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      2 years ago


      Happy Valentines Day, everyone! To me, it's basically just another day, though it may involve more candy and ice cream. But just because I don't have a partner doesn't mean I can't spread nor feel the love anyway! The Warm Fuzzies greetings are everywhere, and you all deserve some, as cheesy as it sounds. You're all fantastic and I'll definitely not be able to tag all of you (unfortunately!!) but at least I can mention a few people.

      I guess I gotta say that the OCC contains the people I'm closest to, and you guys have all grown to become great friends of mine. Especially the people who's been there frequently since the old site; @FLYbarger, @topham, @Desayjin, @LoZelda, @MrWartburg, @Joron093, @priest81, and everyone else I'm forgetting to tag because I'm tired after being away all weekend. Also @Attitude13 for gifting me my current sponsorship (thanks again so much), @TrevorC because reunion, @caleb for being the coolest lurker the OCC has, and every single fucking person on this site that I've had the extremely lovely pleasure of interacting with. You're all awesome.

      I went to NärCon Vinter yesterday (woo, conventions!) and I definitely felt the love, as you always do when you attend cons. Meeting new people and old friends is always so much fun, and I'm definitely feeling the post-con depression right now. I promised to upload pics of my cosplays (Jessica from Until Dawn along with Harley Quinn) so here, have em:




      Now go out there and spread some love. Tell a friend their shirt looks nice, hug your dog, high five your sibling, and most importantly:


    • Deadpool was fucking brilliant

      2 years ago


      Enough said. Really. The movie speaks for itself.

    • I'm not flirting with you, are you flirting with me?

      2 years ago


      Valentine's Day is approaching! The time of disgusting cheesiness that makes me hurl whenever I spot the pink and red shelves in every store I happen to enter. It is also a time of cheap chocolate, lots of alcohol, and misunderstandings, apparently.

      One of these misunderstandings that happen to me frequently is when I ask people what they're doing for Valentine's Day, or when I say something along the lines of "you don't have a Valentine? But you're so [compliment]", and they automatically assume I'm flirting with them. Normally, such situations can be cleared up pretty easily, but it's when the people immediately go on the defensive that the problem occurs. For example, my personal favorite is when the person suddenly stops replying, or abruptly ends the conversation, and pretty much doesn't talk to you the same way (or at all) ever again. Maaaaan, I hate it when I'm just trying to be nice and then accidentally ruin friendships.

      But at the same time I don't wanna be all, "yo I was not trying to flirt with you" in fear that the person will think I totally was and that I'm now trying to desperately save face. I just genuinely don't want you to get the wrong idea. Social interactions suck.

      Another misunderstanding that happens to me quite often (and apparently quite a few members of the OCC, according to what was said when we discussed this topic just now) is that I literally have no clue when a person is flirting with me. Even when people say "dude, that person was definitely flirting with you, how could you not see that" I don't realize it. I just automatically assume that that's their way of being friendly. Being blunt is probably the way to go about it when it comes to me because I am blllllind.

      Also, another thing I'd like to add that doesn't really have to do with misunderstandings but it's still something worth mentioning - if someone asks you to be their Valentine, or asks you out on a date or anything like that, please don't be a douche about it. Of course you don't have to accept if you don't want to, but there's really no need to be rude. This person had the courage to ask you even though they were probably super nervous about it, so be a good person and don't break their god damn hearts you fucking cu---

      So please keep those things in mind whenever Valentine's Day is around the corner! People may not be flirting with you when they ask you how you'll "celebrate", they're just making conversation. Especially in my case, since I already have a Valentine this year (his name is Wade Wilson, in case you're curious). And if you've ever tried flirting with me, I apologize if I've somehow seemed rude about it. I'm literally just oblivious.

      Stay awesome. Have a card.

      (My tablet pen is broken and I can't write worth shit with a computer mouse.)

    • 2 years ago

    • AgentWashingtub008 asked crofteria a question

      What is the best worst joke you've ever been told?

      Answered: Feb 9, 2016

      Basically every single pun I've ever heard. Mostly the ones I've heard coming out of my own mouth, actually.

    • 2 years ago

    • Harley Quinn Mallet Tutorial

      2 years ago


      Hey guys! I've been asked to throw together a tutorial of how I made my mallet, so here it is. I took a bunch of progress pictures while putting it together, which I'll use here.

      (I should start off by saying I got inspiration from this tutorial, so check that out too if you wanna!)

