2, so: Recommended Enforcer Build? And what DLCs should I get first?

      Answered: Apr 7, 2016

      Not a problem, questions are fun!

      You're welcome for becoming addicted to heisting, hehehe. I rarely ever play with an Enforcer build (especially since I'm more of a stealth person, and when I'm not I try to balance my skills out), but this should help!

      The DLCs really do depend on what you want. Personally, for example, I have an almost weird love for flamethrowers and sniper rifles, so I got the BBQ pack and the Gage Sniper pack for those reasons. I got a few character packs because I really like those characters, and some heists because they seemed awesome, and so on. Really, just check out the descriptions of the DLCs and get what you think sounds neat!

    • LtTank asked crofteria a question

      Did you build your PC? If so, specs plz, I'm looking to upgrade.

      Answered: Apr 1, 2016

      I didn't, I'm afraid! Good luck with your build though!

    • LtTank asked crofteria a question

      How did your first Mass Effect run through go? Any specific hopes for ME Andromeda.

      Answered: Mar 22, 2016

      My very first started out as an awesome mix of Paragon and Renegade (though leaning more towards Paragon and totally going that way in the end), and I romanced Kaidan in the first game (since Garrus isn't romanceable in ME1) but then went Garrus all the way. I was too lazy to get the needed EMS for Shepard to survive in ME3 but I still destroyed the Reapers, if I remember correctly.

      No specific hopes, really. I want references to the old trilogy but given the setting etc etc I understand it may not happen. Still, a girl may dream..!

    • LtTank asked crofteria a question

      What would your Jager's name be, and which celebrity would you choose to be your co-pilot (unless you're one of those ridiculous solo pilots)?

      Answered: Mar 22, 2016

      It would be something super cool and destructive, like Ursidae Predator (which is the name I gave my gummy bear Jaeger), or Panthera Reaper or something. Oh man.

      My co-pilot would be my bro from another ho (who unfortunately doesn't have an RT account so I can't tag her). We even have friendship bracelets that say drift compatible.

    • Got Ink?

      1 year ago




      Sure do.

    • Huge relief

      1 year ago


      It's no secret that I'm studying to become an English teacher, and it's also no secret that I actually dislike it very much - I think I complain about this fact so often that that is what I'm known for in some circles. It wouldn't surprise me, at least. Now, something happened the other day that relates to this, and it's something I wish to share, because I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so relieved. (It may become long-winded, and in that case, I'll throw together a quick summary in the end.)

      Let me just jump straight into it. I've struggled with depression for years, basically for as long as I can remember - I cannot recall the last time I looked at my life and thought, "boy, am I glad to be alive". A little while ago, I finally decided to take the plunge and actually start seeing a therapist; something I hadn't really dared to do before, not only because I hate talking about my feelings, but also since I'm suffering from social anxiety (which sometimes comes as a surprise to my online friends as they think I seem so outgoing, welllll it's easier over the internet aight). After our first meeting, she set up an appointment for me with a doctor, in order to prescribe me antidepressants (which I am now on).

      But while talking to this therapist, we also came to the conclusion that the whole ordeal with me studying to become an English teacher only because my parents want me to, and not because I want to myself (I've actually had countless panic attacks because of this), made my condition worse. Not that it was something I hadn't figured out myself, but it felt sort of... reassuring, to have a professional agree with the fact that it was completely wrong to force myself to go through with it. She told me that I should definitely try to talk to my parents about it. Now, let me make sure to tell you that I've talked to them about this several times, but they wouldn't budge. Of course, I never told them about my depression or panic attacks, but still. Also yes, I am an adult who can make her own choices, but there's a lot behind the reason why (I felt like) my parents were in the right to control my studies and choice of career - not gonna get into it as it will make this text even longer. Moving on.

      My sister has always been understanding and open-minded, so I felt like I could tell her about what I was going through, and so I did. She said that if I wanted to talk to our parents about it, she would be there for me and help support me. I decided it was worth a shot - I felt like I'd rather open up to them and be temporarily uncomfortable while doing so, than spend three more years studying for a profession I practically despise, plus having to work with it after that.

      Yesterday, while seated around the dinner table, I told my parents everything (well, not details about how severe my depression is; I told them that I have it, that I'm seeing a therapist, that I'm taking pills for it, and that the thing worsening my condition at the moment is the career choice they made for me). At first they argued a bit for their case, but after a little while, they... argh, I can't say they understood because I don't think they understand completely, but at least it got into their heads that what they were doing to help me was actually doing the opposite of helping me. So, they are letting me quit. I'm leaving the teacher program at the end of this week. And the overwhelming sense of relief I felt kinda made me cry for hours.

      TL;DR - I kinda hate my life and my parents made it worse by forcing me to become a teacher but I managed to convince them not to so now I don't have to become a teacher anymore and I'm so fucking relieved.

      This is something I felt the need to share, since it's something that has been bothering me for so, so long (as a lot of people know), and to finally get out of it makes me feel better than I have felt for years. My depression is still a thing, of course, but this was a huuuuuuge step in getting rid of it. It may seem like a petty thing, but to me, it definitely isn't.

      On a completely unrelated note, I finally got around to see Mad Max: Fury Road yesterday. It was pretty neat.

      I love you guys. Take care of yourselves. <3

    • Spread the love

      1 year ago


      Happy Valentines Day, everyone! To me, it's basically just another day, though it may involve more candy and ice cream. But just because I don't have a partner doesn't mean I can't spread nor feel the love anyway! The Warm Fuzzies greetings are everywhere, and you all deserve some, as cheesy as it sounds. You're all fantastic and I'll definitely not be able to tag all of you (unfortunately!!) but at least I can mention a few people.

      I guess I gotta say that the OCC contains the people I'm closest to, and you guys have all grown to become great friends of mine. Especially the people who's been there frequently since the old site; @FLYbarger, @topham, @Desayjin, @LoZelda, @MrWartburg, @Joron093, @priest81, and everyone else I'm forgetting to tag because I'm tired after being away all weekend. Also @Attitude13 for gifting me my current sponsorship (thanks again so much), @TrevorC because reunion, @caleb for being the coolest lurker the OCC has, and every single fucking person on this site that I've had the extremely lovely pleasure of interacting with. You're all awesome.

      I went to NärCon Vinter yesterday (woo, conventions!) and I definitely felt the love, as you always do when you attend cons. Meeting new people and old friends is always so much fun, and I'm definitely feeling the post-con depression right now. I promised to upload pics of my cosplays (Jessica from Until Dawn along with Harley Quinn) so here, have em:




      Now go out there and spread some love. Tell a friend their shirt looks nice, hug your dog, high five your sibling, and most importantly:


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