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    • Is this thing still on?

      3 weeks ago


      I'm a ghost here anymore - hoping this site revamp is everything they're saying it will be so there's something to bring my favourite people back here.

      Anyways - since I last wrote: I graduated college, moved to Austin, work as an accountant, and am prepping to go back to grad school soon. What's new with yall?

    • RTX Austin

      9 months ago


      Please to announce my return to the PA team for RTX Austin for the fourth year in a row. Let's crack some Red Bull and celebrate!

    • Why I became an RTX Guardian!

      10 months ago


      Last month was my four year anniversary of rejoining the Rooster Teeth site, and honestly what a crazy four years it's been. In honour of my four years here, and to make up for a lack of content in my journals, I thought I'd write a bit about why I became an RTX Guardian! Buckle in because this may get long. 

      My journey with RT starts way back in middle school - I was a PlayStation kid growing up so I missed the initial Halo hype, but thanks to the magic of assigned lunchtime seating, I became friends with a kid who was absolutely obsessed with Halo. One weekend whilst hanging out with him, he showed me an episode of RvB, and the rest as they say is history. I joined the old community site, but not being a big forum kid, spent most of my time lurking, and then eventually lost access to that account. 

      Fast forward to December 2012, and you'd find me moving back home halfway through my sophomore year of college having had to withdraw due to financial difficulties. Moving home when all your high school friends are away at college, and all your college friends are 400 miles away on campus is hard. Really hard. In what honestly was an absolute nightmare time for me, I turned back to one of the few things that made being back home a little brighter - RT and AH content! I joined the site in February 2013 and started getting back into the community - posting journals and even diving into the forums. When RTX 2013 was announced, I still knew almost nobody from the community, but decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a ticket for myself to go, figuring I'd either make friends along the way, or I'd never go back. 

      Lucky for me, I made myself common in the RTX forum that year, and just as it happened to be, there were others looking to meet people going to RTX that year as well. One of my first close community friends was @StanLewis, the lovable goof you may know from the Gauntlet, or Fan Service, or even On the Spot. Stan created a group chat for people going to RTX both new and old, and through that group I met some really awesome people. The group, which still exists to this day, made it easy to find and connect with people from the community who wanted to make RTX the best time they could. 

      At RTX that summer, we experienced our first taste of what the event was like - we met our favourite staffers, we watched AH play GTA on the center stage, and we explored downtown Austin. It was an absolute blast and I was hooked right away. I also was "lucky" enough to experience the 9 hour AH Lounge queue on Sunday waiting for signatures with loads of fellow fans. This was the key moment for me. 

      Sitting on the ground anywhere is not a lot of fun, especially not at the Austin Convention Centre, and ESPECIALLY not for 9 hours. But let me tell you that that time spent there is one of my most favourite memories of the entire weekend. Why? Because of the Guardians tasked to work that line. It's hard to make sitting in one place for hours fun, but somehow they achieved the impossible. The Guardians worked hard to bring water and snacks to folks, to play games and talk with people about their favourite RT shows and moments, to swap stories of how they discovered Rooster Teeth and overall captured what I think one of the best parts of RTX is, which is coming together as a community to make new friends, create great memories, and build experiences that will stay with you forever. What actually was about 9 hours of queuing felt like nothing thanks to the Guardians who went just a little above and beyond to make connections with their fellow community members. 

      In the three years I have worked as a Guardian since 2013, I have been so grateful to see many of these moments happen first hand, and it makes every second of being a Guardian worth it. To watch the joy (and sometimes tears) on people's faces when they get to tell a staff member how they've impacted their life in some way, or to see long distance internet friends meet and become best friends IRL, or even to hear stories of people finding love, makes even the longest, hottest, craziest days worth it. This year, I can wait to add even more memories and experiences to my repertoire at RTX Austin and RTX London. 

    • Cheeky Austin Trip

      1 year ago


      I turn 24 next week, so instead of doing nothing but work and school like I always do, I took some vacation days and booked a trip to Austin! I'll be in from the 6th to the 13th, so if you're in town and I haven't made plans with you yet, what are we waiting for?! This is going to be a proper tease to what should be a really good year, so let's do it up!

    • Reflection

      1 year ago


      this has been a long, crazy, tiring, challenging year. Sometimes life just hits ya, right in the face. Gotta pick yourself up and keep going. Not sure where the other side is, but I hope to find it some time soon. A full update is probably overdue, but for now it's 9pm on a Friday and I'm tucked into bed watching the patch ready to get some sleep. I've been going non-stop between work and school (both full time), travel, RTX, volunteering, and also attempting a social life. I'm tired. 

