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    • October music

      2 weeks ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      You should check the other stuff section in this post if you aren't that interested the lists and such, there's a cool moment I try to describe.

      I kinda picked up running which has allowed me to listen to a decent amount of music despite not having a chance to listen to anything at all for about a week of the last month due to multi day training exercises.

      Total plays

      1,090 which makes for 34 a day, like I said I'm pleasantly surprised by that number considering how many days the number was 0.


      1.Anti-Flag - 65 plays

      2. Arctic monkeys - 48 plays

      2. Neck deep - 48 plays

      4. In flames - 21 plays

      5. Jeff Williams - 18 plays

      I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I'd been enjoying A-F’s new singles last time. The album dropped early this month (November) but I kept hyping myself for it by having the singles pretty much on repeat all October. Neck deep also remained an obsession and the songs by the two bands formed most of what was stuck in my head during the training exercises with lines like “pain pain go away” and “these are the days that test your heart and soul” ah good times (not).


      1.Anti-flag - The criminals, 16 plays. The one with the “these are the days that test your heart and soul” line, an absolute rock tune. Doesn't sound like a traditional Anti-Flag song aside from the lyrics but a great song none the less, especially the catchy chorus.

      2. Anti-flag - American attraction, 13 plays. The first single from the album really showed that there was a new style to the old name. Heavier and far more rock than punk feel with a slower tempo and a guitar riff that'll sick in your head for weeks.

      3. Anti-flag - racists, 12 plays. A far more traditional Anti-Flag song with fast pace and upbeat melody and of course topical punk lyrics.

      4. Neck deep - where do we go when we go, 10 plays. A great song to run to and many great lines to sing while waiting for a long day to finally be over, such as “pain pain go away” and “the world is a funny place, it kicks you when you're down and knocks you out when you get up again” with slight alterations the latter is almost too perfect.

      5. Neck deep - don't wait, 9 plays. I think I've said all I have to say about the songs on this album already so I'll only repeat myself by saying it's worth listening, do it right now.

      Other stuff

      Ensiferum's victory song is an epic masterpiece which I'd recommend listening to, fits especially well in the background of fantastical viking battles. Also a quick mention of a once in a lifetime moment courtesy of Finnish defence forces. After a couple mentally and physically super draining field days (and nights) we had an event one evening which opened with Petri Laaksonen's version of täällä Pohjantähden alla. The atmosphere of about a hundred soldiers staring at a couple campfires with a touching Finnish song playing was something else. Tears were shed and minds wandered as the warmth originating from our hearts beat the darkness and cold of the harsh October conditions. The poetry I poured into that paragraph hopefully helped you picture the moment.

    • September music thingy

      1 month ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Had a decent amount of time to listen to music this last month which was a nice change but I'm not sure if that will continue.

      Total plays

      1,452 - only 36 short of the last two months plays combined and an average of 48 a day, although a couple days with about eight hours of music probably helped that number more than consistency.


      1. Neck Deep - 165 plays

      2. Arctic Monkeys - 51 plays

      3. Enter Shikari - 44 plays

      4.Anti-Flag - 30 plays

      4. Jeff Williams - 30 plays

      4. Lama-ajan lapset - 30 plays

      A couple newcomers and a landslide top spot for Neck Deep. I was absolutely obsessed with their newest album and I couldn't stop myself from listening it through completely multiple times. I also figured I'd give an Enter Shikari album a chance since it's one of those bands that I've always kinda liked but never really actively listened to. Lama-ajan lapset is a punk band from Turku which I heard about from a friend in the army, and I immediately fell in love with one of their songs.


      1. Neck Deep - In Bloom, 20 plays. I don't quite know how to start describing these songs because 4 of the top 5 songs are from the same album and you can only say "a pop-punk masterpiece" in so many ways. Anyway In Bloom is the most popular song from the album and although I wouldn't automatically give it the title of best song on the album, it makes a very good case for itself to be called that.

      2. Neck Deep - Parachute, 19 plays. This is one of the chiller songs from the album and the first song to really capture my attention on the initial listen of the whole album while being the fourth song from it.

