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Why Chess sucks

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  • Garnoth26


    #5937932 - 12 years ago

    chess is great game what sucks though is when a guy makes up rules to ensure a stalemate and chess against a computer can be impossible

  • 0000000x7


    #5983590 - 12 years ago

    In reply to Somedood3, #76:

    Yeah right I'm to cool!

  • Adrianople


    #6328007 - 12 years ago

    Aww, c'mon.. Chess builds logical and critical thinking skills. Don't be mad just because you're not very good at it.

  • AGryson


    #7259512 - 12 years ago

    In fairness, I think all that was being said originally was that it's not a very practical game when it comes to killing a few minutes. I'm an avid player, I complete about four games a week and have been playing since I was 12, and yes, the game is adaptable to various time-scales, but realistically, if a mate calls over, a third is on his way, and we wanna kill time with a bit of chess, cool, it can be done, but there are easier ways to kill time.
    In short, I feel that chess is a game which time needs to be set aside for to a certain extent, otherwise alot of the enjoyment is lost. (of course that's a subjective opinion, many people prefer faster blitz games)
    I think it's a little unfair to infer that Degas (the original threader) is not good at chess or even that he's (presuming he) lambasting the game.
    The impracticalities of chess being clearly stated does not suggest the messenger should be shot or inferred to lack logical and critical thinking skills. (I believe this was the inference)

  • Draglon


    #7264239 - 12 years ago

    Chess is fun, but i'm crap at it. (I keep giving my pieces different powers, such as upgrading knights to jedi knights when they reach the other end ...)

  • AGryson


    #7265595 - 12 years ago

    There's all kinds of modified versions... that's a new one to me though.
    My favourite is Prussian chess, though you need three players, black and white sit back to back, with an umpire able to see both boards, but the others only able to see their own pieces. The only thing the umpire does is declare when an illegal move has been made or when a piece has been taken.
    Even on this there's mods, ordinarily one doesn't know what just took your queen, but maybe you could place the taking piece on the opponents board and from then on they're 'tracked'.
    But then, all of this is material for another thread... though it does give credence that given enough imagination, chess can become something else entirely.

  • zombieham


    #7348450 - 12 years ago

    Chess owns, and I own a chess board. I own (at) chess!

  • zealot272


    #7348458 - 12 years ago

    Chess dosn't suck and anyone who says it does, only says that because the can't it, or havn't tried it

  • Wheeee


    #7391157 - 12 years ago

    It sucks bcoz you get bored after 3 turns

  • omgidontno


    #7391170 - 12 years ago

    Unless you win in three turns.

    Then it's over.

  • Metheawsome


    #7466422 - 12 years ago

    There's one thing that counter-acts anything bad you have to say about chess.

    The chess scene in History of the World part One.


  • Vlad2049


    #7572218 - 12 years ago

    I consider myslef a lucky chess player. I don't really think about strategy, I just try to open my opponent up, then take out his weak points. My one friend always gets his Queen out first, then gets pissed when she gets taken by a Pawn or Rook.

  • pabalebo


    #7572424 - 12 years ago

    I suck at chess

  • Magnum_Opus


    #8863422 - 11 years ago

    but why did the person do this?

    did he just want hate?

    Are there spent tissues by his computer after reading every reply against him?

    I guess so.

    Chess is practical for certain situation, like if you have an hour to spend without electricity, doesn't that make chess practical?

    {oh yeah and don't use big words that you can't spell [unless some mod changed that] but still big words do not equal big meaning}

  • p_j_leyland


    #9017592 - 11 years ago

    I think chess is one of the best board game going not only that chess is great for building good critical thinking skills, and is keys to unlocking your thinking skills and can promote healthy brain function so that makes chess a healthy game to play.
    what i would say is if you don't like the game don't slag it of or everyone that dose like it, go and talk about something you do like.

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  • honkvsblarg


    #9511633 - 11 years ago

    I dont see chess as tactical, thats why we have warhammer/wh40k, i view it as funny and a great time to make some harmless racist jokes.

    heres my version........its called modern chess

    king: the kings are desperate politicians and can attack allied pawns when in check (if it gets them out of check)
    Queen: the queens are paris hilton and britney spears, they cannot check kings
    Bishop: the arch bishops (yay promotions!), they can only move 4 squares at a time (damn age)
    Horse/knight: these are horses that realized they cant jump in an L-shape (seriously wtf) and can jump other units in any direction
    Castle/Rook/Fort: these can move one square in any direction (continental drift) and allied units can move through them
    Pawns: porn stars, queens cant attack them and a bishop cant be taken by a pawn

    try it sometime, its a surprisingly fun (and stupid) way to kill, back to wh40k forum for me

  • jester15


    #9518992 - 11 years ago

    I like play where all of the pawns can move like knights.

    The best way though is when all of the pawns can move one square forward or to either side, but not backwards, and can kill one square diagonally in any direction.

    Honks, chess is incredibly tactical if you play well.

  • BmFPyccy


    #9630873 - 11 years ago

    i think its pretty pointless when someone thinks they are so much better than everyone else, literately anyway. So he starts a thread that will attract attention - even if its a small amount just to piss someone off and get some attention. Then he can feel all big when they can't understand his jargon when he bitches at the practicality of a game when his own literal talents are quite unpractical in a forum such as this. Chess is a game of Kings, ever heard that one?

    Kinda uplifting it from the retards from society if you suck at it learn, its a really easy game so stop crying ^^

    And games can last for hours, or 10 mins, its skill dependant on both sides. And blitz chess is even better ^^.

  • honkvsblarg


    #9642610 - 11 years ago

    In reply to BmFPyccy, #94:

    while your arguement is somewhat crude i must agree with you

  • BadHorse


    #10872752 - 11 years ago

    chess... the only winning move is to not play...

  • backshot


    #11019567 - 11 years ago

    chess because you cant seem like like a complete ass with out it

  • rt-201902250807305633566


    #33754802 - 6 months ago

    Chess sucks because some people dont know how to play this game. Me either. I dont like chess much because i dont knnow how to move these spieces. i used to try to learn but it's difficult for me to remember all moves. This game takes patience and strategies which i dont have any. So, instead of playing chess, i prefer some quick games from top1apk. No advertise anything. But, they do have good games which i can downlaod without any difficulties. 

  • rt-201902250807305633566


    #33756326 - 5 months ago

    Because it's difficult to play and spending time planning a strategy is not interesting at all. It's the same when playing games on top1apk. Dead inside.