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    Oh dear it's a furry... Still I love Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter and all its affiliates. Original RvB crew are my favorites forever and always.

    I love my games. I play a little of everything. Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Armello, Civ, Destiny (can't wait for Destiny 2), FTL, Elder Scrolls Legends and sometimes Hearthstone. Almost nothing is off to table for me to enjoy. Except Horror games. You could say I'm a total... "Cat" about that :P. Still there are exceptions, like RE:4. Heck, I've DM'd for a couple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Also, it goes without saying. PC Master Race. (Especially since Destiny 2 will also be coming to PC :3)

    Whether you like the the furry thing, or you hate it. Lets all just be friends regardless. I think most can whole-heartedly accept that a fandom is something to enjoy, but please, don't let it absorb your entire lifestyle. I loved coffee and now its part of my lifestyle and now I can't quit it and it drinks away my sleep faster than I can drink it. At the same time, I enjoy good booze, but I'm sure as hell glad I'm not around it 24/7. All things in moderation~

    Except coffee...

    Just some words to live by: Live as you dream, so when time comes for you to rest, you dream as you live, alive.

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