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    • RVB 16?

      1 year ago


      Does anyone know if RoosterTeeth is planning on making a 16th season of RVB?? I hope they do! It can't just end like this! I have so many questions! Do Wash and Carolina get together? Does the team ever return home to Blood Gulch? Do they ever make a home somewhere else? What about Wash, will he recover and be able to talk or will he be like another Maine? Do Jensen and Palomo get together? Do they ever find the original Church/Alpha AI? What happened to all the kids Tucker sired?! Answer me!!!!!  gus

    • New to the RT family!

      1 year ago


      Just joined as a First Member! I figured i'm too much of a rooster teeth wannabe/yandere to not be subscribed to them. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get them to hire this Canadian youngster. NOTICE ME SENPAI!!! 

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