      3. Lama-ajan lapset - Pommittakaa Vatikaani, 18 plays. This is almost too fun of a song to listen to, it's just a great combination of not too serious lyrics (or very serious if taken seriously) and sweet instrumentals. The chorus goes: pommittakaa Vatikaani, aloitetaan ydinsota, USA c'mon! From Russia with love. The Finnish parts translate 'Bomb the Vatican, let's start a nuclear war'. The rest of the lyrics are equally awesome and the way they're delivered just adds to it.

      3. Neck Deep - Where do we go when we go, 18 plays. The final song of the amazing album with some great lyrics, perhaps my favorite song from the album. It's so upbeat and easy to listen to and makes you want to binge through the whole album again immediately.

      3. Neck Deep - The Grand Delusion, 18 plays. Okay I may have run out of ways to describe this album and the songs on it but surely I've convinced you it's worth a listen by now? I know it's claimed a spot on my top albums of all time list but you should judge it yourself and maybe find an unexpected love for pop-punk.

      Other stuff

      Anti-Flag's two new singles have been great but so very different from past Anti-Flag songs. American attraction doesn't sound like any A-F song I've heard before but it's got a very catchy riff to it. Their new album seems to be called American fall which is quite clever because it's a pretty obvious reference to a certain election result (it is Anti-Flag after all) but also because their last album was called American Spring. Really looking froward to the full release after only really liking two songs from American Spring. 

      Also a more general comment on me writing this, I was a lot more motivated to write this month's installment than usual and I hope it shows by being more fun to read as well.

    • I've done some cool things recently and I can't come up with a title

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Heyo! It's been quite some time since I wrote a proper journal but I think I've mentioned most of these things scattered around the site. Why not collect some of them here?

      So how's army life been treating me? After a bit over two months (can't believe it's been that long) I'm starting to get a hang of it. Basic training was a blur as we were taught everything from military discipline to safely crossing a road in a large group in a potentially dangerous situation. I got to shoot a bunch of times with an assault rifle, both at a range and in the woods shooting at targets popping up, which is a ton of fun. I also got to throw a live grenade, try tear gas without a gas mask on, patrol a camp site in the middle of the night, walk under burning napalm while covering myself with a fire blanket, march for hours in full combat gear and practice attacking after the march while being tired as hell, and I've learned a thing or two about living with very different people 24/7 for longer periods at a time than I'd necessarily like.

      I've gotten stronger both physically and mentally, full combat gear is over 20kg (I think it's close to 30 but can't remember for sure) and if carrying that isn't tough enough, why not put your gas mask on? That'll instantly make it about 15 times tougher. Mental strain is no joke either, when we don't get off for weekends you'll start noticing restlessness almost instantly as people get sick of being around each other 24/7 even if it's your friends. The whole thing definitely builds character which is why I'm applying to the reserve officer "school" it sounds kinda dumb in English but I can't come up with a better term. Essentially I'd spend three months in intensive training in the dead of winter and become a reserve officer (an ensign if Finland went to war) after my year long service. I'm not sure if I'll make the cut but I'm mentally preparing for it because it'd probably be the most draining three months of my life.

      Outside of army my life has been pretty uninteresting since I only have about two days of freedom at a time before heading back. I've been playing a bunch of games though, I've bought Horizon zero dawn, GTA V (finally), Metal gear solid 2, 3 and peace walker, Bioshock triple pack and a couple other ones I can't find the proper time to play. The only one I've played through so far is MGS 2, an amazing game by the way, but I'm chipping away at the rest so hopefully I'll get done with most of them this year. Unfortunately I haven't had many chances to meet friends but I've made some new ones in army and you can bet you'll get to know a person when you spend two months with them 24/7. This is actually the third year in a row that I've had to basically rebuild my circle of friends counting my exchange year, first year back at my old high school in Finland and now army. Minus a couple of friends who've stuck with me for my whole life. Looking forward to doing it all over again next year when I start Uni.

      Told you I'd actually catch up at some point but I'd also love to hear from you so drop a comment about anything really, I know I must've missed a lot of happenings especially from RT Radio folks since my newfound appreciation for sleep on weekends.

