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Red Vs. Blue Monopoly.

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  • jaly223


    #1584010 - 14 years ago

    I was in the Monopoly Thread when another user joked about an RvB version of Monopoly. At that point I had an epiphany (in the form of a headache), I am going to make a Red Vs. Blue Monopoly board game. I will start with either a new or an old Monopoly game and build from there. If there are any suggestions, post them here. If you post something good, mods could come your way, and I may use them in the game. Put your suggestions here.

    RvB Rules!

  • cpr940


    #1584165 - 14 years ago

    Instead of jail, the card or spot on teh baord should read "You are a team killing fucktard. Go to base and lock yourself in"

  • jaly223


    #1584389 - 14 years ago

    I like that!

  • jaimelalone


    #1585042 - 14 years ago

    a slight variation to the chance card... "tex won first place in a beauty contest, after killing one of the judges. Collect bounty of $250"

  • jaly223


    #1585069 - 14 years ago

    I like that too.

  • jacko1121


    #1585259 - 14 years ago

    or for the pices have a warthog, scorpin tank, master cheif, a eliet, a grunt, and a ghost.

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  • Skeaser


    #1585672 - 14 years ago

    Boardwalk and Parkplace = Red Base and Blue Base (Cause if you own those you own the whole damned board)

    Instead of GO make it Oh Crap Running Time

    Instead of Free Parking make it Nappy Time

    Just some ideas

  • opeagleeye


    #1586531 - 14 years ago

    Properties. You could have a sidewinder section. It would consist of Blue Base, The Red Jail, and That Frozen Lake Place Where Everbody Blew Up

    Battle Creek. Red Base, blue Base.........The sleeping place.

  • rhino1045


    #1586795 - 14 years ago

    Tuckers Rock would be the lowest of the low.

  • 02sonny


    #1587969 - 14 years ago

    Instead of Poor Tax, you could put, "1 bottle of Elbow Grease-$15"

  • PurpleSoap


    #1588833 - 14 years ago

    In reply to rhino1045, #9:

    followed directly by jimmy's skull.

  • jaly223


    #1589285 - 14 years ago

    In reply to jacko1121, #6:

    Good thinking, but I was thinking of sticking with an RvB theme. Keep the ideas coming though.

    I may have to slow on the mods though. I could run out if you guys really start brain storming.

  • Dainbramaged


    #1591557 - 14 years ago

    Obviously Water Works and The Electric Company would have to be Red Base and Blue Base.

  • Dainbramaged


    #1591575 - 14 years ago

    And perhaps Free Parking could simply be 'Cockbite!"

  • Dainbramaged


    #1591615 - 14 years ago

    For reference...


  • jaly223


    #1592294 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Dainbramaged, #13:

    That's not a bad idea. Then they would both be equally worthless.

  • ZantherTsuki


    #1592367 - 14 years ago

    This RvB Monopoly idea sounds cool...good luck to you, man!

  • demagnetize


    #1592546 - 14 years ago

    i think that you should have advance to go card be the teleporter

  • jaly223


    #1592584 - 14 years ago

    In reply to demagnetize, #18:

    I was thinking more about the Puma.

  • jaly223


    #1592604 - 14 years ago

    I was also thinking of using the different vehicles in the game for the railroads, but there are only three (Sheila, Puma, and the ghost). I need to come up with a fourth one.

  • PurpleSoap


    #1593420 - 14 years ago

    Just use the puma to replace the car for game pieces.

  • RedCorn121


    #1593636 - 14 years ago

    or you can actuall have the people like a red guy~sarge, teal guy~tucker, blue guy~caboose, light blue guy~church, maroon guy~simmons, yellow guy~grif, pink guy~donut, black guy~tex.just so it would be actually rvb.

  • jaly223


    #1593682 - 14 years ago

    In reply to RedCorn121, #22:

    I was looking for pieces but am having trouble. That is what the plan is though.

  • jaly223


    #1599694 - 14 years ago

    I could use any RvB pics that anyone may have. Full body shots of every character and of the vehicles would be great. If someone has a link to where I can get pics post it here. Any scenes from the show would also be good. Thanks.

  • jaly223


    #1600488 - 14 years ago

    So far I have a pic of the board and I have removed all of the property names. I am trying to figure out what to do for the "Chance" and "Comunity Chest" cards. I was thinking about using the "Rooster Teeth" logo. Chance be "Cock" and on the board all of those spaces would have the Rooster. Comunity Chest would be "Bite" and the Board would have the chatter teeth for the pic. What do you think of that?