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    • Day 6: I Forgot

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      I forgot about day 6.

      This is technically on day 7.

      I apologize.

      I shall rethink my life.


    • Day 5: Another Day of Tech

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      It was the second day of Tech.

      A Ten Out of Twelve.

      Meaning, we work for ten hours.

      With two hours off.

      So, I find myself at home.

      Drinking yet again.

      I might have a problem.

      Problems aren't much of a problem.

      As long as they don't become a problem.

      Wise words.

      I can have wise words sometimes.

      Hell ya.

    • Day 4: I am, You Are

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      I am tired.

      You are not.

      I am sleepy.

      You are not.

      I just said the same thing twice.

      So did you.

      Funny how those things happen. 

      Anyway, today was the first day of tech.

      One might say it was successful.

      Another might say it was failure.

      I think it was somewhere in the middle.

      Sound, my sound, was fine.

      I was ready.

      Lighting, on the other hand, wasn't.

      They dropped the ball.

      That happens though.

      Tomorrow I might drop the ball.

      I still have a few things to program.

      I haven't done it yet.

      Instead, I'm drinking wine and typing this.

      Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

      I should fix that.


      Maybe not.

      Have a wonderful night!

    • Day 3: Adventures? Nah!

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      Another day of working on Sound stuff.

      It has been one enjoyable experience.

      Except when I had to crawl under the stage.

      Crawling under the stage was vile.



      It was a small space.

      I had to run mic cables underneath.

      It took about forty minutes.

      Forty minutes in hell.

      My God.

      It was hot.

      People, whether purposefully or not, get stomping on the stage.

      It hurt my little ears.

      I wondered if I would have gotten stuck if anyone would have helped.



      Alas, I managed to get free.

      I won't ever do that again.

      Until I have too.

      End Story.

    • Day 2: Ramble Ramble!

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      Man! Today was long.


      Super Long.

      First day of class for my second semester of School.

      Followed by a designer run for the first show I’m Sound Designing in Grad.

      Followed by four hours of sitting in a dark theatre playing with sound/creating music.

      I’m ready to sleep.

      But, first, a beer. Or two. Or Three.

      Okay, you convinced me, I’ll have six beers and type up a blog for RT!

      So, I shall drink.

      And, be happy.

      Only, I just remembered I have to wake up at 5 in the morning. 


      I should stop drinking...

      But, I can't stop.


      Drink more.

      Sleep less.

      Rules of the new world.

      My New World.

      It's the best world.

      The only world.

      My world.


      Have a wonderful night!!!

    • Day 1: Time to Get Active

      5 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      So, I decided (today) that I would begin keeping a record of random thoughts and other things! Thus, I shall be doing a journal on Rooster Teeth every day. Mainly to keep myself writing and partly to fill up free time that is wasted on doing virtually nothing.

      Anyway, tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan 17 2017) is the first day of my second semester of Graduate School! I’m currently studying to get an MFA in Sound Design for Film and Theatre. My first semester was rocky, getting back into the routine of school was a challenge! Prior to go to Grad School, I was living in LA as a Sound Engineer. That, however, wasn’t making my happy, mainly because of my living situation. I decided to pursue a Master’s to open up more doors, though I’m not quite sure if that will do what I’m expecting.

      My first design is on Thursday, for a theatre production! We go into tech, for those who don’t know what that is it’s just a few days of making sure lights, sounds and all other elements actually work during the run of the show. It’s a time to go crazy, cause that’s what usually happens! Either way, I’m excited and nervous. I’m not 100% convinced I’m ready, but hey it’s gotta happen!

      Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!

    • Reflections on the Elections

      7 months ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      Haven't made a post in a while, but I feel a need to address the events of the Election... So here goes...

      Early this morning, my heart sank at the results of the election. Yes, I’m disappointed and scared, but I refuse to be angry. I refuse to give into the anger that has captured so many. I refuse to disassociate myself with family and people who I’ve called friends, for a number of years, simply because they voted who they thought was the best choice.

