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      1 year ago

      hannahconda charizards for life

      I was wondering if after all this time you'd like to meet...

      And we did! I haven't really been involved on any of the community side of this website. It's been a watch-and-go. A content based "fuck and chuck," if you will. I like the people in the community well enough though I hadn't really met any of them. That's mostly on me and my already deep-rooted ways of avoiding communication. 

      I pop up here in there in forums for other things, but it's nice to have a community like RT's. The RT/AH fandom on tumblr gets a little nutty but they're overall fun and, until now, the most exposure I had gotten with the community. 

      But! We had a meetup! In Maryland!!! It was so much fun, I met some really awesome people and got to put faces/names to concept. Like, realistically, I knew these people existed and watched the videos, etc., but I got to actually, legitimately, in person meet them. Pretty cool people! 

      Plus, we saw Lego: Batman, which. C'mon. Lego: Batman. 'Nuff said. 

      Anyway, here's hoping I'm able to branch out more into the forums and maybe help plan some stuff for our local fan groups. Gonna try to be an actual adult and talk to new people. Gotta make friends my age somehow, right? 

      Here's to 2017: the year of getting out of my comfort zone. 

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      hannahconda charizards for life

      Let's plan out a couple of streaming meetups, etc., because we all love the content and not all of us can make every in person meetup, no matter how much we may want to. A great way to get to know people and enjoy our favorite videos! 

      Do we want scheduled viewing parties? For specific shows or just a set day and then we decide what we want to watch? 

      I, for one, would really enjoy watching Theater Mode and On The Spot as a group. It doesn't even have to be RT/Achievement Hunter/Etc. content, we can all just get online and watch Netflix or something.

      I use Rabb.it for all my streaming, and I highly recommend it. 

      Let's make a game plan! :D

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