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    • i wasn't going to but..

      10 months ago


      during the first part of November my annual renewal failed to clear (the update to the card didn't go through, it didn't change the expire date) and i lost my first membership. due to how RT had been going though what i felt like was a major slump i wasn't going to renew at the doubled price i was going to have to pay for loosing my grandfathered discount but i'm glad to see that a number of site issues have cleared up and the content as a whole has been getting better. so i'm glad to say even at the doubled rate i am once again supporting RT as a First member.

    • wtf roosterteeth

      1 year ago


      Ok i have to ask now what the actual F*** is up with RT this year. red vs blue is odd this year, the recent videos feed if full of so much crap i cant find achievement hunters videos, and the only 2 things reliably fun and funny were camp camp and rwby chibi (until this episode). 

      Please for the love of all things holy make a filter for the recent videos page so we can find the videos we want to see. i like screw attack and achievement hunter but i cant find their new stuff half the time.

      the total quantity of videos we are getting now has increased dramatically with the additions (screw attack, funhaus, ect) but it seems the overall quality of content has dropped significantly. that is probably due to the vast difference that the additions bring since not all media is for everyone (personally don;t like funhaus for example). 

      however even looking at one of my favorites like achievement hunter it seems like their quality has dropped as well. the best things i have seen recently are cloudberry kingdom, dead by daylight, drawful and monopoly!

      lets look at what else they have using the Lets Play Queue. destiny, five nights, some generic steam games (looking at you half dead), a number of minecraft games most them dont care about (pixelmon for example), and a proverbial shit ton of lets Watch.

      most of the lets plays have several people missing (the two most prominent still there are jeremy and michal), everyone seems burned out (or just plain unhappy to be playing), no one but maybe ryan seems to know what they are doing unless its something they have done before, and the quality seems to be suffering for it.

    • 3 years ago


      hmm ive been looking through the site awhile now and i have noticed something strange. the multiple page sorting tabs have an error in them, some videos are missing between the end of a page and the begining of the next. for example in the lets play tab of achievment hunter lets play minecraft 60 king ryan part 1 is missing. i shall have to figure out who to send the information to so they can see if they can fix it.

    • 3 years ago


      wow i feel great with this ryan the mad king part 2 lets play. i sent him a message about 3 months ago about having someone kill people with "edgar" i have a pic just have to figure out how to upload it correctly :)

    • 3 years ago


      the more time i spend watching old videos the more i really wish we could sort them by game. some days i just want to watch minecraft and others i just want to watch worms.

    • 3 years ago


      i just love watching old lets plays. i recently watched the mario bros u parts agian. kinda hard to find though. i wonder if they will implement a games sorted thing like rvb does for seasons have like mincreaft gta worms mario and misc sections. ah if only then we could find specific lets plays so much easyer. like cloudberry kingdom.

    • 2017 years ago

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