    • Music update for August

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Been another busy month, I'll (hopefully) soon write up a journal about life stuff too but in the meantime here's a semi rushed update about the music I listened in August. Oh and I couldn't get the formatting to work on mobile either so there's that.

      Total plays

      628 - 20 a day. Quite a bit down from last month, not really sure why since I have slightly more free time now than a month ago.


      315 total

      1.Arctic Monkeys - 25 plays

      2.Haloo Helsinki - 13

      3.Jeff Williams - 11

      3.Richie Branson - 11

      5.Anti-Flag - 10

      5.In Flames - 10

      5.Royal Republic - 10

      The usual suspects once again and Richie Branson. “Who's Richie Branson?’ I hear you ask, well he's the guy behind camp camp's end credit songs. I've got to rewatch season two soon and enjoy these again with the full context of the episodes they're for.


      1.Richie Branson - Outro Outro, 10 plays. The outro song of the season finale of camp camp. A chill song which works surprisingly well without any context from the show. That being said, if you haven't seen it you're missing out.

      2. Paddy and the Rats - Ghost From The Barrow, 7 plays. I briefly mentioned this last time and it hasn't lost any of its goodness. A very solid Irish rock (is that a genre, I think my words are failing me here) song. It starts out beautiful and builds up from there.

      2. Mike Oldfield - Nuclear, 7 plays. First things first: I may or may not be slightly obsessed with metal gear solid V: the phantom pain. This song was used in one of the greatest game trailers I've seen and Spotify happened to suggest this to me recently. Needless to say that there's an emotional connection but the song itself is phenomenal.

      4. Otherwise - Soldiers, 6 plays. What can I say about this one? The name of the song should indicate that me being in the army at the moment kind of pushes me to listen to similar songs more.

      4. Five finger death punch - wrong side of heaven, 6 plays. I should really start listening to more FFDP. They're one of those bands I really like but somehow end up never listening. This song is just a pure metal tune.

      That's it for now, talk to you soon though.

    • Music update for July

      3 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      First month in army, differences in numbers are.... noticeable. Also I'm kinda impressed by myself if the formatting doesn't fuck up because mobile.

      Total plays

      860 plays - only 27 a day which is less than half of usual. Haven't been able to listen to nearly as much music in the army as I'd like but that's to be assumed. I'm still looking for a good balance for listening to music I really like and trying to discover new music now that I have less time for it.


      398 different artists, top five being:

      1. Sabaton - 32 plays

      2. Haloo Helsinki - 28 plays

      3. InFlames - 27 plays

      3. Jeff Williams -27 plays

      5. Arctic Monkeys - 21 plays

      Saw the top two live at the end of June and looks like it carried them to the top. Glad to see a Finnish artist there, I've been getting more and more into Haloo Helsinki and I'm thinking I have to go to just their concert in the future.


      646 different ones, no big numbers this month since I only listened to 860 songs total, either way here's top five.

      1. Danny Schmidt - This too shall pass, 9 plays. Found this thanks to the podcast welcome to Night Vale, which for the record is an amazing podcast, and this song deserves to be heard so many times more.

      2. The boss hoss - Last day (do or die), 7 plays. The chorus of this song, man is it good. The song gets better the further into it you get.

      3. Sabaton - Swedish pagans, 6 plays. The hypest non-Finland-related song from the concert. An amazing live song with thousands of fans chanting, would recommend checking a live version on youtube.

      4. Haloo Helsinki - Vapaus käteen jää, 5 plays. On top of this being a phenomenal song I've listened to this with some irony. The song is about how even when you lose everything and shit's hit the fan, you'll always have your freedom to do what you want. And well I think I've already mentioned I haven't been able to listen to as much music as I'd like on top of other things I can't do while in the army so the song kind of doesn't apply there.

      4. Sabaton - White death, 5 plays. Probably the loudest song at the concert. A song about the legendary Simo Häyhä will make a Finnish crowd go crazy 100% of the time. This is just an amazing power metal song so as always, highly recommended.

