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  • Loke


    #3583687 - 13 years ago

    Yeah No Limit Texas Hold'em is my current love. I play it on line and on my PSP and I even set up games at my school I bring the chips and the cards and yeah. Its such a classic but its comming in really strong thanks to some of the greats and great marketing. Iv'e been playing for about 3 months now and I'm currently in a game with my friend who has been playing for 2-3 years wev'e been at it at school for 3 days now starting in at a 50 cent buy in and the pot is at 2 dollars now ....were really working for these 2 dollars I mean seriously its getting rediculous ,chips goign back and forth

  • acrylicana


    #3619039 - 13 years ago

    Give my 5-card stud anyday and I'm happy.
    I learned to play the game as a toddler and had no idea what it was called. all I knew is that you were dealt he cards and the winner had a better hand. XD

  • darkspartan


    #3621816 - 13 years ago

    if anyone is interested in playing poker online just send me a message with an email adress and i will refer you a great site that will offer you an extra bonus for playing.

  • RockOn


    #3656383 - 13 years ago

    I love poker
    playing and watching
    especially the texas hold em
    but i like classic poker as well
    5 cards
    2 draws of 2
    nothin wild



    #3657457 - 13 years ago

    Texas hold em blew up since it was shown on tv. I play at home games, the occasional trip to the cardroom, and on partypoker. I might have a gambling problem. But it is a problem if your winning?