      What's everyone been up to? 

    • Hello? It's Me...

      1 year ago


      3 months, huh? It’s been a while RT site. Sometimes life just kind of hits you in the face and you find yourself falling off all kinds of (metaphorical) horses. Well, I find myself with some free time this week and I wanted to update the family here on what’s been going on. Brace yourselves; this may be a bit of a long one.


      I hit my one year with my current company back in March, which meant that I was finally eligible to post out into other positions within the company. For a variety of reasons, I had become increasingly unsatisfied in my position at the time, and going to work became a chore that I dreaded each morning. Despite doing very well at my job and having a great reputation there, the unhappiness in my position was coming through, and I was definitely emitting bad vibes for the team and others I was working with. I’m not one that likes to be overly negative, especially at work where the atmosphere is so important, so I knew that I needed to get into something I’d like going to each day. After a few months of searching, applying, and interviewing both internally and externally, I accepted a position in my company’s Wilmington, DE office working as an Account Resolution Specialist. Basically, I work on a team known as the Client Quality Initiative, which is a group of 7 people with expertise in a variety of areas that works to improve the Client-Bank relationship by proactively tackling issues, connecting clients to new services and technologies to improve their experience with the bank, and solving any and all issues they may have. Some days, it’s quiet and I get to spend a lot of time on research and my own things, and others we have fires to put out. There’s no real consistency to the days, which keeps me on my toes and interested, which is great, but there’s also some hard days too. Overall though I am much happier in this role and look forward to growing and learning more. (The one HUGE thing that blows is the commute, which due to moving is killer. More on that to come)


      Spring of 2016 was my last semester at community college, and starting back in May, I am officially a Penn State student again. I started at PSU in 2011 after graduating high school, but due to a series of financial and family issues, had to leave in 2012. After working full time and taking a year off of school, I went back to community college, figured out what I want to do with myself, and now am in my last 2(ish) semesters until I have my Bachelors in Accounting. It’s been an interesting journey, and I forgot how difficult 100 level classes can be with difficult teachers, but I’m glad to really be seeing the end of the tunnel in sight. The only major challenge that I have to figure out is an internship. Currently, I work full time and go to school full time online through Penn State’s World Campus. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else, but my degree requires at least 150 hours of an internship in order to graduate. Trying to feel out what my options are, but it is kind of looking at this point in time that I may have to take a leave of absence, or even quit my job in order to find an internship and meet the requirements to graduate. Depending on where the internship would be, this may not be the worst decision, as there are some firms I would love to intern for and then ultimately work at; however being a distance education student doesn’t offer me the best opportunities to connect to recruiting events that are held on campus during the week when I’d normally be working. No stranger to hurdles, I know I’ll figure this out too eventually.


      RTX was, as always, an amazing experience. With everything else that was going on in my life concerning the new job, school, the internship drama, I’ll be the first to admit that I was not really excited for the trip. To me, and a lot of those that I go to RTX to see each year, RTX isn’t really about the event for us, but rather it’s about our family and the friends that we get to both reconnect with, and discover anew. I continue to be lucky enough to be chosen not only as a guardian, but as a PA (#MediaTeamForever), and this community has always welcomed me with open arms. I had the absolute delight of working with @TylerC who is nothing but a true gentleman and easy going guy that made the weekend so much fun. From the first emails we sent back and forth, I knew that we were gonna have a good time. RTX has changed a lot over the 4 years that I’ve been going, and while the panels and show floor aren’t what bring me back, it’s amazing to see what can happen within the halls of the ACC over just a short weekend. Very proud of my PA family, our two kickass leads, and every guardian that works tirelessly to make the event the success it is. Until next year?

      Life and Everything Else...

      And here we talk about basically everything else that’s been happening. The past few months have been quite a roller coaster of emotions for me, and I’m not quite sure I’m on the other side just yet. I’ve learned in the past year or two that I really don’t have the greatest relationship with my parents, and just how unhealthy our interactions are with one another. My father sold his house back in June, where I was living by myself after moving out of my mom’s last year. I had a few options to consider in terms of housing, but in the end, I decided to accept the longer commute and move in with him and his girlfriend in order to try and save money during my last year of school so that when I was ready to graduate and get out on my own, I’d have a little nest egg built up. My dad and I have always butt heads, and we are very different people, but something was different this time. Essentially nonstop since I’ve moved in, he’s been on my case and critical of every action that I do: if I make my bed or not, how often I’m cleaning the room, if I say hello to everyone before going upstairs to change after work. It’s all very draining to have everything you do challenged for being wrong regardless of what you do. And then there’s the “discussions” in which he tries to teach me lessons about being a man and being an adult by preaching his views at me for an hour, and then getting upset when I don’t want to talk with him, calling me irresponsible, immature, telling me I’ll never make it because I can’t handle money or responsibility. As much as you can tell yourself that it’s not true, the negativity sinks in. Trying really hard to keep moving forward towards everything that I’ve worked so hard for: graduating school, getting a good job, finding my own place, but it also sucks to think that I’m constantly being torn down and demotivated by those who are supposed to help me the most.

