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    • yaaaa!

      1 year ago


      stars back! :)

    • dang :(

      1 year ago


      ...i miss my star

    • 1-360 and on

      1 year ago


      So its been a month since I decide to listen and watch EVERY RT Poscast and OMG I love it im currently on episode #106

    • Later

      1 year ago


      On November 9th 2013 I created my Rooster Teeth account after watching Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth on YouTube for a few years. For a while my account was dead, I didn't do anything, I didn't post I didn't interact on the site, I just kept watching Rooster Teeth content on YouTube that was until they rolled out the one month free sponsorship in late 2015. I saw that they now had a free month of sponsorship and I thought that was AWESOME and with the bonus of getting to watch the Lets Play Live Doc. it just got better. So I got the free sponsorship and I absolutely fell in love with the site, but I was still sorta inactive I would get on the site once a day and watch what I wanted to then leave I. I wouldn't comment I wouldn't like anything I would just watch and leave. Then my sponsorship ran up and i stooped visiting the site again. Then when I got some money on Christmas I said to my self "HEY I should go and become a sponsor on Rooster Teeth!" and i did. but this time I became a sponsor for 6 months because I loved it so much the first time I wanted to secure my sponsorship. Then we come to now I was looking at my page and saw that I had not posted since 2 YEARS AGO! So i said to myself "You know what?! I am going to be more interactive on the Rooster Teeth website!" And so here I am writing this long winded journel entry just to say I want to be more active. Lets hope i have fun!!!!! :)

      -1/26/16 Roger.

    • begining

      4 years ago


      well this is my first time on the Rooster Teeth site lets hope I have fun!!!!! :)

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    Hi! My name is Roger Walker and i have been an addict for over 5 years now. I am an abuser of Rooster Teeth content. i cant stop i watch one video then I watch 20 more! its so bad that i've seen every Animated Adventure and RT Short 3 TIMES!!

    Nah but really my name is Roger and I love Rooster Teeth i'm an aspiring

    Computer Engineer/ Game Maker.

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