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    • The housing market

      2 years ago


      At 8pm yesterday I received an email alert for a newly listed property I might be interested in and immediately called and left a message to book a viewing. By 5pm this today I'd gotten a call that unfortunately it was already sold.

      I'm thinking this house buying malarkey is going to be more difficult that I initially assumed. smiley5.gif

    • Sponsorship!

      2 years ago


      With my beloved paycheque comes the purchase of the next item on my savings list, my RT sponsorship. Thank goodness, I've run through most of the back catalogues of content I had available, now I have even more fun to munch through in the weeks to come smiley0.gif

    • Re-commitment

      2 years ago


      I came to Rooster Teeth through youtube and so it never occurred to me to not use youtube as my primary source of the videos and I now feel stupid for not realising that part of the point of Rooster Teeth was to engage through the site and allow myself to be immersed in the community. However, after Burnie's explanation in the most recent podcast, I have un-subscribed from the main RT channel on youtube and will instead check here daily and spend some time here with you lovely people instead.

    • Outstanding Customer Service

      2 years ago


      During the anniversary sale, I caved, ignored the imagined castigation of my wife, threw caution to the internet's data streams and ordered a load of merchandise (FINALLY).

      My most particular desire was for the RvB Season 1 posters which meant that I had to use the international store as it was sinfully absent from the UK store. Given I was already paying £18 shipping, I thought to hell with it and practically cleared out my bank account.

      I've sat back for the past week, imagining various scenarios of people running up to me in the street to complement me on my stunning RT Belt Buckle or being the life of the party with my reserved yet daring cocky tie and most of all, I've planned the exact section of wall to display my new favourite poster.

      Today was the day I'd been waiting for; I took my time looking through my decks of cards, prodding my Burning Bobble Head but was saddened to see my poster was crumpled in the bottom corner.

      I thought about the hassle involved in having to arrange exchanges and how I should probably just ignore it and be happy with what I'd received. Perhaps I would have, had the poster not been the most important item purchased and the only reason I used the international store instead of the UK.

      My goddess was I most pleasantly surprised by how amazing everything went. The on-line form was easy to find and straightforward and I got a lovely email less than an hour later apologising, insisting all was fine and my replacement will be on its way soon. Special mention and thanks to "Benji S" for the email response putting me at ease. I was worried the whole thing would become a pain and I'm relieved by the whole affair and have no doubt that I would happily order from the international store in a heartbeat.

    • Love's Labour's Won

      3 years ago


      I went and saw the RSC's production of Much Ado About Nothing, titled Love's Labour's Won. Paired with Love's Labour's Lost which I saw last month, it was absolutely delightful. Really funny with some absolutely fantastic actors. Michelle Terry as Beatrice was incredible bringing more sobering sadness and anger to the role than I've seen previously, the second RSC production I've seen Michelle Terry in (first Titania in Midsummer Night's Dream) and she's quickly becoming one of my favoured stage thespian.

      Anyone not taking advantage of the live productions broadcast at your local cinema, I strongly encourage you to begin. In the past year I've seen dozens of stunning productions that I couldn't possible travel to for a small fraction of a stage seat. Highlights include Helen Mirren playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience, Shakespear's comedies Twelfth Night and Midsummer Night's Dream performed from the Globe Theatre and the stage adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

    • New Computer Monitor

      3 years ago


      I've been saving up for this new monitor since new year and I'm so excited.

      Gone are the days of 4x3 screens.
      Gone are the days of cramming youtube videos into the corner.
      Gone are the days of scrolling sideways to read emails.

      Welcome to the days of split screen.
      Welcome to the days of full HD youtube videos.
      Welcome to the days of awesome.

      Now I just need another two months to save up for a good graphics card so I can run some better games.

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