      - Hollow metal rod
      - EVA foam (I used two kinds; one that's 1,2cm thick, and one that's 0.8cm. I'll specify which one's which later)
      - Glue gun (and loooots of glue gun sticks)
      - Knife (I use a utility knife but I'm sure a hobby knife or something equally sharp could work, just get something to cut that shit up I don't care as long as you're careful)
      - Dremel tool (though sandpaper definitely works, it just takes longer)
      - Wood glue + paint brush
      - Black spraypaint
      - Red acrylic paint + paint brush
      - Clear varnish spray

      Get what you need
      So, what I did first was to find something that could work as a handle. Sometimes I'm thankful that my dad is somewhat of a hoarder, because he had a bunch of hollow metal rods in various sizes that I could choose from. Of course, it doesn't have to be hollow, but it's best that way if you want it to be light to carry (and believe me, you'll want that). It also doesn't have to be made out of metal, it can be wood or plastic or whatever - just find something you think will work!

      The EVA foam I buy is actually yoga and puzzle mats. They're cheap and they're big!
      Everything else I already had at home (a cosplayer basically always needs all the other things). You can find all of that shit in hardware stores.
      Once you have what you need, you're ready to rock.

      1. Cut out circular pieces
      In whatever size you want your mallet to be. I found that my trash bin was the perfect size so I just traced that and then cut out the pieces. You'll need four pieces; two for the core and two for the sides of mallet. (You can cut out extra pieces to put between the core and the sides to make it more sturdy, if you'd like. Experiment!) For this I used the thick 1.2cm foam.


      Ignore how messy my room/floor is. There were little bits and pieces of EVA foam everywhere.

      2. Put your core together with the handle
      Use your glue gun to put the pipe or whatever together with one of the circular pieces. Then, glue on some leftover EVA foam that you won't use for anything else to make it more sturdy, before gluing on the second core piece.


      Mmm, delicious EVA foam lollipop.

      3. Add details to the ends of your mallet

      Before you start assembling the actual mallet, you're gonna wanna add the side details, if it involves something that doesn't have to do with only painting on details. (Of course, you can do it later, but it's easier to do it now.)

      Like I did; I wanted to carve something in on one of the side pieces, so I did that before the gluing commenced. (If you're using sharpies to write/draw/mark shit and you gotta erase it, use rubbing alcohol!)


      Also, you might wanna sand the edges of the side pieces here if they're uneven.

      4. Mallet, assemble!

      Cut out a piece of foam that will go around the whole core and glue it on using your glue gun (I used the 0.8 foam for this). Make adjustments if you need to - I had to, so my utility knife was my best friend during those dark times. After gluing the mat around the core, glue on the sides of the hammer, and then seal it all up. (If you wanna increase the sturdiness by adding more foam to the inside, do so before you glue on the sides. Obviously. How else would you fucking do it)


      5. Add details

      My favorite part! I love playing around with this sort of thing when I create my own designs. You definitely don't have to do what I did for this part, just go with what you think looks cool (unless you're trying to follow a certain design). Here are some progress pics of what I did.


      Don't forget to sand stuff so that it's all even and smooth and neat!

      6. Seal the foam

      This is important that you do before painting the mallet, as the foam will only soak up the paint if you don't. Watered down wood glue is a cheap and easy way to seal the foam; just mix some wood glue together with some water and use a brush to apply it all over the mallet.

      7. Paint the mallet

      You don't need me to explain this bit. I just went down to the basement (couldn't be outside since it was raining) and sprayed the whole thing black. After it had dried, I sprayed it with clear varnish spray, and after that had dried, I painted on details with red acrylic paint.

      8. Additional details

      If you feel like adding more stuff to make your mallet look hella, then go for it. I used my glue gun to add a red ribbon to the handle, for example. I'm also thinking about adding studs or chains to the mallet, but we'll see. Go nuts! Have fun!

      Again, here's the shitty Instagram pic I have of my mallet (better pics will hopefully come after the con next week):



      I hope this tutorial may help a bit (or at least give you guys some inspiration somehow). If you have any questions or if I was unclear about anything or whatever, just let me know and I'll do my best to answer/explain/help/yaddayadda! <3

    • LtTank asked crofteria a question

      Philippines yay! I'm 100% pinoy (although my mom had the chance to marry some rich Iranian doctor. Mom why didnt you?) Have you ever been to the Philippines?

      Answered: Feb 4, 2016

      Awesomeee, Filipinos unite! Yeah, we visit every year or every second year, whenever time and money allow us to. The latest trip was last year actually, and my parents are going again next month!

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