      Other stuff

      I also discovered these gems which didn't get mentioned earlier and deserve recognition. Ghost from the barrow by paddy and the rats, and a cover of jump up, super star by Adriana Figueroa. Would love to link them but realistically that's not going to happen, check them out.

    • June music update

      4 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Last update before army, gotta expect way less time for music unfortunately.

      Total plays

      2,482 - That's about 159 hours or six and a half days. I did a whole lot of nothing all June which gave me more than enough time to listen to tunes, mostly while playing games.


      578 unique artists with the coveted top 5 being:

      1. Jeff Williams - 134 plays

      2. Sabaton - 107

      3. In Flames - 67

      4. Arctic Monkeys - 58

      5. Anti-Flag - 54

      High numbers this month, top spot goes to Jeff Williams thanks to the release of RWBY volume 4 soundtrack which has a couple top tunes and is a great album overall. Sabaton also cracked 100 plays which is impressive, I wanted to prepare for seeing them live and it worked perfectly for memorizing lyrics. I saw them on Thursday (29th) and they were amazing. I also saw Haloo Helsinki, which just missed the list, along with couple other great artists. And since the last three are on the list constantly I'll instead mention Smokey Joe & The Kid which I discovered recently and really liked, I'm especially liking their song mister nice guy and recommend checking it out.


      1,132 different tracks, top 5:

      1. Parkway Drive - Vice Grip, 21 plays. Pretty much just a great metal song I was addicted to at the beginning of the month, on June 2nd alone I listened to it six times.

      2. Jeff Williams - Let's Just Live, 20 plays. A highly addictive song that I love, along with the next song this is my current favorite of RWBY v4 soundtrack. That usually changes every couple months after the latest release so we may see more from this soundtrack.

      3. Jeff Williams - Armed And Ready, 19 plays. I pretty much just queued these two back to back whenever listening to these, so I'm just going to say that this song too is highly addictive and awesome. Also a great punny name, which I totally missed at first.

      4. Pain - Black Knight Satellite, 15 plays. Another great metal song. This one was described as conspiracy metal when I first heard it and the lyrics definitely back that up. Chalk up another one on the list of genres that should totally be a thing because of one awesome example.

      5. Beartooth - In Between, 13 plays. This one has a great and I mean great chorus. Not sure if this counts as metal or rock but who cares, very summery song in my opinion so get it while it's hot.

      5. FamilyJules - Live And Learn, 13 plays. Sonic soundtracks are notoriously good, or at least a meme at the moment so what's better than an awesome metal cover of an already great song, can't think of many things personally. Either way Jules shreds some serious shreddage on this shred-fest of a tune, wow that's a sentence.

      Other stuff

      I already mentioned Sabaton but I can't overstate how hyped I was during it. First row is definitely the way to go when injecting metal to your ears. They played White Death, Soldier of Three Armies and Talvisota, their Finland related songs and the crowd was wild, I also have to mention that the intro to Swedish Pagans was indescribably awesome. This further proves to me that Swedish music is the best kind to experience live but if you were unsure about that and have a chance, go for it. Since I already mentioned Smokey Joe & The Kid I'm done for now.

    • Generic life update title

      4 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Long time no journal - aside from music stuff. 

      I graduated high school three weeks ago with grades I'm happy with and I've been contemplating what's next for me. In the immediate future I'll be in the army starting from the first Monday of July and I'll stay for either 6 months, 9 months or a year. At the moment 9 months seems likely and preferable but it isn't my call so I won't know for a few weeks. I'll also get to know if I got accepted to any of the schools I applied to in about a week which should make planning the not-so-immediate-future a bit easier. I'll almost certainly continue my studies in the same city as I have for the past three years (not counting year in America) which I'm fine with since I like the city.

      With the time freed from school I've been doing some much deserved gaming. In addition to playing through Life is Strange and Assassins Creed Unity, I beat Super Meat Boy, Super Hexagon and 100%'d Metal Gear Solid V TPP, the last three are some of my proudest gaming achievements so it's been a rewarding couple weeks.

      This seems like an appropriate song to link

    • The music thing again, I'm just late (May)

      5 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Yes, I still do this. Better late than never, right? Right? 

