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    • So, I have an idea for a thing.

      5 days ago


      I'm finally putting my creative talents to work. In full, not just making cringeworthy YouTube videos. You see, I've had several ideas for animated series, webcomics, novels, etc. in the past. The problem with those is that they were a little too heavily influenced by other media (Kingdom Hearts, RWBY, lotta shit that's important to me). That wasn't good. So I started from scratch. The only aspects of my new thing similar to my old shit are character names. Right now, it's called Project Valor Storm. The name is definitely subject to change, but I think I've got something good going for me right now. If it's going to be an animated or live action series, I've already got the script for the first episode complete. And I'm done with the overall overlying plot. And just like the title, these things are definitely subject to change. This probably won't even become a reality until I'm out of college. But here's the backstory that will come back up late in the series.

      200 years before the events of the story, all kinds of people were making more innovative things, from new types of cars to communication devices. The past was nearly as advanced as the present in this universe. Serena Dolo and Mei Cielo were best friends who had just graduated from college with bachelor’s degrees in architecture, and decided to start something of their own in order to put themselves out there. They single-handedly built several buildings called “Crysantions”, which people would rent for days at a time (unsupervised). They had state of the art technology (due to Serena and Mei’s friend Sebastian), such as teleporting stations and fairly more advanced projectors to make living in these a luxurious experience. This became a problem. Soon enough, criminal organizations began planning all of their schemes inside of these Crysantions. They’d usually execute their plan on the last day of their renting period, then teleport back to the building (most of these heists were simple stick-ups and robberies). Serena and Mei didn’t like this, but if anything could prove that money is the root of all evil, it’s what happened next. All of these criminal organizations were linked under a sort of network called “Two Worlds”. With this, they all combined had an immense amount of money. They bribed Serena and Mei to let this keep happening and to build them the technology to go through with these heists. However, Sebastian wasn’t in for it. Due to this, he was frozen and stowed away in a mysterious location. Serena and Mei decided to rename the organization “The Crystal Carnation”. Eventually, evil took over them both and they were soon promoted to leaders of said group. They expanded and got people with different skills from all across the globe, and it seemed they were unstoppable. One day, they were searching for resources to use in order to enhance their weapons, and they came across a dark fuschia mineral they appropriately named “Violet Heart”. However, this mineral held supernatural power. This was discovered in an attempt to liquify it. They soon got the idea to infuse the liquid form of this mineral into their weapons as an enhancement. There was an ample supply of it from where it was first discovered, so this would keep them going for a long time. Or, so they thought. One day, while Serena and Mei weren’t looking, a creative worker wasted some Violet Heart molding it into pottery to sell. He was caught when they came out of the kiln, but his life was spared. Since these were made of pure purple heart, they had more power than any of their other weapons. He was asked to stow all of them away somewhere they would not be found. And that he did. But several other workers heard, and all went after these items, even though they were urged not to by Serena and Mei. Most of them died trying. The worker who made the items felt responsible for all of these deaths, causing him to commit suicide. After this, there were very few workers left. Serena and Mei brushed this off as nothing, however, and renamed the creative guy’s works of art “valor relics”. They shut down The Crystal Carnation, as they could retire with the insane amount of money they had. The rest of the workers rebuilt their old organizations, and they all made it their duty to eventually find these relics. The goal was passed down through generations in the criminal groups, so it stuck to this day.

      That’s not all.

      When Serena told the guy that made the relics where to put them, she obviously knew where they’d be. Serena obtained one. From their discoveries, she knew that topical use of liquified Violet Heart would almost instantaneously kill a human. However, injecting a large amount would heavily increase someone’s life span, and possibly grant them immortality (they tested on fruit flies, as they have a very short life span and share a high number of genes with humans). Serena is still living to this day.

      I hope there aren't any grammatical errors in that, because I need to work on other shit. If there are, be sure to tell me. Hope this didn't make you cringe! I have good faith that this'll become something great in the future. Just hold on.

      hey who knows maybe if i work at rooster teeth it'll get greenlighted and i won't have to worry about funds

    • Let's try and tip the vote.

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      Mkay, so RarityDash is trying to decide on a new series to do blind commentary on. I think Red vs Blue would be better for his channel, considering the two series ahead of it are Samurai Jack and Danny Phantom, which are very heavy on copyright things. Turner EST and Viacom are too much to handle. He'll probably have to redirect them to Dailymotion, or something.

      Another thing is that there aren't enough interesting RvB reactors. RarityDash provides insightful input and commentary, and I think he'd do well at that when he gets into the later seasons of Red vs Blue.

      Another thing is just that I want to relive the experience of watching Torchwood Boy, BladeCast and MurderofBirds' reactions to the series (even though MoB only recently finished the Blood Gulch Chronicles). It's great to see normal people confused to hell.

      So, yeah. Here's the link to the Strawpoll. Click here, please.

      If you think the reasons listed are worthy of giving RvB a vote on it, go ahead and do that. If not, then I'm extremely sorry for wasting your time. Go do something else. Something productive. Sayonara.

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    • Ayyy.

      8 months ago


      I don't know.

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    Well, just recently became a fan of RvB, favorite character's Tucker, bow chicka bow wow. Also, RWBY is good.

    Favorite employees are Barbara, Miles and Joel.

    I like that Kingdom Hearts, you know.

    I don't know, help me.

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