      I am scared, yes, but, I want to remain optimistic. There is so much negativity in the world already, that if I give in just slightly, I won’t be able to come back from my own despair.

      I’m Puerto Rican. I’m proud of that. Beyond anything in the world, I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud of where I come from and I’m proud of who my father is. He served this country and did his best to make it better a place for myself and my wonderful sister. I’m equally proud of who me abuelos are and where they come from. They may not see me often, but I love them with all my heart.

      Moreover, I am a White Puerto Rican, but that doesn’t ever seem to register with folks. They see my name and, for some reason, assume I’m Mexican. I’ve been dealing with this silly outlook since middle school and no amount of explaining seems to work. So, yes, I am scared for myself on many levels. I’m scared for my fellow Latinx who think they no longer have a future in this country.

      I’m also proud to say I am Bi. I like men and I like women. I am who I am, if you have a problem with that then you can simply deal with it. Nothing will change my preference or who I am. I’m scared for my fellow LGBTQ who no longer feel accepted in a world that, apparently, refuses to accept them.

      I accept you. I love you.

      But, I refuse to be angry.

      I have many friends who are black, Muslim, women, and come from various walks of life. I’m scared for them. My heart hurts thinking about what they must be going through when they feel their voice have been lost. Your voice isn’t lost, and I have faith it will be heard louder than ever before.

      But, I refuse to be angry.

      I want to remain optimistic. I want to believe that we are better than what we appear to be. If I give in slightly, I lose myself and everything I believe in. I refuse to allow that to happen.

      To my friends, family, and everyone in between, and even to the people I don't know, please find a way to stop yourself from being angry. Instead, focus that energy to helping those around you, who need it. Use that energy to bring a better tomorrow, as hard as that may seem. I’m one of those people who need your support and help, and I know many more who will need your support in the coming days.

      But, I refuse to be angry.

      Don’t give in to anger, please. We are better than that. To create a better tomorrow, we must support each other.

      I have faith.

    • Woah! Life and all that!

      1 year ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      So, I've suddenly found myself plucked from Cali and back to the midwest. I'll be living in Kansas City for the next three years as I pursue a Master's in Sound Design! Excited and all that jazz! We shall see what happens...

      And... Yeah! Yay for Grad SchooL!

    • Tales is Strange

      1 year ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      So, I just finished both Tales from the Borderlands and Life is Strange. Both games are pretty darn amazing in their own rights.

      It's honestly hard to say which one I liked more, as I enjoyed them to no ends. Tales from the Borderlands made me actually like Borderlands. Before playing Tales I only ever played a little bit of Borderlands, but now I find myself replying through all the games and enjoying them so much more. I'm not sure what it is, but Tales finally made me a believer.

      As for Life is Strange... Well, the story for the game is one of the best. The emotional journey throughout the game's episodes and the writing just made it for me. I found myself on the edge of my seat through just about every moment.

      Now that both games have come to end, I'm excited to see where they could possibly go. If there is to be a second season of Life is Strange, I can't imagine it following Max. It was the end of her story. It would be interesting and fun to see Dontnod take an anthology approach to Life is Strange. As for a Tales from the Borderlands season 2, I must know what happens to Rhyse, Fiona, Sasha, and everyone!!

      Ah, at the end of the day... I recommend everyone give both these games a try!

      Hopefully, TellTale can end Game of Thrones on a high note like they did with Tales.

    • Life and All That!

      1 year ago

      jesriv RAWWRR

      Boy, it's only been a week or so since moving... But, it feels like an entire year has gone by! My first week on my new, awesome, job came with a 60+ hour work week where I spent more time in the theatre than I did in my little condo playing games... In fact, I didn't play a single freaking game! Ugh!

      Which suck, cause I want to get back into doing Let's Plays. I haven't done one in nearly three weeks. I'm hoping to change that soon, so hopefully it does happen!

      With that said, off I go to enjoy my first day off after a long week! Yeah... Theatre has weird schedules and Monday is my weekend.

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