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      So I just wanted a place where we could talk about what we are currently watching and playing, and maybe try and convince each other to pick up some new things.

      I'll go first; I'm currently following the Anime Re:Creators.  The basic premise is that various characters from anime, manga, and videogames have suddenly found themselves transported into the real tokyo due to the powers of a mysterious figure referred to as the 'Military Princess.'  The characters find themselves on 2 sides of a conflict.  Some side with the Military Princess, while others are helping the Japanese government.  at the time of me writing this there are 8 episodes available of the series.  So I am trying not to be to spoilery just incase someone likes the premise.  It was Cole brought it up in one of the Fanservice podcasts a while back with the description of 'Like Re:Zero but reversed.'

      As far as games go, I am still working my way through Persona 5.  However, I haven't played lately due to being busy at work.  I expect to pick it back up again in the next few days.  I've only made it to the very first day of the last dungeon, so I would appreciate it if we could avoid end of games spoilers if we talk about it.

      I've also been reading fanfiction again after I stopped for a few months.  I just got done reading 'A Demon among Devils' which is a Persona 3 FES/Highschool DxD story.  In it Minato Arisato(protagonist of Persona 3) finds himself transported to the dimension of Highschool DxD.  Unlike a lot of other crossover stories, Minato is not reincarnated as a devil, but he remains human (we assume up to this point).  They only thing that appears to have changed in Minato due to the transportation to the Highschool DxD world is that his Persona's have all (re)gained sentience.  Though it is hinted that this occurred back in his original world due to his confrontation with Nyx.  To those that care, the pairing is leaning heavily toward Minato/Rais, but I am uncertain whether that might turn into a Minato/harem.  It has been a while since the story was updated so I don't know if it is abandoned or not.

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    • RWBY Grimm Eclipse, computer builds

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      Lets share our rigs and how well the game runs on said rig.

      I'm using an ASUS G50v with; a 3.2ghz Intel core 2 extreme, Nvidia GeForce 9700m GT 512mb, 6gbs DDR2 RAM, Intel Wireless AC wifi card, and I'm alternating between mouse/keyboard and my Xbox 360 controller.

      Running on Potatoe quality on fullscreen at 1920x1080x59hz without using the Razer game booster gets me about 18fps out of combat and I drop to 5-8fps in combat. I can play and have fun, but I'm normally the weak link on the team. I'm going to be running it windowed plus have the game booster on during the server test.

      EDIT: I played in windowed with the Razer Game booster active and saw my fps jump to a 15-26 range. Windowed the game is super playable and loads of fun on my particular machine.

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