      Total plays

      2,271 - which translates to roughly 150 hours or a bit over 6 days. I had plenty of time just to listen to music which of course makes me happy.


      562 different artists - Looks like over 500 is a number that can be expected monthly now, it seems like a lot to me but it's also really cool. Here's the top 5

      1. Paramore - 93 plays

      2. In Flames - 63

      3. Arctic Monkeys - 56

      4. Logic - 49

      5. Anti-Flag - 47

      5. FamilyJules - 47

      Well this wasn't even close. Paramore, thanks to their new album and general awesomeness, was my number one band last month. In Flames continue to beat Arctic Monkeys on the list but in fourth we have our first rap artist. I've been listening to Logic's latest album a ton lately and it's no surprise he's on the list. A-F and FamilyJules beat some regulars to make the list. I've switched from watching Jules’s YouTube videos to listening to them on Spotify and since last.fm only tracks those for me it got him a spot on the list.


      1,063 different tracks - surprisingly that's more than last month.

      1. Paramore - Rose-Colored Boy, 33 plays. Where to begin with this song? I love it. Still my favorite song from After Laughter. I'm so glad that Paramore is back, even if they don't sound like the Paramore I've gotten used to listening. I find that the lyrics are oddly relatable, odd in the sense that rather than relating to the person singing, I could imagine people I know saying stuff like that to me.

      2. Logic - 1-800-273-8255, 29 plays. This was easily my favorite track from Everybody. The name of the song is the number for national suicide prevention line in the United States and the song deals with some heavy stuff. I thought it was well made, the message is clear but it's so much more than that as well, meaning you can listen to it just to appreciate the music.

      3. Haloo Helsinki - Beibi, 24 plays. Oh look, a Finnish song, that's a first. Somehow I managed to miss this gem when it was on the radio three(?) years ago. I love the guitar riff, it's simple and catchy and it compliments the chorus. Also this song is super catchy which is (almost) always a plus.

      4. Paramore - Hard Times, 17 plays. Two Paramore songs? Yes, that's how much I liked the album, this was actually already released in April which got me properly hyped for the album. I'm not sure if I've said this enough yet but the album is worth a listen, wait I have said this already? No. Way.

      4. FamilyJules - Life Will Change, 17 plays. Yay for video game music! I haven't heard the original nor have I played Persona 5 but this metal cover by Jules is just incredible shredage (totally a word) for 3 minutes and 26 seconds. This is also the first instrumental song on the list which is a feat I'd expect to be reached by Jules if anyone.

      That's it for the very late month recap, not going to drag this for longer. And I really just don't have anything else to say right now, I'll journal about other things soooon.

    • April music

      6 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Not the most productive month but at least there was music to keep me company. So once again let's check out what that music was.

      Total plays

      2,120 - Somewhere around 133 hours or five and a half days. The first half of the month I didn't listen to as much music but seems like the second half made up for it.


      584 different artists - which is the most for a month so far this year, cool. Let's dive into the top 5.

      1. In Flames - 72 plays

      2. Arctic Monkeys - 64

      3. Jeff Williams - 57

      4. A Day to Remember - 45

      5. Anti-Flag - 35

      The three month (probably a lot longer unrecorded) reign of Arctic Monkeys has seen its end. In Flames takes the top spot, it was a pretty metal heavy month for me, led by the Swedes. Jeff Williams makes a return after not making the cut last time while ADTR is starting a streak. Anti-Flag is one of my all time favorite bands so it's kind of surprising that this is the first time it has made the list.


      I listened to more different songs last month than any other so far this year - 1,022. Interestingly enough there's a three way tie for the top spot.

      1. A Day to Remember - All sings point to Lauderdale, 20 plays. This song was a Spotify suggestion for me in late March and it was my favorite new song to listen to in April, hands down. It has the ADTR energy you'd think it would which results in a mood boosting tune.

      1. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill, 20 plays. This is a blast from the past, it was actually on the same list of suggestions from Spotify as All sings point to Lauderdale but I was very familiar with this one from (checks Google) 2005. You could say it had been a while, it totally holds up if you're wondering.

