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    • AgentWashingtub008 asked crofteria a question

      How/where did you learn English? (You speak/type it very well so the process intrigues me.)

      Answered: Feb 2, 2016

      Look at that, my first question, holy crap!

      It's practically like my second mother language since my mom is from the Philippines and I spoke English with all my relatives there rather than Filipino for some odd reason hahaha

    • Whack-A-Bat

      1 year ago


      My Harley Quinn mallet is done.


      Shitty Instagram pics for the win!

      (I'll bring this with me to a con I'm going to in two weeks, so hopefully I'll get better pics of it then. Woohoo!)

    • Game Recommendation Time: Oxenfree

      1 year ago


      2016 is already starting off strong, video game wise. We're only a wee bit over two weeks in and I've already had the pleasure to be incredibly creeped out by this wonderful game created by the Telltale Games and Disney alumni behind Night School Studio - Oxenfree.


      Before you ask: yes, the art style in this game is stunning.

      You play as Alex, as she goes to an island for some overnight partying with her friends and her new step-brother. (Ah yes, what could possibly go wrong on an island devoid of people with no possible ways to contact the outside civilization?) The party, of course, doesn't start 'til the ghosts walk in. Or, more correctly, until Alex and her friends unwittingly open a portal for them while playing around with her portable radio.

      Just like the other games I have recommended on this site so far, this one is also a choice & consequence game, big surprise. Your actions both affect the outcome and your relationships with the people who are on the island with you, and so do your dialogue choices.


      As per usual, I'm going to avoid giving away too much of the game, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna talk about how awesome I think it is. First of all, the visual and audio effects are brilliant. Given that the mechanics involve radio dials, I would've been disappointed had the audio effects not been anything special - but the visual disturbance effects go hand in hand, and definitely add to the game's eeriness.

      Speaking of radio dial mechanics; it's a lovely touch to the whole game, and it's just as smooth and easy as the regular controls. Even the talking-while-walking function works really well (unless you count the fact that interruptions are pretty much inevitable if you want to pick a dialogue option, which is basically the only thing that bothers me regarding this game, along with the slow walking speed - but yes, silence is of course always a valid option, as Telltale taught us).

      I want to put more emphasis on how creeped out this game made me feel, but at the same time, I feel like talking about it would spoil it. (The trailer conveys it well, though.) This game is definitely something you should experience yourself, in a dark room, wearing headphones. Don't worry - this game focuses more on atmosphere rather than jumpscares... and it does so incredibly well.


      Oxenfree is a game that you will definitely want to replay in order to get all (or at least one or two more) endings, due to the common denominator that I'm pretty sure all of the endings have. There are frequency anomalies all throughout the island that help adding to the eeriness factor, along with letters you can collect in order to find out more about what's going on (as Alex may put it - scavenger hunt, scavenger hunt, scavenger hunt!).

      If anyone's looking for good stream games, I would definitely recommend this one. My first playthrough took me about four hours, but depending on how you play, it can definitely be shorter or longer. It's a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish (I found myself almost exhausted afterwards - in a good way - since I had been concentrating so much), and even though it's fairly short, you will find yourself attached to some of the characters... I did, at least.

      Just remember that in the beginning, some things may not make sense. In the end... they make so much sense you'll want to scream.


      Check out my previous game recommendations:
      - Life Is Strange
      - Undertale

    • Happy New Year!

      1 year ago


      Less than one hour left of 2015 for this Swede right here. It's been a pretty crazy year for me, so much has happened it's hard to remember all of it, it feels like I can barely keep up. But at the same time, when it comes to all the things I have actually wanted to do, it feels like I haven't done enough.

      That is what I want to change about 2016 - I want to do more of what makes me happy. I want to do more that matters, I want to try more things - both good and bad, just as long as I will thank myself for the experience.

      What I liked the most about this year, though, is that I made so many new and amazing friends. If I meet half as many awesome people next year, I will definitely be content.

