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      6 years ago


      I believe maine is going to get shot because in the trailer, where maine has already been shot, washington is talking to York and york says the doctors are letting him out tomorrow for his eye, the same thing he says to carolina in episode 13. and in 13 they talk about team B heading for a silver briefcase via warthogs. in the end of episode 15 maine, carolina, and york are all on a warthog towards the objective that team B is trailing. in the trailer, when maine is shot and the director and the injured maine exit the pelican someone hands a silver briefcase with several bullet wounds to a white odst. i predict that in the next episode, or the episode after that (if they continue with the blood gulch chronicles) that it will be the scene where team B is per suing the warthog the man carrying the briefcase will be guarded by 3-4 odst's with rocket launchers, sags, and sniper rifles. i think this because in episode 13 at the 1:00 minute point it shows 6 ousts. one is the odst with a shotgun that used the turret at the oil rig and was on top of the roof in episode 15. the other one is the shark odst with the flamethrower that carolina and washington fight at the 2:15 mark in episode 15. about the other four, one had the silver briefcase, one has duel SMG's, one has a sniper rifle, and one has a rocket launcher on they're back. all i can say is its gonna be bad ass, rooster teeth, keep doin what your doin

    • The Identity of "Number One"

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      This is a discussion of what agent is the 1st on the list in the current episodes of red vs blue season 9. Please leave all your ideas and reasons for thinking so in the posts below, thank you! smiley0.gif

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    • 2018 years ago

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