      1. Amon Amarth - Twilight of the thunder God, 20 plays. Remember when I said it was a metal heavy month led by Swedes for me? It wasn't just In Flames, this song is a melodic death metal masterpiece and I can not recommend it enough if you like metal music. 

      4. Stone Sour - Through Glass, 19 plays. Another song that I had kind of forgotten about. This song was pretty often the last one I listened to each day because it felt fitting so often. I recommend singing along to this one because it's both doable and a ton of fun.

      5. 3 Doors Down - Believer, 17 plays. This one is pretty much just a fun rock song with a great riff that also falls in the category of songs I heard a long time ago, it seems like that kind of a month. It's also less than three minutes which makes it very replayable.

      5. Owl City - Rugs from me to you, 17 plays. Did I say that a less than three minute song was replayable? How about a song less than 90 seconds? I'll answer that myself: you won't realize how many times you can listen to this in a row just to enjoy the cleverly punny lyrics coupled with upbeat tunes.

      Other random stuff

      The number of plays for the top songs and artists were lower than before which was due to the larger number of different artists/songs than usual, I'm a fan of variety so I like that. I started tracking what I listen to on Spotify via Last.fm on December 16th last year, I passed 1000 different artists recently (last week I believe) which, being someone who likes milestones, I thought was really cool.

    • Is this the real life? Is this just procrastination?

      7 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Fantasy and procrastination are not even close to similar sounding words, too many syllables. This'll be another journal with some unorganized thoughts, time seems to pass pretty fast right now, I could've sworn I wrote one of these just a week ago, it's actually been more than three.

      I've been all over the place today, through sheer luck I saw two of my friends without planning to do so. We weren't really in a place where we could properly catch up but it made me realize I should make an effort to actually spend time with my friends. I haven't seen most of my friends (a total of four friends seen in a month, man am I in a rut) since my last post. I did see family over Easter, which was more enjoyable than I expected, I also took a selfie with my dog. I actually took a couple and my phone decided to make an animation out of them, it's kind of funny and probably the best thing to come out of the last month. In regards to the NHL playoffs this clip is, without exaggeration, the only reason I get up from bed, it's not looking great.

      For some reason I've also spent 1000% more time yearning back to the days of the old site today. I found myself looking through profiles of people I met in sponsor chat in 2014/2015 and wondered if other people ever stumble upon me and think of those times. What's up with Spotify playing 'Show must go on' as I write this paragraph? Aaand still, my internet-anxiety (totally a thing) got the better of me and I ended up not messaging them thinking "After all this time I barely remember them, how would they possibly remember me?" That said it'd probably make their day if someone actually took initiative on this fragmented site so I might do it once I get my shit together. I actually popped into the chat for a second to see that the last message was from two days ago, that didn't bring back any fond memories so I quickly moved on. 

      The thing I miss the most from the last site, and this isn't even close, is the dashboard being filled with journals, art and all kinds of cool stuff by people I didn't know. Your friends liking things shared it with you and ensured that each refresh would give you something new to look at on your dashboard. I thought about making a forum thread or group for sharing stuff kind of like this but quickly realized it wouldn't be anything like the aforementioned feature and wouldn't work the way it does in my head. I will, however, take this moment to bump a journal which people should see since I liked it and that's how it once worked.

      Like the title to this journal suggests I've had "more important" things to do today but instead I've searched the site for some sings of life and tried to make an effort to be noticeably here and I'll be honest I'm not very happy with how I did, which is why I started writing this. I have hope that I'll be more motivated and energized to study after a few relaxing days chilling with my friends, just have to organize something, anything. In other news I can't wait for the weather to get warmer, there's decent amount of light but still too cold to hang out outdoors, I've been hyped about getting to play frisbee with my friends for a good two weeks now and hopefully soon mother nature may finally give me a break.

      That's all for now, take this rather interesting song to possibly brighten your day.

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        Thanks! Training's gotten more interesting now that we have more physical stuff. Tear gas is definitely worth its name but I don't regret testing it without a gas mask on. Although it'll only get tougher I'm looking forward to the rest of my service.

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