      So there is it…three months of what I’ve been up to in 1200 words. Sprinkle in lots of red bull, late night study sessions, and a few Overwatch matches, and basically you’ve got an exact picture of what I do day by day. What’s everyone been dealing with since I’ve been gone? Let’s catch up fam!

    • Guardian Teams!

      1 year ago


      By whatever mystical force keeps picking me, I have been chosen to be a PA guardian again for RTX 2016! I am very honoured and grateful for the chance to work with such an amazing team, and some seriously cool special guests. I never guessed when I went to RTX 2013 by myself that I would be working with the very people I looked up to for years.

      Being a guardian at RTX is always such a rewarding and educational experience that I look forward to ever year. Just having to go outside of my normal comfort zone and experience all of the challenges that RTX presents, meeting all of the awesome people, and just getting to be around such an awesome event and environment makes the long hours and tough moments worth it.

      Cheers fellow PAs and all the guardians new and old! Look forward to working side by side with you all summer long!

    • Wide Awake Tour!

      1 year ago


      Last week, I had to opportunity to photograph one of my favourite bands, Parachute at the Philadelphia stop of their 'Wide Awake Tour'. What was a spur of the moment decision to shoot an email off for a photo pass really turned into a great learning opportunity, and a quite enjoyable jump back into the world of shooting live shows. I first started following Parachute in 2012, when they joined Fun. in celebrating Penn State's 157th Birthday. From there, I've watched the group from a far as they have grown, played sold out shows all across the country, and released their latest album "Wide Awake". Going into the show was nerve wracking for me, as it was my first real concern that I've shot in ages. Being freelance on top of that meant that I had nobody to disappoint but myself (and my standards are high). I came out of the show not feeling great about the quality of images I shot, and upon first review felt even less confident, but with a little TLC, I feel that I got some nice shots! Going into the show was nerve wracking for me, as it was my first real concern that I've shot in ages. Being freelance on top of that meant that I had nobody to disappoint but myself (and my standards are high). I came out of the show not feeling great about the quality of images I shot, and upon first review felt even less confident, but with a little TLC, I feel that I got some nice shots! I look forward to taking the opportunity to shoot more shows in a variety of settings, as it will only help me learn to adapt. In addition, I've started some plans to make investments into my equipment to bring it more up to date, and to start producing better quality content all around.





    • Taking Action

      1 year ago


      Recently I posted about how I was taking my photography more seriously, and how I put myself out there by designing a website and assuring myself that I can continue to grow and develop my skills with some determination. Well, I took the first step towards that this week by reaching out to a little band I follow called Parachute and arranging for a photo pass for their show this week in Philly!

      I've shot shows before, but mostly from the crowd or with my phone. That way, I always had the excuse of "well, I wasn't there to shoot, I just happened to get some decent shots" if stuff didn't pan out my way. Now, I have to put on my big photog pants, and really try to get the best work I can out of Monday night. I'm nervous, and excited, and feeling creatively rejuvenated all at the same time!

      If you're in any of the following cities, be sure to check out Parachute on their 'Wide Awake' Tour this Spring! I'll be linking more of my shots next week!


    • I did the thing.

      1 year ago


      One of my goals for this year was to take my photography more seriously. It's been something that I've loved doing and have been progressively getting better at teaching myself, but I have always put it on the back burner. Inevitably, despite having some potential raw stuff to work with, I end up comparing myself to others who have been around longer or have invested in better equipment, and it always makes me feel down about my own stuff.

      But, today I took the first step of becoming legit and designed a website. Special shoutout to @Raf for designing the dank logo. Let me know what y'all think!

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      Greetings future fellow Guardian! Just want to tell you that you're awesome and I look forward to working with you!
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    lol soon! I started posting to other departments and if that doesn't work out, I'll start looking outside the company (well, more than I have been)