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    • tanukivilla asked mikequinn a question

      Quick followup, then what happened with the lack of being able to set the quality of a video with the new HTML5 player? How did the people who QA'd this miss noting the lack of a standard feature?

      Answered: Sep 16, 2016

      It was a purposeful choice.  HTML5 player, then a quality setting.  Same for the binge watch on/off switch.

    • ByteTheBits asked mikequinn a question

      Is the Rooster Teeth app running HTML5 video? If not can we expect it to on Android?

      Answered: Sep 14, 2016

      Yes, yes it is.

    • mitzt asked mikequinn a question

      Have you and the web dev team considered utilizing FIRST members in beta tests (or even alpha tests) for future features on the site? I would gladly offer to help, given my experience in QA (*wink*).

      Answered: Sep 14, 2016

      We do (kind of)!  For the HTML5 updates, we contacted some of the guardians.  My team is working toward a process where we can do a/b testing and get around some of the complexity in testing rollouts.  Thanks for the heads up though -- Will put you on the QA list :)  

    • tanukivilla asked mikequinn a question

      Do you guys ever test features or just push them live whenever they're ready? I'd think it was the latter, but the comments about the HTML5 video player suggests the former.

      Answered: Sep 2, 2016

      It depends on the change. With the HTML5 player, we tested a lot internally and reached out to some awesome Guardians to do some QA as well. We're also building out process as the team is able to grow. The processes include peer review, QA, and the like. As we fix the back-end portions of the site and decouple it from the front-end, we'll gain the ability to properly A/B test features too.

    • Notifications

      2 years ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Hey all!

      We had to turn off notifications for a while this weekend because the servers were melting. I understand there were a lot of angry people because notifications were not firing and thought it was a bug. Until we fix the underlying notifications issues - which are systemic - you'll see a notification (no, the irony is not lost) that lets you know notifications are disabled.

      It will look like this:


    • Dave asked mikequinn a question

      Is this?

      Answered: Jun 24, 2016

      I see you

    • RDV-1996 asked mikequinn a question

      Any plans on changing the site player to a HTML one? Since there are a lot of problems with the current one.

      Answered: Jun 24, 2016

      Hey there!

      We'd love to because Flash is kind of terrible. The issue comes with the encoding we have used (HLS) and the number of videos we would need to re-encode, along with the apps, which are also using our HLS (flash) playlists.

      So there are a few steps to this, namely: update the apps to support MPEG-DASH (the format needed for HTML5 playback), update the web player so that it knows which player to use given the file, start encoding in both HLS and DASH while we wean ourselves off of the current system and validate that all of the platforms and browsers work (within reason), then cut over completely.

      Its a pretty time consuming process that needs lots of testing, which is why its not done "NOW!" :)

      Let me know if that clears it up at all.

    • RT Engineering Intro

      2 years ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering

      Hi friends!

      It’s high time I introduce myself. I’m Mike Quinn, the VP of Rooster Teeth’s newly created Engineering team. The goal of this team is to create an awesome web presence, build applications, and generally make RoosterTeeth.com and RT apps suck less. RT content and community are what you are here for, and it’s my job to make these work well.

      Now for what you care about:

      The latest site version was built by a couple of guys, and a lot of sweat and tears (mostly tears), but it just can’t support the needs of all of our awesome Sponsors and site members. We’re going to be updating the site to make what you care about work better.

      I’ve gone through the reddit threads and RoosterTeeth.com to read all the complaints I could find. Many are the same that I have, from little ones like the stupid mouse pointer not going away when you’re watching a video, to the big ones like the site up and croaking when you try to watch a new release. These will be fixed, and hopefully you’ve noticed the already performing better during a new release.

      Some things that are coming over the next 12 months: binge watching, a better layout, further performance and stability improvements, big updates to the shows page, updates to comments and forums, and a ton of other updates that will make all of us super stoked to hang out enjoy the Rooster Teeth community. I know it sounds like a long time, but it takes a long time to update everything without taking anything down.

      We know we have a bunch of usability issues; we refer to these as UX or user flows, but they generally don’t, uh, flow on the site right now. So there will be many updates made in this area as well.

      If you have some ideas, feel free to leave a comment on the post at http://roosterteeth.com/post/51271893. This keeps all of the ideas cornered off to a place where we can read and keep track of them.

      If you want to chat in person about engineering-related issues, or just to say hi, check out the RT Engineering panels: RT Site Feedback Workshop and Rooster Teeth Web Team @ RTX. We’d love to hear what you want out of the site you helped build!

      Very best,

    • Web Suggestions and Ideas

      2 years ago

      mikequinn VP Engineering


      This is a place to file web suggestions. They will be deleted from time to time when we have either taken the suggestion into account, acted on, or rejected them. Since the volume is pretty high, we cannot leave a comment for every suggestion made here. We will read them though.

      Ground rules lifted from here

      Ground rules:

      1. Please create ONE comment per feedback / bug report. This makes it a lot easier for us to delete things when they've been fixed.
      2. If a bug report; explain as closely as possible what you did. Extra points for attaching browser / os information if it could be related to that.
      3. We might not be able to address everything, but this gives us a single place to look for feedback and suggestions.
      4. Make sure to use the mod system to indicate what is the most & least important feedback, so I can set priorities. Duplicates will be deleted.
      5. Also, poorly written/unhelpful bug reports will be deleted with irreverence. ♥
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