      Oh, and I dyed my hair just a few hours ago!


      So there's that.

      Have a great evening everyone, and may your 2016 will be absolutely splendid in all ways possible! <3

    • The Force Awakens

      1 year ago


      It premiered here in Sweden this morning (10AM is such a weird time), but unfortunately I haven't been able to go today at all - hopefully I will tomorrow, though. I felt like throwing together a quick cosplay for it ("quick" implies about an hour), and well, I did!


      Casually tags @bgibbles. Nice Star Wars impressions, dude. (That prank was pretty epic, though.)

      Also, to anyone wondering - my internet has been gone for over two weeks (and it's still gone) which is why I haven't replied to messages, or been particularly active on certain social medias. I'll hopefully be back before the end of this week though!

    • Cosplay does not equal consent

      1 year ago


      And it bothers me that some people think it does.

      I made a video about the topic almost a week ago, which got quite a bit of attention - and that attention led to me being interviewed about the topic a few days ago. The article was released today, so feel free to read it! (I'm afraid it's in Swedish, but that's what Google Translate is for, right?)

      So, everyone remember all of that when you go to a con (such as RTX), okay? It's a very important subject and something that should be talked about, and I am happy I could help bring attention to it, at least a little. <3

    • Buff buddies!

      1 year ago



      Seriously. There's a reason why Lara's been my role model ever since I was like six years old.

      And yes, I actually did just play Tomb Raider, to hype for the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider that happens tomorrow here in Sweden - I might cry.

      Since Buff Buddies is currently a thing, why not jump on the super healthy bandwagon (or rather run alongside it)? And what else would be more fitting for me than this:


      Woo! Are you participating in Buff Buddies? What does your plan look like right now? Do you have any particular goals you want to reach?

    • Game recommendation time: Undertale

      1 year ago


      While everyone is busy playing the beautiful triple A title that is Fallout, I'm going to (at least try to) bring attention to a game that may not be equally beautiful when it comes to graphics, but sure as hell easily reaches equally high levels of storytelling: Undertale.


      As you can probably tell from the above picture, it's one of 'em 8-bit style RPG games. You know how most 8-bit style games either suck, or really rock? This one definitely falls into the latter category. Actually, it falls into a category of it's own, that is way cooler, and you wish you were as cool as this game for every second that passes while you're playing it. (Unless you decide to pick the genocide route. I'll get back to that later.)

      The game is about the player character and how they end up underground - in the world of monsters - and how they make their way back up to the surface and the world of the livi--- I mean, humans. Yeah. Yup. That's basically it.

      But... you guys know how much I love choice & consequence games, right? Yeah. Yup. That's basically it.

      Depending on how you decide to play the game - as a true pacifist, a genocidal maniac, a merciless force of nature or a neutral party - you will get different endings. The story will also play out differently, and characters will also change their attitude towards you depending on how you play and what choices you make while playing, which gives people very different opinions on what characters are likeable or not, what part of the story is best, what puzzle is your favorite (that is, if you even solve the puzzles or not). Some characters you may not even meet, and some experiences you may not even get to have.

      The game also remembers what choices you've made even after quitting and reloading, and resetting the game - unless you do a true and absolute reset, that is.


      The things you will feel while playing this game will also depend on how you decide to go about things. If you laugh, you might laugh due to the stupid puns that (may) occur all throughout the game, or you might laugh when you finally emerge victorious after having battled one character for quite some time. If you cry, you might cry either out of sadness when something horrible happens to a character you like, or you might cry out of frustration since you can't get past that gOD DAMN BOSS FUCK YOU UNDYNE THE UNDYING.

      If you're not yet convinced, I'm sure this will change your mind:


      Or the fact that there are more than 12,000 positive reviews of the game on Steam, and less than 200 negative ones... Or the fact that the soundtrack is one of the most beautiful ones I have heard in quite a while...

      Or the fact that one of the most relatable characters in the game is called Burgerpants.


      Check out my previous game recommendation here!

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